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How to choose a humidifier

Humidifier - a device which, by means of evaporation of water increases the humidity in the room.But deciding to buy such an unusual instrument, the question arises: "How to choose a humidifier?».To answer, first understand, what are moisturizers and that they are good and what is bad.There are three types of humidifiers:

  • - ultrasound;
  • - classical, or "cold";
  • - Steam or "hot."

«cold" humidifiers

This is the most common humidifiers, the principle of which is based on the evaporation of water in a natural way.That is a container filled with water, which is built next to the fan.Roughly speaking, the water from the reservoir is fed to special cassettes.Under the influence of the room atmosphere evaporates water vapors which are blown fan.In a little more expensive models in a special cassette unit is installed, which helps clean the air entering the unit.At night it can "recycle" to 8 liters of water while spending a small amount of electricity.


  1. Cost of electricity.
  2. Easy operation.
  3. Additionally cleans the air.
  4. not contain heating elements, which can negatively affect health.


  1. high cost of maintenance - removable cassette is not so cheap, but it is necessary to change them frequently.
  2. is a hotbed of bacteria and germs.The fact is that in the cassette, which is changed every 2 months, accumulate all the germs from the air and creating favorable conditions for their reproduction.

«Hot» humidifiers

principle of action here, as in the previous type, but the water is evaporated by heating the water to a boil.As a result of boiling salt water sedimentation occurs on the stack vessel, which requires regular cleansing.But it's worth it - the air get clean water vapor.In addition, air is heated by the room heating element.Before choosing the type of humidifier is hot, look for a built-in humidistat, which prevents excessive moisture in the room air.The daily water consumption of 6-15 liters.A power - 500 watts.

advantage is:

  1. ability to use the device as an inhaler.
  2. economical than a "cold type."


  1. is likely to get burned because of the intense heat of the device, as well as because of the hot steam.
  2. very high power leads to a waste.
  3. The risk of mold.The fact that the excess moisture leads to vapor condensation on walls and ceilings, and a great place for black mold.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

In these types of humidifiers instead of heating devices set ultrasonic emitter.It produces high-frequency oscillations, thereby causing water in the vapor state.Built-in humidistat protects from waterlogged areas.The need of water per day to 13 liters and the required power is very low - only 35-60 watts.


  1. absence of the heating element, and therefore, to avoid burns.
  2. presence filter, do not miss the germs and bacteria.
  3. economy.


  1. necessary to use distilled water because there is no deposition of salts on the walls of the vessel, as is their release into the air, which is very harmful.
  2. Pretty much noise during operation.

How to choose the type of device - is very problematic issue.But before you pay the money on hand, consider all the pitfalls.So, a "hot" humidifier can not be put in the nursery, but he - a great choice for areas with colors to high humidity.