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Romantic tradition wedding vows

Oath of the bride and groom brings enough uncluttered procedure romance and sensuality.Even the most unemotional offers heart-stopping sound when touching words of love, loyalty and desire to live together a long and wonderful life.This lovely wedding tradition is found in many European ceremonies, both civil and ecclesiastical.

course, the curse can be not only serious but also comic.Then they are able to defuse the situation and give the nervous occasion once again to smile.


bride wedding vows usually consist of several parts.At first the young saying to each other, they are happy that met your soul mate, grateful for that destiny.Followed by promises and commitments.You can read an excerpt from a suitable product or with a good hearing to sing a song-oath.The main thing that all the words were from the heart and were filled with sincerity.

Before writing wedding vows the bride, the groom need to agree what will be your marriage vows: romantic or comic, because it is better to sustain t
hem in the same style.Turn on your favorite music, which conjures up fond memories of your favorite tune in a romantic mood and try on paper or by computer to put into words your feelings and expectations.Remember that you will listen and guests, so avoid overly intimate details.

text wedding vows should not be very long.Even 2 minutes - too long.Try to be brief but convincing.Having written the oath properly rehearse it in front of a mirror or in front of a friend, to give his speech as much charm and eloquence.

text of the oath of the bride at a wedding can be so:

You are with me in the morning, you're with me at night, you're with me in joy, you're with me in sorrow, in my thoughts, in my dreams, but most of all, dear, you are in my heart.Forever!


I love you.Today is a very special day.

Once upon a time you were just a dream and a prayer.

Thank you for who you are to me.

I'll take care of you, to respect and protect you.

I give you my life, my friend and my favorite.


met you I knew the meaning of true love.I promise that as long as I live, I will honor and respect you.I'm going to get better for you and will work hard to make our relationship with each year were all stronger.I promise to be honest and to listen to you, always respect your opinion.I promise that I will be faithful to you, body and soul.I promise to be your forever.


Now, looking into your eyes, I realize how much I love you!Once you were just the epitome of my dreams, now it has come true.Thank you for all that you do for me, thank you, that fills my life with meaning.I put my life in your hands, my heart and soul belong to you alone.


I love you.You are my best friend.

Today I come to marry you.

I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you

and comfort you in sorrow.

I promise to love you in good times and bad,

When life seems easy and when life seems hard,

When our relationships are easy and when we will be difficult.

I promise to protect you, and always deeply respect you.

All this I promise today and all the days of our life together.

Thanks to you, I'm laughing, I'm smiling again, I'm not afraid to dream.

I look forward with great joy to spend the rest of my life with you,

take care of you and help in all the challenges that life has in store for us,

I swear to be faithful and true to theethe rest of his life.

Oath groom

Many men ignore their marriage vows, considering that express their feelings in public, not a good idea.However, if your pet wants to hear from you words of love at the wedding, you should not upset her.In the end, not necessarily write the oath itself.You can take a ready-made text or read a romantic poem, taking the bride's hand and looking earnestly into her eyes.

The groom at a wedding vow is usually heard promises to protect his wife from all adversity, protect and be a true friend, always and everywhere.

examples of wedding vows groom

All my thoughts of you, my undying love.

I can only live with you or not to live at all ...

love me and never condemn faithful heart of your beloved.

Forever yours.

forever mine.

Together Forever.


From the moment when I first saw you, and learn what you man, I knew I wanted to live with you all my life.Mind, beauty, soulfulness which nature has endowed you inspire and make me be better.I promise to love you forever, forever.I promise to respect you, always be honest with you and to the faithful.I solemnly swear that.


We promise each other to be loving friends and partners in marriage.

talk and listen, trust and appreciate each other's respect and cherish the uniqueness of each other;

maintain and make stronger each other for all of life's joys and sorrows.

We promise to share hopes, ideas and dreams, for we will be our life together.

Let our lives will be forever linked to our love helps us to be together.

We will build a house in which a harmony will reign.

Let our home be filled with peace, happiness and love.

I promise you, and grooming and love.

all bad - forget all understand, it's simple.

I surrounded by care, attention, warmth.

I swear to those who are around this table

Do not feel sorry for you warm kind words.

I swear to preserve tenderness, faith, love!

I'll remember that day, a hot look, gentle nonsense,

and instantly when the fire broke out.

That sacred fire, I swear to save!

not to break the thin thread of understanding.

bisected bitterness, sweetness, dream.

and fly at an incredible height.

Fall - together and wake up together stubbornly.

morning with you baby kissing.

In grief, in weakness, in fear - I will not turn away,

not selling, do not betray and will not give up, I swear!

Humorous wedding vows

particularly appropriate oaths with a share of humor, if the wedding is themed.For example, in the sea or folk style.Write your own text like this is difficult, it is better to take a ready-made or to consult with the master of ceremonies.

was yesterday (name), has today (name of the groom).Well, I take command in his hands.And I promise, in our house will never be bored!I swear not to be capricious, only a few days.I honestly promise that the use of the spouse in the house, I always find!The salary every month honestly I take her by sending in the right direction.


I promise on the table is always ready for lunch and dinner, so strong was the union and friendly.I will not leave her husband, because for me he is the best and good.The offense will not give it to anyone I!But if necessary, I will beat him myself!


I, my wife, I undertake to love her husband

And in the heat and cold, grief for two to share!

not contradict or anger,

Early in the morning do not wake up!

well as delicious every day to feed!

at work in vain not to drive,

wages on time to remove!

on holidays - glass of intoxicating apply!

Sons good issue,

And not to forget about her daughter!

When to recite wedding vows?

If you get married in the church of the Protestant rite, it is possible to exchange vows, putting each other rings.In the Orthodox rite is inappropriate.

to utter the oath at a ceremony at the registry office, it is necessary to warn in advance of your registrar, as the process is strictly regulated.

addition, vows the bride and groom can open feast or precede them their first dance.

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