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Ten of the best phones

be honest, but the last few years have been rather "fruitful" with respect to new products including mobile phone and accessories.At the moment, in any salon selling phones simply "bursting shelf" from the abundance of different models of cell, it is released by popular brands.Of course, among the best devices, there are those who have a beautiful appearance, but the functions can not justify itself.And there are those devices, gaining you'll certainly be proud of their new "pocket friend."Just last and awarded "ten best mobile phone", which we are to tell you.Let us still know what kind of news the mobile world entered the top ten phones.

In modern society, the phone - it is not only a means of communication and dialogue, but also, as we have said, a multifunctional piece, through which you can watch movies, listen to music, play games, surf the Internet (including a variety of social networks, wherea significant portion of people spend most of their time).That's taking into account all these requirem

ents, was released iPhone (the brainchild of the famous "monster" and not just mobile devices, the company "Apple").This so-called "apple" offers us an upgraded version of iPhone 3 G.This phone is "stuffed" this volume of features that you should easily be able to replace even a Pocket PC.Plus, the phone has an increased battery life and improved mobile camera for photo and video shooting.This phone has won first place worthy of our ten mobile phones.

For our "apple" to be confident "HTC hero" and "Sony Ericsson C902" These two phones safely divided between second and third place on our list.Not to say about these two phones at least a couple of words, it does not mean to say anything at all.Taiwanese smartphone "HTC hero" in the global market has received numerous awards and positive reviews from experts.Of course, it is far from iPhones but by no less than he can please his great future owner.Phone is based on a system of "Vindouz" and has accelerated processor.Also, the smartphone is equipped with a good camera for shooting and improved display.But the Swedish-Japanese mobile model, "Sony Ericsson C902" has a proud name cameraphone.First of all, this is due to the fact that this model has a 5-megapixel camera for photos and video.So by purchasing "Sony Ericsson C902" you can practice in the role of the photographer.

fourth place our occupied a dozen "Nokia E66".Phone pretty easy on the appearance (it is made in the form of a slider), which can not be said about its features.Camera 3, a 2-megapixel DzhiPiEs function wi-fi Internet access and more.This phone is best suited connoisseurs of classical music, or business person.

South Korean company "Algie Electronics" and its offspring, the smartphone "Algie IQ 990 Vyueti" located on the fifth place in our ranking.This smartphone is equipped with a three-inch touch screen and a camera of 5 megapixels, which has a xenon flash.This model has an excellent combination of telephony, both appearance and functional content.

But the sixth and seventh place was occupied already known to us the company for the production of mobile phones.Two of the phone is already on our list, but keeping pace with improvements «HTC» and "Sony Ericsson", decided nevertheless to keep up with each other.They offered us two models of phones - is the "Sony Ericsson V890" and "NTS Tutnov 2"."Sony Ericsson V890" is a music phone and has a huge variety of functions, but its neighbor, the place in our ranking, "NTS Tutnov 2" - a stripped-down version of the smartphone, which has an excellent display and a navigation panel with functional buttons.These two phones will certainly be able to please even the most demanding person.

last three places in this list are such phones as "Samsung Touch", "Nokia En95" and "Nokia 6220 classic".These phones honorable settled on the eighth, ninth, and last, the tenth place."Samsung" as always pleases its fans a great design, compact and easy to use, but smart phones "Nokia" pleased with its practicality and solid appearance.All these phones are equipped with an excellent camera and has a number of available and required in the use of functions that you will certainly be able to enjoy for themselves by purchasing any of these three models.

And so it looks like a dozen phones that deserve our attention to you.All these phones are very practical and have precisely those functions that should always be "at hand".

Finally, if you are a business man or ever go on business trips, remember that the best choice for you to become mobile is not a touch screen, and the classic and familiar phone, which also has the necessary functions.Well, if you're a glamorous party girl, if your phone has to be advanced and fashionable mega.In this case, it is still necessary to pay attention to sensory news from the world of smartphones.In other words, before you buy a phone, consider for what purpose you need this device, and our mobile communications market is sure to provide you with the necessary phone model, which will be one of your key accessories in the daily life.Successful you shopping!

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