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New features vacuum cleaners

types of vacuum cleaners

There following typology of vacuum cleaners:

  • washing vacuum cleaners (wet cleaning);

  • vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning;

  • vertical vacuum cleaners;

  • vacuums built;

  • robot vacuum cleaners.

in life are the most popular first two on this list.In the face of fierce competition for every buyer vacuum cleaners are equipped with "novoroty" by introducing their innovative production solutions.As far as they are useful and are there to overpay for them?To dispel all doubts and to find answers to their questions will review the features of modern vacuum cleaners.

New features vacuum cleaners

  • lock function false start, triggered in the absence of a dust collector.With his head plunged into the housework chores, and even not so forget it.

  • Automatic shutdown triggered when the maximum allowable mark fullness of the dust collector.

  • thermal protection function, breaking the vacuum cleaner in order to avoid overheating, provided that its temperature is close

    to the critical level.

  • Function Soft-start the engine with impeccable technique overload.

  • function Ambia, solving the problem of the cleaner smell.This effect is achieved by using flavorings impregnated plate.They use as flavoring agents in the form of pellets placed in a dust collector.Copes with the problem of odors and carbon filters.It is important not to forget them in time to change.

  • Active Fragrance-management module that allows for an independent selection of the level of vacuum cleaner fragrance control.

  • Electronic control of water and steam (for washing vacuum cleaners).

  • Steam treatment and collection of liquid (for washing vacuum cleaners).

  • blowing function.

  • vibroochistki function that allows to clean the filter without analysis of the vacuum cleaner.

  • function service centers, is meant by an automatic adjustment of the cord.He unwound by yourself as the vacuum cleaner is moving away from the wall, and, accordingly, on the contrary - is unwound when the outlet is near.

  • shoulder strap makes it easy to clean the dust from the tall cabinets and air conditioning.

  • rubber bumper around the perimeter of the vacuum cleaner, furniture protection from accidental damage.

  • germicidal lamp.

  • system "Typhoon" ("Cyclone"), collecting dust in a transparent container in a spiral air flow.

This review propose to bring to an end.The importance and need for each of the functions defined by purely individual, but note that additional features and technology will have to pay extra.I advise you to determine for themselves the golden mean.This will help to find the optimal variant of the vacuum cleaner.

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