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Activities for the anniversary of the wedding - festive competitions

Very often celebrate wedding anniversaries - 5, 10, 15 (or more) years of marriage.Typically, such a remarkable day, we note at the festive table in a circle of relatives and friends.And what a wedding feast without the fun entertainment?Of course, the competition for the gold wedding will be somewhat different from the games, say, a five-year wedding anniversary.However, the celebration of each date can be a fun and memorable event.

Contests five-year wedding anniversary

fifth anniversary is called "wood".By this time, the couple had got used, we studied the character and habits of each other, and in most cases, have given birth to her first child.So, the guests gathered at the banquet table, gifts of wood presented - it's time to have fun!

competition "Wooden recognition»

in this competition involved only the husband and wife.Each spouse receives from the leading wooden dosochki and a box of matches.Now we should write on the blackboard the word "love" by the turn lights the matches, which ar

e then stewed on board.The winner is the one whose work will cause more applause.

contest «Planting»

To participate in this contest everyone divided into two teams, which are arranged in two lines, one after the other.Lead gives each team a set: an artificial tree, pot, watering can, a package of expanded clay, a bucket of water.These items add up to a distance of about 5 meters from each team.Now, the signal leading one participant from each team tie the hands behind the other, which then has to run to a handful of items and do one specific action.After doing (hands-free) party returned to his team, which unleashes the next player passes his hands and the third rope.In turn, the second tying the hands of a third party, and so on until the end of the relay.

what participants need to do?The order of performance of works:

  1. Opening package with expanded clay
  2. Falling asleep in expanded clay pot
  3. Planting trees in a pot
  4. Pouring water from a bucket into the watering can Watering
  5. «sapling»

The winner of this competition on the anniversary of the wedding becomes a team thatthe first plant a tree.

as prizes for contests you can use wooden souvenirs and jewelry, cutting boards.

contests pink wedding

first decade of married life - a serious date and decided to celebrate it "in a big way."As you know, the symbol of this day are pink and red roses, a bouquet of which traditionally gets the wife of a loving husband.Today, pink and red color "reigns" everywhere - in drapery and decorating wedding hall, a magnificent table, festive attire and guests themselves heroes of the occasion.What fun for a pink wedding anniversary, you can come up with?Here are a few fun contests.

contest "Pud salt»

To start recruit two teams the participants and each giving away a pack of salt.Then the leader gives a signal by which the participants begin to transmit a packet of salt to each other without using their hands.You can still use your elbows or knees - who both work.The team faster than the other to cope with the task, and becomes the winner gets a prize.

contest "Pink songs»

The entertainment program on a pink wedding can include special themed competitions.For example, fans like to sing the song competition.Leading gaining two teams, male and female.The essence of the competition is to remember and sing as many songs that mention the roses.The team with the richer song repertoire is declared the winner.

contest "Hold Flower»

For this dance competition need roses, from which pre-cut spikes.Among the guests at the request of selected participants - pairs.Leading each pair of hands on one flower and begin dancing.The task of dancing - hold a rose without hands, without breaking it at the same time.The winners are awarded prizes (pink towels, soft toys, pink glasses and other themed souvenirs).

contests crystal wedding anniversary

couple with fifteen years of family experience can justifiably celebrate the anniversary of the crystal.Still, after all behind a solid number of years lived together.But do not forget that the crystal is fragile and requires a careful attitude.So by careless movement marriage can "break" even after 15 years of marriage.If you decided to celebrate the anniversary of the crystal, be sure to include a holiday scenario several fun contests.

contest "Sailors»

known that resembles a real crystal water - the same clean and shimmering.Therefore, crystal wedding best suited "sea" theme.To participate in the competition's leading elect from the four men who wish and gives all a tightrope.When the music starts, giving the leading team, and participants begin to be wrung from the floor (you need 15 times), followed by each of the participants of tying his rope knot.The winner of the contest on the anniversary of the wedding becomes a "sailor", tying the best knot (results leading compares with the original).The winner is awarded a prize - striped vest.

