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How to choose a good fondyushnitsu?

course, is the well-known dish mozhnoprigotovit even in a pumpkin, but the word we immediately remember Halloween, just on the stove or in a suitable container in a microwave oven: In a cast iron skillet saucepan willows.Perhaps, in that case you will prepare an excellent fondue, noprotsess its absorption suggests that chocolate, cheese, butter or bulonobyazatelno must be hot, so must constantly be odnaopredelennaya temperature ... Surely you will agree that nastoyaschiesovremennye devices can make the process of eating and cooking gorazdoudobneeand more fun, and thanks to new design solutions at the table mozhnosozdat unforgettable special atmosphere.When you go to choose fondyushnitsu, must take into account several factors:

  • approximately how many people will sit feast;
  • kind of fund that you're going to postoyannogotovit;
  • taste preferences regarding appearance iinterer;
  • family budget.

And now you can talk about the basic criteria, means sessions to look for when selecting this cookware.

material from which made fondyushnitsa

There are many types of materials, from whence now make dishes Fondue: clay, ceramic, iron inerzhaveyuschaya steel.Fondyushnitsy ceramic and clay are perfect for cheese ishokolada.For these products need a low heating temperature, so samyedeshevye versions of clay pottery and you should be fine.One has only to zapomnitto that ceramic ware can not be put on the stove because it mozhettresnut.If you are going gotovitfondyu seafood, fish or meat, then give preference metallicheskoyfondyushnitse.Moreover, it is universal - it can be prepared as isyrnoe and chocolate fondue.However, this option is the best and most dorogim.Samaya utensils - are dishes iznerzhaveyuschey steel and cast iron products as well - because they edamedlenno cools.Some housewives do not favor a cast-iron cookware, especially eslisobirayutsya cook fish, cheese and other types of fondue.Cast iron has poristuyustrukturu so may delay a smell of the previous meal.In addition to cheese, it is important to have a non-stick coating, because it can stick kstenkam.It is very rare to find fondyushnitsy heat-resistant glass.


There are also different ways podderzhaniyaneobhodimoy temperature in the container.There are different types of heaters - dosvechey of burners, which in turn can be alcohol, electrical igazovymi.If you are going gotovitshokoladnoe fondue, then you should stay at the candle that budetpostoyanno keep a small light (can be found in clay and keramicheskihfondyushnitsah).Metal and cast iron utensils with hot fondue pomoschyugorelki.Of course, the safest and most comfortable electric fondyushnitsy.Odnako by such fondyushnits you can not create the romanticheskuyuatmosferu, which can give a real "live" fire.


thermostat is a must for ravnomernogonagreva, so the dish will cook more delicious and it is so much luchshe.Imenno possible need to select dishes from the thermostat.


volume, of course, depends on the number portsiy.Standartnaya saucepan for fondue has a volume of 1.2 - 1.5 liters and most fondyushnitsrasschitana for 6 people, there are some instances that predusmatrivayutprigotovlenie chocolatefondue for 2 and 4 people, and there are eksklyuzivnyevarianty for 8 people.


Standard fondue sets you can see seven dodvadtsati nine items that are meant for the number of persons from dvuhdo eight.There are small fondyushnitsy chocolate, which include sebyanebolshoe number of elements.It turns out that quite apart from the bowler bowls set added to sauces, side dishes and plates for the wishbone.So she set includes saucepan in kotoromgotovyat fondue, small portioned cup serving sauces and such zhekolichestvo special forks (if the meat fondue, then they need to bolsheekolichestvo twice) which must necessarily be splastikovymi or wooden handles.In addition, the set must be a burner stand of the pot, and in some embodiments, there is also podstavkadisk carousel.This is usually made of plastic, steel or wooden disk kotoromest recess to put him fondue pots and bowls ssousami.If you have the drive, toispolzovanie fondyushnitsy becomes much easier when you rotate it, you do not need to reach for the sauce, which is like most, it riskuyapri soil oneself.If vyprismotreli largest range, it must include sebyatarelki-menazhnitsy, which are separated by several sectors for side dishes and sousov.Vilki also have a special view on each arm has its own color, blagodaryakotoromu each guest did not lose sight of your fork.But, of course, not all takoeimeetsya sets.In nekotoryhkomplektah put the same number of spoons and forks for sauces.And, of course, the larger the set, the more he hits your semeynomubyudzhetu.


primarily on what will look like fondyushnitsa affect the material from which it is made, and of course, the imagination and mysleydizaynera.Very noble and look beautiful metal sets with derevyannymiili same plastic handles.In ceramics designers could ever portray vsechto anything, from this material you can make sets a variety of styles: heart-shaped, pieces of cheese, pieces of chocolate, etc.

Excellent will look at the holiday table fondyushnitsy izpoluprozrachnogo heat-resistant glass.

Fuel for fondue

When housewives buy fondue, they absolutely do not think Otomi, that in itself it will not take care of rabotat.Vazhno fuel for the new purchase.There neskolkoraznovidnostey fuel for fondue.Combustible gel commonly seen in litrovyhbutylkah.This bottle will be enough for 10 applications, if each of them budetdlitsya from 3 to 5 hours.There are also pasta in tablets, which can be bought vupakovke (where they were 3 pc.).Posleispolzovaniya If you still have pasta in a tablet, it is necessary to throw -Keep it makes no sense, because it dries.If you do not know how to cook fondue chastobudete then take pills best with pasta, three pieces you have enough time things first.

If you do not have alcohol in the house, or you forget kupitspetsialnuyu helium mixture to fondue, then you can use obychnymimalenkimi round candles, pills, but they can warm up a little tolkokeramicheskuyu fondyushnitsu chocolate.If you need to put out the fire, then in any case it is impossible to blow the spirit lamp.It is very dangerous.But Eton dangerous for someone who blows, and for people who are in front.Alcohol and vozduhmogut create a large flame, so to put out the fire vospolzuytesspetsialnoy cap.

How vybratkachestvennuyu fondyushnitsu?

  • Easy assembly, plug - skewers with markers.
  • good, smooth bowls and saucepan without damage, scratches and cracks.
  • Good non-stick coating (for cheese fondue).
  • burner that will fit the kind of fondue, kotoryyvy ready.Have the thermostat welcome.
  • Beautiful appearance.

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