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How to choose a baby monitor?

Baby Monitor - is a wireless communication device mezhdurebenkom and mother, it consists of two parts - the receiver and peredatchika.Peredatchik - a baby unit which is mounted next to the baby, he slyshitvse sounds and radio waves to a receiver transmits all - the parent unitwhich stands near the mother.High-quality baby monitors can even pass away trehmetrov parents as a kid sneezes, yawns and groans.And when onuzhe mother will begin to wake up next to the crib.The baby monitor has neskolkovidov observation.


The main mode - it's the sound.If you can not watch with sounds, it can be quite the same prikrutitili off and continue to monitor by the light regime.If the nurse has recorded some sounds, the unit will begin to shine toroditelsky special indicator.At the same time, in some modelyahradionyani have not one but several lights and louder sound produces a child, the more lights light up.If the parent unit can be hung on the arm Ilina clothes, then it is very convenient to

use the vibrating alert mode.Caring parents not to propustitprobuzhdenie baby may include two or even all three modes at once.


between the child and the parent unit may bytodnostoronnyaya and two-way communication.With one-way communication only slushaetmalysha mother and could not speak to him.If you buy a baby monitor only last to watch the bedtime crumbs tovam this will be enough.When two-way communication, and mother of the child hears, he hears irebenok mother.This variantprigoditsya you and more adults in the form of home radios.If vysobiraetes go to sea two machines, the baby monitor can also come in handy to keep in touch.

Each model provides different maksimalnoerasstoyanie in which can hold svyaz.V average, these figures are 100-150 meters.If you live vgorodskoy apartment, then you would be enough for a model that works in predelah30-50 meters, and if you go to the country, it is better priobrestinyanyu-dalnovidnitsu, which operates at a distance of 300-400 meters.Nuzhnootmetit that these figures relate to the open space, but vkvartire indicators significantly reduced.If the mother came out of the range of the baby monitor, then the parent blokeobyazatelno hear a ring tone.


Baby monitors are divided into digital and analog.Samoeglavnoe difference between them - this quality and price.Analog signal luchsherabotaet in open space, so it is much more podvergaetsyarazlichnym interference.Digital communication is better and more secure.The baby monitor has a lot of options, and there netpomeh clear sound quality.If you are going to buy dvustoronnyuyunyanyu, then give preference to the digital version, so your voice budetzvuchat for the baby with minimal distortion.


The baby monitor has multiple sources of power.Dlyavas would be better if the device will operate on batteries and AC 220 V, EBT batteries.If your baby monitor will run only on the network, vylishite itself mobility because all have the time to sit vozlerozetki.If the nurse is rabotattolko on batteries, you should consider the fact that they tend to bystrosaditsya, in which case you will be a useful mode to save battery power.Vnego baby monitor switches automatically when the baby unit for a long time netnikakih sounds.Once the baby starts to make sounds, babysitting snovarabotat starts in normal mode, and will transmit the sound of my mother.

Naoboih blocks there are indicators that show how much charge energiiostalos and the device is connected to the network.


In many models of baby monitors have also nekotoryedopolnitelnye function.Children blokmozhet play the role of children and a lamp that turns on itself when malyshnachinaet cry and goes out after a few minutes as the child falls asleep.Horoshiradionyani with the function of company Chicco.

Some models have a night light projector, with kotoromkrome light projected various images on the ceiling.So, lying in bed, the child will be watching the stars or fun variety of pictures that will change.Such models vymozhete find models for Philips.

There are devices with funktsieymuzykalnoy boxes.At the same time at the children's unit has soothing melodies ilizvuki nature that soothe or entertain crumbs.Each model has otodnogo ten muzykalnyhfragmentov.As a nightlight, music mozhetvklyuchatsya automatically when a crying child quickly distracted otslez and calm down.Some modelipredusmatrivayut control music box and night light with my mother's bloka.Tak you can turn on and off night light, adjust the brightness of the light switch and the volume of the music kind of melody.The company provides manual Tefal baby monitors smuzykalnymi functions.

on the parent unit may be a digital clock-staymerom stopwatch and alarm clock.So you can set the right time and nyanyavsegda to remind you that it is time to feed the baby or give him medication.

esliv thermometer baby monitor is built, it will always show mom at what temperaturespit her child.If a pipsqueak often sleeps with an open balcony or window, then etafunktsiya becomes more useful.Brand Care proizvoditradionyani with built-in thermometer.

safety and installation

Peredtem starting to use the baby monitor, you need to configure a specific chastotnyykanal to both units caught signal.Dlya order to achieve higher quality sound in every radionyaneest at least two channels.To audibility it was better stavtemaksimalno baby unit is close to the baby.The best thing about the distance between the transmitter irebenkom - 1-1.5 meters.It is not necessary to lay down a baby monitor in the baby cot.So malyshmozhet hurt himself or hurt the nurse.To reassure you, it must be said that the original baby monitors are absolutely harmless to kids.This estpodtverzhdayuschie certificates that you can ask the seller.Teradiovolny used radio and baby monitors have absolutely no vliyayutna people, animals and other equipment.But it is worth remembering that diapazonispolzovaniya waves can be used by other people, for example, sosedneykvartire or the house, so if you do not want to be overheard, kogdavedete room baby monitor conversations better off.

Price baby monitor

most budget options that are available to all - this baby monitor cost from 1200 to 2500rub.They represent such brands as the BabyMinder, Maman, I-niania and Care.Such unilateral modeliyavlyayutsya, but have additional features.

Baby monitors from firms and Brevi Chicco will stoitot 2800 to 3200 rubles.- A takzheodnostoronnie model.

two-way digital baby monitors vysmozhete purchase from 4000 to 7500 rubles, depending otdopolnitelnyh features and specifications.Pay attention to how the brand takietorgovye Tomy, Philips, Brevi and Chicco.

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