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Bride price: traditional and original scripts

By time bride price should last no longer than 40 minutes, otherwise it is too prolonged, and the groom and his friends get tired of answering endless questions, and participate in competitions.Therefore, expect the program correctly, because in front of the young and the marriage feast.Do not forget that video bride price must necessarily enter into the wedding film, so take care of who will shoot all the action.

Scripts bride price


In this scenario, it's simple.Three friends meet the groom and his attendants at the entrance to the house or at the gate, if a ransom is held in a private home.Speak words of welcome and offer to answer the many questions that have been written, such as pieces of paper-trails, spread out along the route to the bride.Questions can be like:

  • How did you meet?
  • How old is the future mother in law?
  • What the bride's favorite color?
  • How many centimeters of her waist, or what her growth?
  • How many days do you know?
  • Where did you first kissed his betrothe
  • How many days have passed since you made her an offer?

for every wrong or vague answer the groom must pay a fine girlfriends.

most popular contest - filling three glasses.The witness asked the groom to fill three glasses a concrete way.The first should be rustled in the second to ring loudly, and the third - zazhurchal.That is the first vessel to be put paper notes, the second pour a handful of coins, and a third filled with champagne.

Then the groom is usually handed daisy paper and tearing each petal, he lists his favorite virtues.

traditional bride price scenario provides standard competitions and actions, however, depending on the talent of the witness, it can take a lot of fun.However, remember that it is not necessary to invent too complicated tasks.But really the way to facilitate the groom to the bride is not necessary, since the wedding without ransom loses some of its traditional fun.At the end of

groom can offer to guess what the imprint of the lips belong to his girlfriend.To do this on a sheet of A4 size prints left in lipstick lips not only friends, but also, for example, the bride's male relatives.For mistake again have to pay.

Last ransom redemption takes place at the door of the bride.On the inside of the three women, along with the culprit celebrations tied to the fingers of the tape.And they put the ends of the door.The groom must guess what the tape belongs to his bride, and to pull for her.If he made a mistake in the choice, it would be forced to buy the bride a large sum.


First of all, the doors need to write in large letters: quarantine.Thus, the groom to be admitted to the bride, will have to undergo medical check-up comic at the bridesmaids dressed in white robes.You can start with the eye doctor, who, checking vision, start trying to groom the meaning of this or that date, memorable for the young.

ENT check power voice of the bridegroom.His loud cry, saying, "I love you" or "favorite, come to me soon" must hear the entire district.Of course, the help of friends is accepted with gratitude.

Specialist for heart problems figuring out how sick man love.

therapist will suggest to pass the psychological test.Young should be possible to draw a colorful portrait of his lover.

Ends foreclosure scenario in the medical-style conclusion therapist who takes the groom money for a certificate and sends it to a pharmacist.Last prescribes a drug under the name of the bride.From

details required for the redemption of the bride:

  • white robes on the number taking part in the fun;
  • A4 paper and pens, colored markers;
  • stethoscope, which you can borrow from a children's toy set;
  • tools from the same set to check the throat, a hammer and a thermometer.


This scenario is best to arrange for the repayment of the bride in a private home, as it requires a large area.By the way, a similar variant adored our ancestors, accompanying action poetic texts, so fabulous bride price could be called Russian wedding ceremony.

At the gate from the inside there are three stone.Each symbolizes a different road to marriage: under compulsion of necessity and love.To select the groom will have to pay off the last of the first two.

Further along the route girlfriends come up with obstacles.Pulls the rope, offering the groom them to fly, and if not, then pay it and make friends whish to disperse evil spirits.

original competitions on the bride price will overcome the fiery river on the trail, on which were written the desire of girls, in the implementation of which may help the friends of the groom.

In fact, the competition can come up with unusual huge amount.Find out how a fairy tale bride loves most, and develop the script according to its tastes.The clothes have to be present girlfriends fairy-tale motifs: Crown mermaid wigs, wands, capes vualnye.If the bride price runs in the winter, it does not hurt and Christmas motifs with tinsel and coats Snow Maidens.

Fairy redemption scenario ends with the search for the key.Or shoes, if planned bride price in fairy-tale style.Do not forget that for every mistake the groom pays the money, sweets and champagne.


In this scenario, the bride price to accompany the video is necessary.First video is sent to the groom with the news that his beloved kidnapped.And, following the prompts, which are hidden in different places for a couple of memorable, he and his friends must figure out where the kidnappers are holding captive.

not need too to complicate the task to cronies did not have to rush in the morning to 6 in different parts of the city in search of puzzle pieces.Although, if the bride and groom fanatical fans of quests, the screenwriter, and you can turn anything not to limit yourself.The event promises to be a very fun and dynamic.
Note: Incidentally, bride-style quest - this is not the newfangled phenomenon.If you look at wedding traditions of the world, we can take note of the Italian scenario in which brides were kidnapped in the Middle Ages.And the groom had to sing serenades and pay for the return of their narrowed.


Ideas bride price can be very diverse.And comic trial - a chic version to host this event.

charge of indecency read witness, which draped a black cloak.She tells how immoral done groom pestering the girl without letting it pass, forcing her to go on dates.After the guilty plea is a number of investigative experiments, in which the bride is looking for a key, proving its ability to remember the memorable dates, guess riddles.The verdict will be a life sentence in a marriage.

requisites bride price in the style of the court are judges' robes, and hammer things for competitions.It would be good to cook and white wig for the judge.

Posters for the bride price

Of course, the tradition of bride price includes not only the presence of the script, but also the appropriate registration.If the redemption is carried out in a private home, the posters can decorate the site and fence.If the high-rise building, the walls of the entrance.Posters for the bride price sold in the shop with wedding paraphernalia, but painted their hands or made in the graphics editor on the computer and then printed, they look much more original.On the posters put pictures of young, parents, friends, maybe Image cherished lovers.

options for printing posters bride price:

This mansion is languishing eyed (green-eyed, blue-eyed) girl.

There bride selling,

very expensive take!

not want - as you want!

always find Bridegroom!

When love is not enough words - make an offer!

Wait, the bridegroom!

Hurry to the bride?

With you I will not make jokes.

Very well in this very place

me a generous ransom pay.

We cherish the bride!

Just do not give up!

The bride is not stingy, out with the money!

And you do not want to work hard!

And the answer to guess!Save

out of place here,

redeem the bride groom!

Hey, groom, do not be stingy!

reckoning for the bride!

While cute ears do not hear,

Sing us a cheerful ditties,

Instead you manage to laugh,

have money to pay.

Want to get a wife?

Sing us a song, at least one!

original script bride price and the most traditional one thing in common: each mistake groom accompanied the devastation of his pockets and purses of friends.In addition, you can use money cards with promises, decorations, sweets and alcohol.

Thematic bride price should pick a specific pair.If young - fans of computer games, an interesting solution would be to take the story of one of them.Even passion for paintball, you can beat a script bride price.The main purpose - not to gather round sum of money, and have fun, remember the memorable date for the young, to hear a declaration of love.Then, on the wedding ceremony they will go satisfied and happy, forgetting about the excitement that usually accompany this day.