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Determine the wedding date on the horoscope, numerology and national signs

Select a date determined by many factors.This location, climatic conditions, even the schedule of the groom, groom, their family and friends.And yet we must not forget: the correct choice of the date of the marriage may depend the whole future life together.Will it be happy or will be filled with difficulties and quarrels?

Over the centuries and even millennia, people have noticed certain trends: the family, a wedding in certain months and days were strong.And vice versa.Folk wisdom and omens were not born in a vacuum, they appeared as a result of experience.Today we will try to bring together everything you need to know to determine the lucky wedding date.

In 2015, the wedding date must be chosen with care - on the eastern calendar is the Year of the Sheep (Goat), which is always cautious and likes to calculate their actions a few steps forward.She does not like haste, uncertainty and whimsical.If we exclude these negative aspects, the marriage will be a happy and long.

Signs monthly wedding

In Russia, has long been taken to arrange weddings in the autumn, the end of the field work, or winter.This is due to the way of life.When choosing a wedding date were taken into account religious holidays: the marriage in the post is not committed.

Month selected based on the will:

  • January - totally unfavorable for the conclusion of the conjugal union;
  • February - marriage strong and happy;
  • March - change of residence, until the departure to another country;
  • April - fragile and unhappy marriage;
  • May - the marriage will accompany adultery;
  • June - a month for a happy marriage;
  • July - turbulent family life;
  • August - a strong family with a full understanding;
  • September - calm and measured family life;
  • October - many problems and little happiness;
  • November - fed, secured and happy marriage;
  • December - the love of a married couple will be accompanied by a lifetime.

Best wedding date in 2015

To obtain a favorable date, it is necessary to take into account the popular superstitions, religious requirements and astrological forecasts.

When choosing numbers, days of the week and month to eliminate the full moon, new moon and a lunar eclipse.Learn about them can be using the lunar calendar.It is necessary to study and church calendar.It is desirable that the marriage took place on the eve of the great church holidays (eg, Christmas), during the Christmas holidays, or blog, in the days of commemoration of the dead.When the couple decided to get married, it should be noted that the wedding ceremony does not produce on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

most successful for the wedding day of the week - Friday.They are ruled by the planet Venus, which protects all lovers.An additional plus: the possibility of a wedding in the church, and marriage registration in the registry office in one day.

more precise date selection should make yourself love, based on the above.

Horoscope by date Wedding

Folk omens, religious and lunar calendars prompt when it is best to have the wedding.But in addition to these, you can use the astrological horoscope on the signs of the Zodiac:

  • wedding between Aries (21.03.-19.04.) - The struggle for supremacy in the family.Nominally, the husband will be the main, but the wife will constantly challenge it.Stormy quarrels, alternating with at least the rapid reconciliation, make family life very Neskuchniy;
  • wedding between Taurus (20.04.-20.05.) - Peace and stability.The wife - the keeper of the hearth, husband - breadwinner.Full understanding;
  • wedding between Gemini (21.05.-21.06.) - Easy and equality.The pursuit of diversity, and it can be unsafe because of the likelihood changed.Common interests and sincerity will help eliminate infidelity;
  • wedding between Cancer (22.06.-22.07.) - Prevailing feeling, the desire for comfort and coziness.One of the spouses will act as a child, and the other - in the role of his parents;
  • marriage between Leo (23.07.-22.08.) - Happy family by opting for active pastime.Education, spiritual growth, procreation - that the value of such a married couple;
  • wedding between Virgo (23.08.-22.09.) - Career is more important than attention to each other, but the love and understanding of the present.The family reached the high well-being;
  • wedding between Libra (23.09.-22.10.) - A marriage based on love, romantic, comfortable.Mutual support and concessions to each other.The danger lies in the ability to change both husband and wife.Exclude such a possibility can only be joint relaxation and increased attention to the spouse;
  • wedding between Scorpio (23.10.-21.11.) - An unusual and passionate marriage, whose rights will be feeling.Husband and wife will lead in turn;
  • wedding between Sagittarius (22.11.-21.12.) - The husband will be the main family.Light relations, self-development, diversity, and even some extreme;
  • marriage between Capricorn (22.12.-19.01.) - One family - one goal.Career development is not contrary to the family hearth.Lack of small quarrels and domestic conflicts.Lack of attention to each other and difficulties in communication;
  • wedding between Aquarius (20.01.-18.02.) - A free and easy marriage.Do not husband and wife, and good friends.Whatever decision did not take the husband, he finds his support of the wife;
  • wedding between Pisces (19.02.-20.03.) - Feelings and emotions.The special relationship, spiritual closeness.My husband always listens to his wife.

best time for weddings

What time of year to play the wedding?The unequivocal answer to this question does not exist, because each season has its advantages and disadvantages.



magnificent white landscapes, emphasizing the beauty of the couple;

opportunity to arrange a photo session in the Russian style, to ride on a sled, make excellent movies.


cold, plan many outdoor activities is problematic;

high prices for fruit and vegetables, as well as other products.



nature wakes up, symbolizing the beginning of a new life;

first leaves, the first flowers.


unstable weather.The difference between early and late spring is enormous;

high prices of vegetables and fruits.



heat, you can celebrate the wedding indoors and outdoors.


virtually none.



first half almost as flawless as the summer.


second half ugly and different fading, but for a young family is contraindicated.

Wedding Date by date of birth

in recent years has gained special popularity numerology, which is calculated using the date of the adoption of important decisions, the impact of date of birth on the fate and much more.It is not surprising that numerology is used to determine the date of the wedding.How to do it correctly?

To find out what number to designate the wedding, as a basis for calculations must take the date of birth of the bride and groom.Consider an example.

future husband was born on 07/04/1993.We calculate an individual number: 4 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 33.Next: 3 + 3 = 6.This is an individual number of the groom.

repetitive actions with the date of birth of the future wife: 09/30/1995: 3 + 0 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 36.Next: 3 + 6 = 9.This is an individual number of the bride.

Determine the total number of 6 + 9 = 15.Therefore, it is necessary to appoint a wedding on the 15th day.

But how to choose a month?Typically, preference is given to the third, fourth, sixth, ninth, tenth month of the birth of the future spouse.Returning to our example.The bride was born in July, therefore, for him to be favorable: October, November, January, April, May.The bride was born in September, therefore, will be favorable to her: December, January, April, July, August.As you can see, coincided January and April.You can easily arrange a wedding in one of these months, as well as a number has already been defined, January 15 or April 15th.

There is an option of determining the date of another: the number of days in month, subtract the total number (in this example, 15).In January, 31 days.So, 31-15 = 16.In April 30 days.Hence, 30-15 = 15.

Summarizing, we can say that when playing the wedding - it's a personal choice of the future marital ares, and no one has the right to impose their views.But that two loving people lived together happily ever after, you should take into account the experience accumulated by generations.