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Kitchen appliances - multivarka

Multivarki is something of a modified pan, which is connected to the power supply, monitors the temperature and cooking time.It can put out vegetables, bake apple pie, cook soup, cook porridge, fish or meat steamed, roast potatoes and even sterilize the jars for canning.However, the usual pan is able to cook food more quickly Multivarki 20-30% percent.

Space does not happen much.

Kitchen Appliances - multivarka quite compact.All three of its dimensions (height, length, width) is about 30 centimeters.

The "miracle pots" have a microprocessor, which is responsible for e-government, and plastic case, inside which is a heating element.In addition, the device is equipped with a container for cooking, made of metal and having a non-stick coating.The volume of these cups is usually about 2.5 and 4.5 liters.Better to take the second option.We have the second largest Multivarki working capacity.The second level may, for example, vegetable stew, and the first cooking meat.

What to look for when choosing a


When selecting Multivarki need to pay special attention to the quality of its non-stick coating, because it is the weakest point of the machine.Spraying should be distributed evenly.If the coating is spoiled, multivarku should be thrown out because the capacity for preparing to give off harmful substances and products are burnt.

multivarka This must be equipped with a cup of cooking for a couple of plastic and sealed with a lid.In no case do not buy a unit with a cover made of glass!

Multivarki not have to be complicated to use.It is better that she did not have too many buttons - so much easier to navigate.All of them must be signed in Russian.If you find it hard to look into small letters - buy "smart pot" in which there is a voice menu.You can also find Multivarki equipped with buttons with Braille dots.Convex point designed for blind people.

Having a well-designed security system - an important factor influencing the choice of Multivarki - technically complex devices.Check whether tightly closed lid - it should fit snugly to the machine.In addition, the device may not turn on if you do not put him in a removable cup.Not superfluous and would be more automatic or manual lock during cooking.

have Multivarki must be easy to disassemble and washable valve to release steam from the device.To prevent foam on the table "miracle pan" it must be equipped with still water trap.

what a "miracle device"?

to finally decide, it is necessary for the kitchen multivarka, learn its function.In the standard model, there are six basic modes.Three of them - automatic ("buckwheat", "milk porridge", "risotto").The unit should be placed cereals and pour the water, and then click on "start".The instrument will determine the temperature, the principle of cooking and heating time.At the end of cooking multivarka beeps.In the above modes of "miracle-pan" ready not only these three options.For example, to figure it turned out crumbly, it is necessary to prepare under the regime of "buckwheat".Have unit and semiautomatic function ("quenching", "pastries", "steaming").Cooking time for these modes, you will need to specify your own.

Those who do not want or can not spend a lot of time to cook, modern unit will please the regime "accelerated cooking."Fans eat beans and peas can be found in Multivarki mode "presoaking" and supporters of the power plant - mode "for germinated grains of rice dark."

When buying Multivarki need to figure out how she puts out products.Some manufacturers install such a scheme for the preparation of the temperature from 76 degrees to 105. The greater part of the programming device manufacturers such temperature readings at which meals are cooked and stewed on the stove - from 105 degrees to 140. Of course, in the latter case the food is cooked much fasterthan the first.Yearning - undoubtedly a useful process.However, much better when it is a separate function, called "Russian stove" and not hidden under the regime of "quenching."

modern appliances - multivarka - can even fry and change the pressure in the device.Low is for mild heat treatment and high pressure will quickly prepared dish.Some models are equipped with a timer time delay - you can put food in multivarku evening and morning, please prepare a dish households with "piping hot."

a nice choice!

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