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What flowers to give the wedding - tips Florist

But today, loving couple special holiday, which means that they deserve a special gift.What a bunch to choose to maintain the fine tradition and expressed in terms of floristic composition that you wish happy young couple and sincerely happy for them.

What flowers to give the wedding

Each flower has a certain meaning, which among different peoples a.How to make a bouquet for newlyweds decide each guest individually, based on their personal preferences.But if you want to hit all those present for their originality, while on the composition will have some work to do and explore flower symbolism.


This flower is invariably associated with a wedding celebration because it is the symbol of eternal love and beauty.In honor of the marriage better opt for pastel shades buds.Many people have a negative attitude to the yellow roses, believing that this tint symbolizes betrayal.But according to Eastern teachings he represents prosperity and wealth.If you are concerned about how many colors give a wedd
ing, something that concerns roses, 5-7 pieces enough to bouquet looked bulky.

Decorative branches and plants

bouquet decorated with sprigs of blooming lilacs, honeysuckle or jasmine, according to the florists, will bring the newlyweds happiness and good luck.In ancient times, the bride and groom gave thin branches of birch and oak, our ancestors, so they want a healthy numerous progeny, and good luck in all your endeavors.Green branches monstera, fern, chrysanthemum, pitosporuma and other plants are now the perfect complement to the floral composition, making it a complete and emphasizing sophistication.

field and spring flowers

Bouquet for wedding guests from ancient Russia were often of wild flowers - daisies, buttercups, cornflowers, forget-me, lungwort, and others.They symbolize love and affection for each other newlyweds.The original version is a composition with lilies of the valley, the lovely spring flowers are not only pleasing to the eye, they are a symbol of marital fidelity and happiness.Very nice look in the wedding composition snowdrops and violets, which were favorite colors of the famous French King Louis XIV, they are a symbol of pure thoughts and family happiness.


This flower looks elegant, solemn and a symbol of love, life and a great feeling.However, to chrysanthemums should be treated with caution, it is quite controversial flower.In European countries it is considered a funeral flower, and the people of Japan are very happy when they receive a gift in a bouquet of roses, where she is a flower of great joy and vitality.In this country, even established the Honorary Order of the Chrysanthemum, and to prepare delicious dishes using the petals of this plant.


Many countries have decided to give the bride at the wedding lily, these luxury flowers to conquer their beauty and elegance, and are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.If you want to make of them an elegant bouquet, you should ask beforehand, whether honeymooners allergy to pollen, and the sharp smell of this flower.In addition, in order not to spoil the white dress of the bride need to nip off the anthers, which are inside the bud.Lily mysterious and beautiful flower in the Middle Ages they were branded young women suspected of alliance with the forces of darkness and witchcraft.


truly magical gifts of nature, are a symbol of youth, mystery and virtue.From them comes the power of grace, these flowers many years ago even considered a talisman of the newlyweds.According to ancient legends, thanks to the influence of the flower people make the right decisions.Callas favor the creation of a strong family unit and help to confront the dark forces who are trying to destroy it.


expensive luxury flowers, bouquet for the bride with them looks very romantic and refined.But they need to be more careful, a large number of orchids indoors can make the atmosphere suffocating.However, expensive and stylish wedding perfect decoration of these exotic flowers.In addition, they release pheromone smells and attraction symbolize love with each other.

Ranunkulyus or Asian buttercup

Refers to the number of favorite colors as brides and florists.These exquisite and amazing flowers resemble both rose and peony.However, despite the romantic and gentle way, along with feminine charm, they symbolize the power and might.


Bouquet of these bright large flowers not only has a presentable appearance and and also is a symbol of eternal youth, the love of life and carefree.To create original compositions, you will need a small amount of color, preferably of the same hue.

perfect gift for the wedding will be flowers such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils.Gentle me-nots and pansies were mandatory attribute of a wedding in the days of old England.Great British Queen Victoria many years ago I used to create a bouquet of flowers of wild orange, also called orange blossom and myrtle.Since then, they have become the royal color, a symbol of eternal youth and tenderness.

What flowers can not give a wedding florist

Anyone know how to make floral compositions as well as the most successful combination of colors together.However, sometimes they did not want to argue with the customer, and make concessions to make up a bouquet, which is contrary to the generally accepted rules, but is consistent with the customer's taste.In this case, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the buyer.

order not to be embarrassed is better to study the traditions of the State where the marriage will take place.For example, in the territory of some of them absolutely everything purple flowers - a symbol of sadness and mourning, and yellow - pretense and betrayal.

Camellias and gladiolus in some countries are no different from other flowers, and some have announced their foreboding.

rose, though it is considered to be a wedding flower, but this applies only to light colored bud.Bright red roses are a symbol of a fiery passion, give them to each other can only love, a bouquet of a wedding from the guests should look a little more modest.As an exception may be buds with tints from light to dark or vice versa.Carnations often bring on anniversaries or funeral procession, so the newlyweds can cause unpleasant associations with them it is better not to experiment.Also, it is not accepted to present as a gift to the plants in pots, it is contrary to the generally accepted rules of wedding etiquette.

bouquet at a wedding with his hands

There are several types of floral arrangements assemblies, each of which requires an individual approach.

Bouquet on stems

easiest option floristic composition.For its production need to choose for a bouquet of flowers, cellophane packaging or tape from the atlas, as well as beautiful decorative items to decorate the bouquet, such as butterflies, beads and brooches.Plants need to gather together, cut the stems under the same length, wrap in cellophane and satin ribbons and decorations to complete the composition.In drawing up this simple bouquet there is a significant disadvantage, he quickly comes into disrepair.

Bouquet on a wire

Before assembling the composition of each flower stem is cut to the desired length and secured with wire.Then a bouquet for the bride collected as usual and wrapped his leg satin ribbon.The composition looks very nice, but it takes a lot of assembly time and patience.

Bouquet with portbuketnitse

last few years, the assembly version of the bouquet is the most popular.He moved to us from Europe and combines the simplicity and convenience.To assemble the composition will take several hours, but the result is worth it.Portbuketnitse an ordinary ball of dense foam, which is connected to a plastic base.It is wetted with water, which allows the colors to remain fresh for a grand total of the day.After the foam ball soaked enough water it needs to reattach the base, for greater reliability, you can use wire.

Now came the turn of the bouquet for the wedding, which is easily done by hand.It is necessary to cut the flower stems and clean off the crust.Then the buds should be fastened to the ball, pushing it stems, make sure that the flowers to fit snugly to each other, then the composition will look beautiful and not fall apart.Heavy it is better to fix the wire elements and small flowers and decorations to set the last.

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