Glass Blower

excellent entertainment on crystal wedding will be an invitation to a holiday glassblower.You can arrange a festive show presentation for the manufacture of glass figurines in front of the guests.In addition, the husband-hero of the day will be able to try their hand under the guidance of a professional "blow" a glass bowl, which is then solemnly will present wife.This unusual entertainment complement the festive atmosphere and will surprise the audience.

contests porcelain wedding

Twenty years from the date of the marriage can be celebrated in a narrow family circle, putting on the table "family" porcelain set.Of course, not for nothing that this date the name of this graceful, but gentle and fragile material - even 20 years later, the couple must take care of each other's feelings.If you decided to celebrate the anniversary of the porcelain with guests, offering a festive program including a pair of cheerful contests.

contest "Paradise apple»

participants of the contest are several pairs, each of which receives the leading two apples.Then all playing blindfolded.At a signal from the leading man and woman, as a pair, they begin to feed each other with their apples.Couple faster than others to cope with the "eating" apples wins the match and receives a prize.

contest "Eat candy»

for holding this contest for comic wedding anniversary should stock kilogram solid and round candy - the best "sea stones".Choose two participants and a broad set before each plate, into which pour candy.At the signal, leading players need to help the Japanese chopsticks to catch and eat as many sweets, trying to outdo each other.Those who did it - wins the competition.

contest "Guess without words»

spouses choose any significant event for them from his family life, which they must show with gestures and facial expressions.At this time the guests try to guess shown.

contests silver wedding

Silver - noble and precious metal symbolizes purity and strength.So married life, endured the test of time, after a quarter century is as strong.As a rule, celebrate their silver wedding with all pomp and celebration.We offer several incendiary competitions that will add your holiday a touch of laughter and fun.

contest "Wardrobe»

Prior to the contest should prepare a large box filled with different funny clothes (huge rubber boots, hat, wig, umbrella).He begins to play lively music and at that time box passes from hand to hand participants.Then suddenly the music stops, and the one in whose hand was a box at a time, takes random any thing and dress her up.When the competition comes to an end, all the participants acquire a funny look.

contest "road of happiness»

The competition on the anniversary of the wedding is quite popular, however, as on other holidays in a circle of close friends and relatives.To participate is taken two teams of players.Then the team leading the participants take off their things, laying them out on the floor, "the way of happiness."The team with the "road" is longer, wins the match.

contests pearl wedding

That's 30 years behind the couple.During this time the children grew, the grandchildren were born, and the family has become strong, like pearls.After thirty years of marriage is not for nothing that compares to this jewel, which is just over the years acquires its perfect beauty.So the decision to celebrate pearl wedding will be an excellent occasion to gather at the same table all the family.And what is a holiday without merry contests?Choosing and have fun!

contest "Who is doing what?»

participants handed out sheets, lined with three columns.Over the first written "husband", on the second "wife", and the third lists all the duties of the spouses.The player's task is to put a mark (in its sole discretion) in the first or second column - in front of each action.In other words, the answer to the question: one of the spouses, this duty?Then the marks are counted, from which it is concluded, one in a family of more responsibilities.

contest "Skilful hands»

For 30 years of marriage the couple adopted from each other a lot of skills.Come on, Will's wife, for example, to cope with the drill, and the husband - to sew on a button?For the contest will also need an additional props: a drill, button, thread and needle.

contests ruby ​​wedding anniversary

symbol ruby ​​wedding is a bright red gem dazzling beauty and luster are acquired only after long-term treatment.Your marriage crossed forty overseas?Celebrate this momentous occasion with the "royal" scale.A hilarious festive atmosphere will complement our competitions.

Contest "Wedding Anniversary»

Among the guests, you can arrange a competition on knowledge of all wedding anniversaries.For example, on the question of the leader, "When is celebrated silver wedding?" Comes the answer, "After 25 years".Can the opposite - give the number of years, and the participants to guess the name of the anniversary.Who will give the correct answers, the winner.

Dance Competition

participate everyone who dances under the fun and catchy music.The most active dancers are awarded prizes.

contests golden wedding

Half a century of family life - a major anniversary and to celebrate it is necessary in a warm and hearty company of relatives and close friends.After the golden jubilee of the spouses reach a ripe old age, and most of all appreciate the warmth and sincerity.However, even at home, you can have a great celebration.

contest for the best greeting

hero of the day will be pleased to hear warm words of congratulations from their children, grandchildren and close friends.Therefore, at the end of the evening the couple can choose from all the best wishes and publicly name the winner.

contest "I remember everything»

couple experienced a lot of events for 50 years.In this competition the leader asks different questions jubilee, reminding them of the early years.For example, questions such as: "What would you dress for the first day of the meeting with her future husband?" Or "What a bunch of flowers you first presented your favorite?".Spouses aged will be pleased to reminisce about his youth and relive the exciting and memorable moments.

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