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Purple wedding glamor and royal sweep

value purple to the wedding

Purple combines blue and red, in a symbolic point of view - is the unity of male and female, so it is perfect for a wedding.In addition, the bright colors, such as purple and lavender represent romance and loyalty, and darker (eggplant, dark purple) - unbridled passion.

If the bride chooses a design in purple style, it characterizes it as an observation and multi-faceted personality, alien convention.However, she likes the stability and respect authority.

What can combine purple?

Aubergine - the darkest tone in purple tones.It is perfectly suited for lush evening events.In combination with a light mint green or it looks very elegant.If you want to impress others with luxury and splendor, then add the aubergine with gold or silver.A perfect neutral backdrop beige serve.

Lavender - gentle and light shade.It is suitable for summer weddings in nature, and for banquets.Combine it stands with more saturated violet embodiments, as well as with indigo, and dark gray.Lighter

and brighter picture, you can create with the help of lavender, white, sand, pistachio and other pastel colors.

purple or crimson better use at a wedding in only a few small details.He is too "heavy" and solemn.Complete its emerald or light green.

Errors in choosing colors

Remember that the wedding should not be dark.If you like eggplant or deep purple, do not forget to dilute them with other colors.Monochrome same design will catch up to the present depression.

Design violet wedding

planning a wedding in a purple color, remember that it is too intense, so it is always necessary to follow the principle of "Do not overdo it."To start, choose the main background color, it will be at the wedding most.The preferred white or beige, coffee with milk or blurred pistachio.The second basic tone is intended to emphasize our eggplant notes.It can be green or gold.And the last (that around him, and we are building a composition) - color accents.This is the brightest shade.The darker it is, the smaller should be the details.

table decoration

To begin choose the color of the tablecloth.Traditionally, it is white.Napkins can be a contrast of dark tones.Support their floral arrangements.If white table seems to be too boring, then along the edge of the tablecloth can be sent purple festoons or lay a special "track".Color covers on the chairs should match the tablecloth.

If you are planning an evening celebration in the banquet hall, it does not necessarily make the white table, the main color may be aubergine.Otten help his white napkin and the same wildcard plates.More complex compositions make silver tableware pattern on dark napkin rings and nursery cards graphite silver color.

Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements are central to the table and set the tone for the entire decoration of the hall.Simple and elegant look tall glasses on thin legs with spherical bouquets inside.It may be dark blue-purple orchid and lavender shade of hydrangea.Cute and fresh look carnations and white roses.

For long rectangular tables suitable low square vase.They can put a bouquet of tulips in different shades of purple.

on white-purple weddings are often used white fishnet candlesticks, decorated with flowers.


color invitations should match the wedding decor.It is better if they are made to order.In the same style of nursery purchase cards.Do not forget about small souvenirs for visitors.Lovely bonbonniere silver-tone lavender, tied with a ribbon flirty, people will leave pleasant memories of your celebration.


In nature, purple is found in a variety of its shades, so the bouquet can be found for every taste.If you want to track aubergine tone, then pay attention to orchids, calla lilies and eustoma (lisianthus).They can be supplemented with green or white middle-sized mills.

lighter shade from lilac, lavender and hyacinths.By the way, if you put them together, you get a lovely arrangement in a rustic style.

Unusually look bouquets of roses of different shades of purple, amethyst from deep to pale mauve.Stems decorate ribbon to match.

Roses - universal flower for purple wedding bouquet.They are refined and elegant, in addition, you can easily pick up the desired tone.

Wedding Dress

Despite the fact that the wedding fashion is becoming more democratic, few will risk a bride to wear dresses or eggplant purple shades.As a rule, such a color more appropriate outfits just look at the stylized weddings.They affect luxury and refinement.

For traditional celebrations suit lighter tone.Choose silhouette "Princess" with lush multi-layered skirt, or "mermaid" with lots of frills and decorative flowers.Do not go out of fashion and straight silhouettes in the style of "Empire".To him fit high "Greek" haircut.

Pay your attention to the white dress with purple elements.They can be long finish on the lower edge of the skirt, a wide belt or volume bow.Lovely and cute look short dresses with fluffy purple petticoat.Particular attention is paid to such images accessory shoe saturated colors and hat with veil.

Suit groom

Suit eggplant saturated colors give the groom a truly royal greatness.It is possible to add white or black shirt and white flower buttonhole insert.Lavender shades Still good, but are much less common.

grooms often choose purple neckties, scarves, jackets and belts.The main thing that the color they harmonize with the dress or bridal bouquet.

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