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Decorate the wedding car - stylish and original

Today, instead of triples with horses ride around the streets of wedding machines, and ringing bells "gave way to" a loud horn.However, the tradition of decorating a wedding convoy vehicles are still preserved, although has undergone some changes.For example, the modern version of the doll-talisman attached to the carriage of the newlyweds, wedding rings are - on the car.They are attached with magnets or tape.In addition, the majority of wedding attributes can be rented, or even make their own hands.

The decorated wedding car?There are many design options involving original and stylish solutions.Few decorative material - and your wedding procession will both bright and elegant.

Ornaments of wedding machines

ribbons for decoration usually choose satin ribbons of different widths - narrow decorated with rings on the car of the newlyweds, the antenna and door handles;wide stretch along the hood or trunk, forming a triple belt row.So, these tapes can drag the little bunches of flowers, and then attach t

o the doors of the car.To calculate the necessary yardage tape, you need to multiply the length of the hood 1.5 (or 2) - depends on the chosen method of attachment.

Now one end of the tape should tuck half and sew it to the gum.When dressing tape on the hood of the car gum need to "hide" inside, and the other end of the tape - tuck and sew the second end of gum.In the end, it turns out to mean only the tape.As we can see, to decorate wedding cars with their hands is not so difficult.

What colors selected to design cars for the wedding?Red, white, sky blue - shades are selected, depending on the overall style and theme of celebration.It should adhere to the contrast of colors.If the vehicle is lighter shade, then select the tape bright and flashy colors.Conversely, in the dark wedding car ribbon in soft light colors will look more advantageous in aesthetic terms.In general, playing on contrasts.

Another important rule - the color combination of tapes should not be "flashy."For example, if the wedding in a nautical theme, there will be appropriate combination of colors blue palette.However, at the location of tapes should follow a smooth color transition.Light blue, dark blue, dark blue - that's a priority of this place ribbon colors.In conjunction with such shades generally used white.

combination of red, pink and white flowers do not lose their relevance.In addition to ribbons, as design elements of machines are also used for wedding flowers, chiffon and tulle.

National motives in the decoration of wedding cars are always popular.

wedding cars decorated with flowers

Flowers - one of the essential attributes of any holiday.And at a wedding without them and certainly not to do!Bright and fragrant flowers are present in the bouquets, decoration of the banquet hall, and as an element of decoration wedding convoy.As a rule, the wedding cars are decorated with compositions of artificial flowers - still alive they are much more durable, and easier to mount such bouquets.

course, fresh cut gifts of nature on a background of luxury cars look much more spectacular, but such work only by a professional florist.After all, it will require a lot of special tools, such as nutrient tapes, tubes with suction cups, sponges, funds for the treatment of colors.Otherwise, the colors quickly fade and lose their "presentable" fresh look.

But do decoration for machines with their own hands made of artificial flowers is quite possible.The main rule in the preparation of floral ornaments - a coincidence with the general style and color scheme of the wedding.

So, go to the store and store floristry supplies - artificial flowers, ribbons, cones, leaves, tulle or chiffon (2-3 meters).First you need to produce a framework for the future of jewelry.As a basis we use thick cardboard in the shape of a circle or plastic ring, which will collect our composition.

Now affranchise imagination - pick up flowers, decorative green leaves, wheat ears.If the wedding is in the fall, the decorating machines can present artificial maple leaves variegated yellow and red colors.For more pomp decorative elements complement the composition of tulle or chiffon delicate colors.

All components of this product must be securely fastened to each other by means of adhesive tape.The finished creation attach to a car, pre-wrapped tips of the stems to the same tape, so as not to damage the surface of the hood.The basis of the decoration fix tape, which is stretched around the hood and fasten the back side with a rubber band.

original decision - to decorate the wedding car pale pink or bright red roses.Each flower tied with a bow made of transparent white tulle, and then attach with tape.Special delicacy of the composition will give live roses.

Luxury flower garlands can be stretched diagonally across the hood.And if the entire length of the tape to sew flowers, you get a "cascade" that harbor car - from the windshield through the roof and to the body.

Many prefer not to be penny wise and decorate the hood of the car by a bouquet of flowers or a pair of decorative hearts.This composition can be performed in the style of "minimalism", which will give a special touch of decoration elegance and taste.

Drapery hood light tulle, decorated with flowers - newfangled trend of wedding design.You will need a piece of tulle white, pink, light blue, pale yellow or cream-colored, which are forming beautiful folds on the surface of the hood.You can win a couple of places in tulle ribbons and attach to the surface of bouquets of flowers.

doors decorate wedding cars small bunch of flowers, which is mounted on the handle.

As we can see, to decorate the wedding car is quite capable to everyone - enough to show a little imagination and you do not have to consult specialists designers.And what will delight those around your elegant wedding procession!Bon Voyage!