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Wedding rings on the car - unusual ideas

These attributes can be made with your own hands, or rent a cabin in a wedding (economy version).The main thing that decoration is harmoniously combined with the other elements of decoration of the car.Before you make a choice, let's look at the different options for wedding rings on the car.

Wedding rings on the car: the original idea and photos

If you decide to follow the traditions, you can choose the classic version on the machine rings.Golden ring surrounded by decorative artificial flowers and lush cloud of tulle are ideal as a decoration for any wedding.

symbol of love and passion - red or pink roses, bright colors that emphasize green leaves - such composition immediately sets a festive mood.Still, today is the birthday of a new young family!

White - this color has always signified purity and chastity.Decorate the wedding ring on the machine composition of white lilies, roses or daisies.The bright color combination of different shades will also attract attention to race around "wit

h the wind" wedding train.

In ancient times, the approach of a train wedding bells ringing testified that in celebratory carts were decorated with ornate newlyweds and guests.This custom "to drive away evil spirits" in a solemn day of the wedding today - no more than a beautiful tradition.A merry bells encourages passers happy for the young in their bright holiday.

What color should be the ring on the machine?Ideas on the subject - a lot!Instead of the traditional "gold" rings, you can select the original red-and-white composition of organza.This wedding accessory looks very elegant and reminiscent of a light white cloud.Red tulle roses successfully contrasted with the basic white color.

But white rings with red small hearts, complemented by white and bright pink roses and golden mesh.

Modern fashionable "trends" - moving figures that complement the composition with wedding rings on the car.For example, romantic look at the roof of the car a couple of white doves.

Swans always been known for loyalty - well-known fact.Let a pair of white royal bird "landed" near the wedding rings on the roof of the car.The photo presents the most original compositions with swans.

Funny bears, conveniently located "inside" rings, can also be the original decision of decoration.Such decorations sure to cause a kind smile - because this sweet couple in suits the bride and groom!

Who says ornaments on the machine may only be in the form of a "traditional" rings?Today, many people prefer as this attribute to use a pair of wedding hearts, decorated with the same bells, ribbons and flowers.Moreover, to fix hearts can not only on the vehicle, but also on the bonnet or grille.