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Decorating wedding hall: stylish decor options

course, you can turn to professional designers, although such services very expensive.However, the decoration of the hall for the wedding with their own hands - a great chance to show imagination and creativity, and the ability to make the triumph of the individual and unique features.Here are some ideas of decoration of the wedding hall, are sure to "wake up" your inspiration.

Decoration wedding hall

flowers Fresh flowers - the eternal companions of every holiday celebration, present not only in the bride's bouquet, but also in all wedding attributes.To decorate the tables better suited floral arrangements at low supports.When selecting a color shade cloths and bouquets of color contrast is usually observed.For example, on a white tablecloth advantageous to look small bouquets of pink or red flowers.

compose of colorful flowers and decorative greens - such amazing baskets and garlands will be original decoration of chairs.

Attention!Making a banquet hall for a wedd
ing with fresh flowers should be in harmony "fit" in the theme or style of celebration.As a rule, shades of complementary colors repeat palette of shades of the base color.

When decorating wedding hall with fresh flowers obey important rules:

  • beauty of fresh flowers is ephemeral, so as decor choose resistant varieties - roses, tulips, daffodils, chrysanthemums.In general, the most practical option design of the hall is a jewel of artificial flowers.
  • bouquets height should not exceed 25 cm, as too voluminous compositions may obstruct visibility.If
  • prefer complex intricate decorations of fresh flowers (on walls, stairs, columns), you have to buy a special floral "oasis".This material is perfectly retains moisture and flowers stay fresh longer.
  • smell of flowers should not be harsh or intrusive.

Decorating wedding hall balloons

Bright balls can give any room a festive atmosphere.Moreover, this embodiment decor compared with other relatively inexpensive financially.The third "plus" design wedding hall balls - with their own hands, even in the absence of specific skills, you can create real masterpieces of the air.

usually comes in the room and the window openings of the banquet hall decorated with helium balloons, tied in a garland.Along the perimeter of the room and you can hang the balls - in the tone of the overall wedding color scheme or contrasting shades.Wedding arch made from balloons give the place an emphasis newlyweds.

important point: to decorate the wedding hall select no more than three balls of colors thatin harmony with each other and with other design elements.The most popular color for wedding - white, gold, pink, red.

Decorating wedding hall cloth

Draperies of lung tissue will give a banquet hall solemnity.To do this, fit cuts of tulle, tulle, silk or satin delicate light shades.Fabric chair covers, tablecloths or wall compositions are ideally combined with flowers, beads and ribbons.Fractures of the drapery and folds can be beautifully illuminate with light garlands or luminous mosaic.

To make the wedding hall tissue decorators, professionals advise to choose no more than 2 - 4 colors.White - "king" wedding flowers, and it can be added light pink, beige, cream, golden.

is especially important to consider the mounting tissue draperies.For example, on the wall of the tissue can be fixed with special metal structures, establishment of which are best left to a specialist.But with a chair or table decor is quite possible to cope on their own.So, choose an idea and put it into practice!