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The wedding in the church, and the process of preparation of the sacraments

In recent years, more young people back to the church, preferring not limited to dry the civil registration of marriage.But, of course, you need to understand that the sacrament is performed not for the fact that you get beautiful photos with or able to show off the wedding in a beautiful dress.The process of wedding filled with deep meaning, so it is worth to take it very seriously

basic rules wedding ceremony in the church

begin with, that the church is not allowed to marry more than three times.In the Catholic faith, the situation is even more severe.To obtain permission to remarry, you need, first, for a long time to wait, and, second, not the fact that it will.

witnesses or sureties as they used to be called, are required for a wedding in the Orthodox Church and the Catholic.However, the rules of the Orthodox wedding witness can be taken only of believers, baptized in Orthodoxy.The same applies, in fact, the bride and groom.If one of them considers himself an atheist or a different faith, t

he priest has the right not to bless such a marriage.

Wedding in the Orthodox Church is not carried out during the four major posts, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, before major religious holidays and between Christmas and Christmastime.Of course, there are exceptions, but they are very rare and require special permission.

Another unwritten rule is associated with a response to the question, what is the wedding, and why it is needed.It's not entertainment events.And the mystery of the Church, during which the main church is prayer.And the future spouses, their parents, and guests must pray together with the priest, to behave decently, in any case does not stand back to the iconostasis not walk around the room, not to make noise, to prevent pealing mobile phones.Rite lasts about an hour.And its essence it can affect the entire life of the spouses.

Note: filmed a wedding in the Orthodox Church are best left to an experienced operator who knows the sequence of the ceremony and how the wedding, then to get the film where the right emphases.This advice also applies to the choice of the photographer, as the light conditions in the church do not contribute to a good photo from the wedding.A flash sometimes forbid the use of icons and murals of hypersensitivity.

What you need for the wedding?

So let's think about what you will need for the wedding ceremony.

First of all, you should prepare yourself.As Orthodox Christians, you should confess and receive Holy Communion.About 3 days before Communion, go to the lean food.In the sacrament you go on an empty stomach.Gauvin in this case, a very important process.It is worth to visit last week and all the services.Still, the wedding - it's not just registration of marriage in a secular institution.You give themselves to each other before God and men.So you should take to prepare for the ceremony and the wedding in the church very seriously.To the sacrament was not only a wedding formality.

for weddings in the church under the existing rules vamneobhodimo have with:

  • two icons - the Savior for the male side and the Mother of God to women.These icons are needed for the blessings of the sacrament.The ideal situation would be if the images are your family inheritance.In the absence of the add icon can be purchased specifically.This may be an icon of the Lord Almighty, the image of the Virgin "Kazan" and "Vladimir".Wedding icons in the church bring the parents of the bride or groom.If they, for whatever reason are not going to attend the wedding, they can take with them young ilisvideteli.
  • wedding rings.Today mostly used gold products.But it is absolutely not necessary.The main thing in them - the symbolism, not the cost.According to the rules on the wedding ceremony should be different rings for the bride and groom.For example, gold and silver for men for women.The first symbolizes the sun, the second - the moon.According to another embodiment, the ring reflects the meaning of the wedding, which is described by the apostle Paul.The sacrament represents the union of Christ and the Church.Unfortunately, nowadays couples often do not pay attention to the church statutes and buy the same wedding ring.However, if you decide to comply with all the rules and take care of it.
  • wedding candles.Do not confuse them with the wedding and do not buy pre-secular stores.Candles are purchased in the temple.Sometimes they are decorated, but usually they are pretty modest.After the sacrament of the young take the candles home and keep forever.
  • white towel during a ritual stele under the feet of the future spouses.It represents a long and happy family way with God's blessing.On tissue may be present beautiful embroidery or embossed pattern.But only a white color.Towel also kept at home after the wedding.The towel should not be very large, but at the same time to the bride and groom are not huddled together, and stood on it freely.
  • do not forget about what documents are needed for the wedding in the church.Grab primarily passport and marriage certificate.Sometimes a certificate from the registrar if the church ceremony will be held before civil registration.

That's all the attributes which you should take care when preparing for the wedding.

Note: the church does not welcome too expensive and elaborate wedding rings on.Some priests may even refuse to sanctify products that show them slishkompompeznymi.

wedding ceremony in the Orthodox church


wedding is preceded by the betrothal, committed at the end of the Divine Liturgy.Before the ceremony, the two separated in time.And betrothal could be carried out even for a year before the wedding.Today, two sacraments are seen as two parts of one.

advance rings are given to the minister of the church and in the liturgy are on the throne at the altar.Then the deacon takes the ring and places them on a special tray.The priest thrice blesses the bride and groom, giving them wedding candles already lit.According to the church charter candles are part of a ceremony for the first time.That is, for a second or third marriage, you will not need.

