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Yellow Wedding: organize sunny holiday

Choose a shade of yellow

Psychologists say that if you chose yellow as the main decoration for the wedding, it shows your creativity, the desire to implement an unusual idea.You get along well with other people, and know how to make correct and logical decision.As a rule, yellow weddings are not big and pompous.This chamber event, very warm, and among the guests - only the closest people.

Choose a shade of yellow

matter what shade you choose, it depends on the mood and the concept of the celebration, so do it deliberately.What kinds of solar colors occur?

  • canary yellow - the most striking and positive tone.It is very sunny, but it is important not to overdo it.It goes well with white or beige.
  • corn-yellow.Pleasing to the eye with its depth and richness.Songs featuring pastel shades of green and beige will soften it, but in a classic duo of yellow and blue, these colors will reinforce each other and produce a truly stunning impression.Less traditional combination - yellow with turquoise (do no
    t forget the neutral background).

  • Pastel yellow looks soft and gentle.If the design you will use it with dim natural tones, the atmosphere of the wedding will turn out tender and romantic.

  • Mustard shade is perfect for autumn weddings.It is unusual and "tart."Add to it a chocolate brown and wine.

errors in the design of a yellow wedding

Yellow color is very intense, so its use must be strictly dosed.It is not necessary to strive for monochrome wedding guests quickly get tired and stop to focus.

combination of yellow and black, and yellow with an intense pink at the wedding are best avoided, the risk of getting absurd and motley picture.

Design yellow wedding

usually yellow widely used in the design of spring weddings, when the abundance of light enhances the colors.For floral arrangements suit small roses combined with freesia and roses.Help maintain the color of the groom boutonniere in his lapel and a witness, sunny yellow dress bridesmaids.Banquet is better to choose a terrace or veranda, yellow flower arrangements will be supplemented by the color of the tree, and excellent background will be a snow-white linens.

very harmonious look yellow wedding in the style of "country".The basic tone can be mustard, which is easy to combine with brown and sand.For the bride and bridesmaid bouquets and compositions to fit tables sunflowers and wildflowers.

looks sunny and enchanting wedding in the style of the 50s.The main transport - white "bug", adorned with ribbons.On girlfriends - pastel yellow dress, and the bride - sltilizovannoe dress to the knee and bright accessories.Romantic details - cupcakes colored daffodils and striped napkin.

Wedding Dress

bride in yellow wedding dress - a real sweetheart.Shaped yellow dress set, for every taste, from classic ("Princess," "Mermaid," "A-shaped") to extravagant.We think that the more successful of all sunny, lemon and canary-yellow shades look shorter model with lush tulle skirts.They bring the image of the bride's mischievous and provocative tone.

If you do not want to give up the white - experiment with the details: yellow belt, a flower in her hair, a hat or veil will make you unique.Sunny tone dress can be supported by a bouquet and bridesmaid dress or bridesmaids.Here you have unlimited space for experiments, however, note that the oily yellow undertone is perfect for tanned brunettes and gold is everything.

wedding bouquet

main yellow flowers for the bridal bouquet: sunflowers, irises, lilies and freesia, lilies, tulips, calla lilies, snapdragons, altromerii, orchids and others. The choice depends on your style.Classical composition - lemon and white roses.Most of these bouquets have a spherical shape.More gentle and easy feeling of tulips presented.Try a combination of pale yellow to pale pink.If the bride appreciates simplicity, then it should pay attention to daffodils and girls who want to always and everywhere to stand out - at Calle.

deserves special attention sunflower.This looks like a bunch of little sun shades and perfectly white.

especially popular and unusual bright color combinations: yellow with blue, yellow and orange.

for autumn celebrations compose, including mustard, burgundy and brown.

Suit groom

Few suitors dare wear canary suit.In most cases, this happens on thematic and stylized weddings.It is complemented by a white or beige shirt.Bright shirt is more common.Nice supplement may be tightening.

But when choosing yellow accessories you can afford a lot: from the classic monochrome neckerchief to butterflies and white or yellow pea flower.

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