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Where to honeymoon - tips and ideas

However, you can always find a way - a trip can be donated by guests "wedding" money or just get a tour as a gift from a loving family.In fact, the emotion of this honeymoon will remain unforgettable!

Honeymoon - what is it?

Honeymoon ... Even in this combination, there is something incredibly sweet and viscous - and want to taste!So why the first month after the wedding is called honey?The fact is that in the old days the newlyweds were given a barrel of honey, as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, health and fertility.It was believed that this young couple ate honey for a month after the wedding.And so it was this month its "sweet" name.

Of course, today, under the combination of the "honeymoon" probably meant the first "cloudless" romantic period of marriage newlyweds, not clouded by mutual grievances and shortcomings.Alternatively - in a honeymoon often young go on a honeymoon.In any case, at this time the couple learn to understand each other, forming their future relationship.

Where better to spend their honeymoon?

As a rule, such a question asked by the couple long before the wedding.Indeed, the choice is so great that it is easy to get confused.In addition, in connection with the journey should settle a lot to do, from which literally depends on the success journey.

very first step - the choice of entertainment in honeymoon.Many tour operators are entrusted to the young couple that with the wishes of customers will choose the route, mode of transportation, hotel, insurance, and settle other organizational matters.Choose overseas tour?Venice, Paris, Prague - a great place for a honeymoon "European."

Lovers Holiday "savages" in the native latitudes may be an option to consider a romantic honeymoon with tents somewhere on the shores of Lake Baikal, or amid the stunning natural beauty of Karelia.The choice is yours!

Honeymoon in Europe

If the same opportunities and desires, a honeymoon in Europe will be an excellent collaborative memory to which you will return again and again.In fact, European cities are amazingly combine the past and present.Walk around the cozy old streets, admire the monuments and in between sightseeing, relax at a local café, where you will be served up to the European level.Where better to spend their honeymoon abroad?A brief overview of the most romantic cities.


City, sung by poets, ideal for a honeymoon.Honeymoon in Paris will leave a truly unforgettable experience, it is difficult to find a more romantic city in the world.The newlyweds will discover the majestic Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and impressive Arc de Triomphe, take a stroll along the Champs Elysees.Your imagination will impress many luxury shops and boutiques that will provide great shopping (especially like the young wife).And how well have a cup of coffee or a glass of fine Bordeaux in a cozy Parisian cafe, watching the majestic River Seine.


Italians - famous romance.And Venice is literally saturated with the spirit of love and romanticism.An unforgettable sight of the city, stretching to the immense expanse of water, takes your fancy.Venice - truly a paradise for lovers.In the compulsory program includes a visit to the city a gondola trip along the many waterways.What famous sights of Venice?Piazza San Marco, the Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Basilica, the Grand Canal - that's only part of the historical sites that are worth a visit during honeymoon.


European cultural holiday lovers will be interested to visit London.It has long been the capital of England is famous for its theaters - the Royal, "Coliseum", "Lyric" and others, where the world's best performances with the participation of famous artists.If you are in your honeymoon visit the birthplace of Shakespeare, be sure to admire the Thames, comfortably ensconced in one of the coastal benches.This is one of the favorite destinations of British lovers.Love the extreme?In that case you will long remember a half-hour ride on the Ferris wheel "London Eye".Grab a bottle of champagne and a camera - will be something to fill up the first family album.

Honeymoon Islands

This exotic kind of holiday is ideal for carrying out a long-awaited vacation and romantic getaway for your honeymoon.And indeed, a few hours' flying time - and if you are transported into another unreal, fairy-tale world.The attractive vacation in the islands?Vast ocean blue, which is the line of the distant horizon merges with the blue of heaven, hot sun and gentle sea breezes - the best conditions for a romantic getaway for two is hard to think.


Honeymoon on the Maldives promises a lot of vivid impressions.Green islands scattered in the vast Indian Ocean, just a different ideal climatic conditions.Moreover, the romantic solitude helps that each island has only one hotel.So during the honeymoon you can enjoy each other, away from the crowds.If you have long dreamed of an exotic wedding in the Maldives, you can "again" to get married.The fact is that local hotels offer newlyweds holding an informal wedding ceremony, with the clothing of the bride and groom in traditional costumes.However, a significant disadvantage of such a honeymoon on the islands is its high cost.


Honeymoon in this magical Indonesian island - like a trip to the fabulous world of rice fields, gentle waves of the ocean, ancient temples, and the smell of lotus.Here you will find comfortable hotels, the windows of which you can admire the pristine nature.In Bali, the couple will be able to enjoy themselves sunbathing on the sandy beaches and swimming in the gentle waters of the ocean.The friendliness of the locals, exotic apparel, rituals and traditions surprisingly attracted many tourists, honeymooners.

Where to honeymoon in Russia?

Some people believe that a good honeymoon is possible only abroad.However, for various reasons, the couple can not always afford to "overseas" vacation.But at home so many beautiful places!Here are some of them.

Golden Ring Tours Golden Ring today offers a variety of travel agencies - a kind of brand of domestic tourism industry.During this trip the couple not only to relax but also be able to admire the historical sites and beautiful landscapes.A significant advantage of the honeymoon is a reasonable price of the tour.

River cruise

Travel Water expanses of Russia on the ship will leave the newlyweds an unforgettable experience.Spouses available stateroom, and beautiful views from the side of the ship, will complement the romantic honeymoon "on the water".Before you hit the road, you should choose the route of the river.For example, Moscow-Novgorod and Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Country guesthouse

If you have no desire to go on a honeymoon "far away" to opt for suburban boarding house.Here you will find rest for every taste and price range of services you will be pleasantly surprised.