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Wedding night: tradition and modernity

How to spend their wedding night

First you need to decide where to place your first wedding night.There are many solutions:

your apartment or house

If you choose to relax after the wedding, his own or together with his wife a house, try to look like a bedroom can be more romantic.Do not immediately after the holiday to return to everyday life.Rose petals on the bed, candles, properly chosen lighting.Naturally, prepare special linens.You can select a delicate silk or cotton unusual colors, unusual for you in daily life.

in the refrigerator, place the bottle of champagne in advance and think about snacks.It is worth to take a bath together and with fragrant foam that you will relax and tune in the desired fashion.Take your time, enjoy each other, relieving the nervous excitement of the day.

Hotel Room

course, room for honeymooners - the perfect bride the first night.Firstly, the room is decorated respectively event.Secondly, you are spared the hassle of any household: you should not think abou

t anything but each other.What could be nicer after a busy wedding day to go to a beautiful room, sip champagne and enjoy the caress.In the morning, enjoy breakfast or a leisurely stroll down for a cup of coffee.

Pre-need to take care of the following things:
  • select and book a room.Solve all the paper issues, to avoid having to turn to the reception desk stand or to rush home for passports in the most inopportune moment;
  • ponder night menu.Believe me, you will want to eat.And unemployed in the kitchen at night can upset you;
  • determine whether an execution of rooms in the price and possibly discuss the decor with the staff.

only minus wedding night in the hotel - it is an additional cost.But in the end, at a cost to the wedding room charge will not be too burdensome.


How is the wedding night when the celebration immediately after you decide to go on a trip?That's right, in transport, be it plane, train or car.And if you pre-arranged everything correctly, the smooth transition from a holiday in the honeymoon is going to be easy and enjoyable.

course, tempting to make a surprise favorite at home and instead take her to the airport after the wedding.But keep in mind that every girl needs clothes, cosmetics and other small items.And even if your funds allow to buy all this in place, think how convenient shopping in a wedding dress.So in your plan better devote her girlfriend or mom, they helped to collect the suitcase and prepared clothes, which disguise your spouse.

planning a trip soon after the wedding, avoid options related to a variety of direct and long waits between flights.After the holiday, even the happiest couples are tired is not a joke.And maybe it makes sense to spend the night at the hotel and go on a trip the next day.

What to do on their wedding night and where to spend it, you decide.What matters is that the conditions have been complied with romantic intimacy and awareness of the importance of what is happening.

Many wedding traditions of the world seeing the bride and groom on the wedding night, accompanied by special rituals.Before leaving guests, the bride throws the bouquet.According to the signs, the girl who catches it, and will be the next bride.

can also build makeshift arch of the towel, which must pass through the young, going to married life.

Even if you do not attach importance to the wedding tradition, the bride across the threshold to move, whether it's an apartment or a room in a hotel is necessary.

Wedding night Muslims

What you need to do on their wedding night, when the couple - the Muslims, and the wedding takes place in compliance with the respective traditions?Let's start with the fact that the proximity to the bride and groom must pray and ask God to bless the marriage.Prayer is done individually by women and men.Then the groom treats bride sweets perhaps presents her sweet gift.

still believed that relatives can be expected under the door while her husband does not show all the sheets with the evidence of innocence of his wife.However, a similar ritual several contradicts Islamic traditions.After all, the regulations say that you can not spy on people.Yes, and how to relax, if very close to the young present older.

Otherwise, the Muslim wedding night goes by, like members of other religions.Accuracy, tenderness, sensitivity, attention to the feelings of each other - it's the key to successful close newly minted spouses.

So, to properly carry out their wedding night, you'll need to choose a place in advance, to prepare small gifts and surprises, a lot of patience, especially if this is your first sex and love.The rest will follow.Remember that the external surroundings is not as important as your feelings for each other.