Note: wedding candles and towel on the old Russian tradition of the wedding should be stored carefully in a family.Sometimes, wedding candles are lit for use in the plot.

next step Orthodox priest leads the young to the temple for the betrothal.First he takes the groom and, making the sign of the cross three times, says: betrothed to the servant of God (name) servant of God (name).Then the ring is worn on the ring finger of the bride.It is interesting that the tradition with the ring finger is associated with the erroneous opinions of our ancestors about the structure of the human circulatory system.Previously it was thought that it otnego is the main artery to the heart.

After wearing the ring on the finger of the future spouse, it is the turn of the bride.The rite is repeated exactly.

Three - a landmark number in the sacrament.Nearly all steps are repeated three times.The bride and groom exchange their rings three times, confirming its willingness to love one another, be faithful and true.

priest turns to the Lord, asking for his blessing and approval of the engagement.

So the betrothal took place.And a couple of passes in the middle of a solemn temple.In front of them is necessarily a priest with a censer.This path symbolizes the godly way, that the future spouses have to go, keeping the commandments of God.

Chin wedding

Young get in the towel, which spreads them right under your feet, in front of the lectern.This rectangular table directly in front of the iconostasis, which is placed in the gospel, the cross and the crown in the order, which is convenient to the priest during the ceremony.Is crowned before the entire church and God and the people affirm their free will and without bad intentions clear desire to marry and to point out that are not in the hold on storoneili have no other promises.They answer questions in monosyllables iskromno priest.

next part is called the rank of the wedding ceremony.Svyaschennikproiznosit three traditional prayers to the Triune God.Then onberet crown and after a cross-shaped signs gives the groom kiss on the crown obrazHristovy.At the same time pronounced the following words:

«crowned by a servant of God (name) servant of God (name) in imyaOttsa, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit first."

Similarly, blessed and groom.Laying ventsovzakanchivaetsya words:

«Lord, our God, glory and honor to crown them!»

They say three times.And all the guests and the young must himself repeat this prayer.Not loud, but with piety, prayer, humility and joy indispensable.In general, I must say that you can not attend the wedding in a bad mood or envy in the heart.If you feel not very good, it is better not to spoil the holiday for young their gloomy mood.

crowns imposed on the heads of the spouses.Embodying that married husband and wife to each other not only as king and queen.Next crowns without dropping, held over the heads of the bride and groom witnesses.

head priest reads the Gospel.And then with the heroes of the occasion and present sings the most important Orthodox prayer "Our Father".Undoubtedly, the bride and groom need to know it by heart.

Young give to drink wine from a common cup.It is their community, and the wine - the joy and fun of the holiday.As head of the family the husband makes the first three sips.

join hands young priest stole their covers - a long ribbon of his vestments - and thrice encircles the center of the temple around the podium.The circular march also has a symbolic meaning.It is an endless path that will go a husband and wife together for life.

bride and groom returned to the towel, and the priest removes the crowns from them.This is followed by a closing prayer, and words of welcome.The pair exchanged a modest kiss.After the young are led to the iconostasis, where the husband had to kiss the image of the Savior, and his wife - the image of the Virgin.Ends wedding ceremony kiss the cross and the award of a couple of the icons of the Savior and the Mother of God.

Now the parents and guests to congratulate the newlyweds.First, of course, do the parents.Wedding ceremony was held.Guests form a corridor at the exit of the church, through which the couple holding the icon in front of him.

wedding in a Catholic church

Catholic wedding ceremony is significantly different from the Orthodox.First, the couple must come to the church and announced his desire to not less than three months before the wedding, if you do not have any usloviydlya-term marriage.

followed 10 meetings with the priest, during which the young are taught the prayers and talk to them about marriage and its understanding in the ecclesial sense.

often happens that in a pair of someone one Catholic and the other - the orthodox.The Catholic Church allows such marriages.But the Orthodox have to make a promise and sign some paper that will not interfere with the education of children as devout Catholics.

Stern wedding ceremony Catholics there.Its implementation depends largely on the traditions of a particular parish.Usually, the process begins as an ordinary liturgy.The priest reads a chapter from the Bible and says quite a short sermon in which he sets out the freestyle young, what are the duties of the spouses in the family.

Then the priest asks three questions about free zhelaniivstupit married, ready to love the spouse for life and bring up their children, guided by the teachings of Christ.After answering the rector of the Church of the wrist connects the bride and groom ribbon.Young exchanged rings, the groom sends a witness.Read the "Our Father" and the intercessory prayer.And after the words "I now pronounce you husband and wife," the newly-born husband kisses his throat.

Note: for a Catholic wedding the bride and groom can say vows of faithfulness and love each other, written in advance.Another significant difference from the Orthodox rite - the groom waiting at the altar, while the father or another relative or friend of the family leads to his bride.Behind the bride is usually followed by a little girl with flowers.

As for attire for the wedding, even in the Catholic and Orthodox Church expect a bride in a beautiful dress, and the groom in costume.However, these conditions are not necessary.The main thing is that your appearance was neat and the solemnity of the moment.In the Orthodox Church, the bride's head, just like any other woman in the church, should be covered with a scarf or veil.And, of course, can not forget the pectoral cross.

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