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Interesting wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

European wedding traditions

the wedding traditions in Europe is largely dependent on the main religion of individual countries.And if Orthodox Russia and Greece resembles a loaf, and bride price, and weekly scale, in France, in particular, focuses on the style of wedding decoration and delicious food.Catholic Spaniards, famous for their vehemence walk "the entire world" and attach great importance to the engagement, in which the groom must give the bride 13 gold coins.A courageous Serbs asking ladies hand-aimed shot in the apple.


So the wedding traditions in Europe are pleased with the variety.Each country contributes to the European treasury of its original opinion on this process.And some traditions seem so sweet and romantic that is used and the specific state.

most famous English wedding tradition may be called the rule of three things.The bride's attire must be present for something new, something old and something blue.If everything is clear with the first, the second could be jewelr

y or accessory to a dress, for example, a bag or gloves.Blue is the color appropriate to the garter belts, finish.

also the tradition of Britain, which is popular for weddings around the world, is spreading flowers along the path of the bride to the altar.Typically, this beautiful action selected charming little girl.

Hellas Greece is famous for magnificent wedding.Every day of the week before the wedding is a momentous importance.Of particular significance is attached to the gifts that guests are made to the money my parents future husband.The main gift makes the bridegroom to the bride.

church ceremony held on Sunday, and the bread is baked the wedding on Friday, sprinkling flour all wishing to participate in the process.However, bread is not touted young as in Russian wedding traditions, and put on the threshold of the house of the groom.The bride after the wedding should step over the pastry and enter the premises.By

dresses bridesmaids and groomsmen will certainly pinned tiny blue glazik, protects against the evil eye.And on the marriage bed is allowed to jump over the small children attending the wedding.To the family it was fun and fruitful.

way, the Greeks, we can say thank you for the appearance of the wedding tradition of almost all nations of the world, associated with the bride's bouquet.


That Italian wedding tradition owes its name to the honeymoon.In ancient Rome, the newlyweds were instructed to eat honey to family life was just as sweet.In the north of Italy, this custom is still observed and modern couples.

Italian Another caveat - the wedding the bride should show your ability to dance.Moreover, the wedding dance unlearns girls almost with toddlers.

Also, it is the Italians came up with the groom is obliged to transfer the bride across the threshold.It explains the need for that trip over the threshold - is a very bad omen.


German weddings are pretty conservative, but a few fun traditions are still there.After returning from church nouveau spouses offered a glass of wine.First he tries to groom and then the bride.She finishes her wine or slightly sip, pours from the groom to ward off temptations.And throwing a glass behind.If it breaks, the newlyweds waiting a long and happy life.

bride kidnapping is practiced in Germany.The lucky thief may claim the right to as many as three dance with the girl.


Home tradition, which is strictly observed, - organization of hen and stag parties before the wedding with a variety of fun contests and sweepstakes.Sometimes these activities are much more magnificent than follow them modest wedding in a small cafe.

Wedding Feast is divided into two parts.Moreover, not always the same visitor can get there and there and there.After the wedding or registration at the City Hall to be a cocktail for all serving drinks and snacks.A gala dinner is waiting for a specially invited guests.


course, talking about the wedding traditions of the world, we could not ignore the several interesting Ukrainian customs.On the morning of the wedding women from the closest relatives of the bride and unravel the braid worn on her head a wreath symbolizing purity.By sending his son to the church, the mother showered him with a grain of wanting wealth.

tradition with a loaf looked a little different, but also embodied the wishes of good marriage and well-being.Besides the wedding bread from the same dough baked cones and cookies.This baking carried away from the wedding guests.

Oriental wedding traditions

wedding rites and traditions of the peoples of the East are very different from the European.Of course, in many ways they are related to the Islamic religion and the role of men in the family.

Chechnya Chechen wedding - always very noisy event.When the bride is brought to the groom's house, his mother was on the verge of giving the girl a piece of candy or any other sweets.As soon as she enters her new home, create a presence on the streets as much as possible noise.Shoot, remove the different sounds the materials at hand, and so on.Previously it was thought that in this way you can scare away evil spirits who seek to harm the family.

All my wedding the bride spends standing in the corner.For the first couple had a young boy, it provides the cute kid who takes the girl in his arms and squeezes every way.Letting go, she gives him money or some valuable trinkets.


In this country attaches great importance to the betrothal.According to the wedding traditions of Azerbaijan, it takes place in two stages, to ensure seriousness.About three days before the wedding, the bride's relatives bake special pitas.The first goes to the mother of the groom cake.

Before the wedding, the bride receives a special gift from his girlfriend.It is called "Shah" and looks like a branch of a tree, decorated with candies, mirrors, ribbons and brocade.Shah's house groom carries the bride with friends, accompanying the action of singing and dancing.

After the wedding is extremely important exchange of visits is considered to be in the family of the bride and groom.Traditional feasts and gifts accompany these wedding Azerbaijani customs.


Perhaps the wedding traditions in India seem to us a little too original.And dress the bride and groom, and food, and conducting ceremonies for Europeans look very exotic.

begin with sari.Clothing of the bride can be red or green.The cloth embroidered with beads and sequins, so sometimes it reaches a weight of 10 kg.The hands and feet of the bride are painted with henna intricate patterns weaving in them the names of the intending spouses.

ring for the bride passed down from generation to generation, mother of the groom.Get a ring with a history of great success, even though it will be a very modest and at the price and appearance.

On the way to the Temple of the groom should not fall a single woman, even a relative.there were precedents because of the chance of such a canceled wedding.


traditional Chinese wedding is now almost not found in city events.They are more like a European.Ancient traditions are preserved except in the outlying provinces.Although some traditions can still be selected.

  • Firstly, it is indispensable the presence of red color in the dress of the bride.Previously, he was entirely red, the modern Chinese women choose white dresses.But shoes or some accessories will definitely this beautiful color, which symbolizes love and wealth.And gifts also turn red paper.
  • Secondly, the bridegroom takes the bride himself from his father's house and lucky to have the wedding ceremony.
  • Third, considered the most successful marriages in which the bride and groom for each other in the Chinese horoscope.Although, as we know, love works wonders, and even the chicken and the dog get along together.
  • Fourth, the wedding date on the Chinese tradition is chosen by astrology.The very same ceremony is held in the second half hour.The first 30 minutes are rejected, because in this time of arrows moving down, not up.

American wedding traditions

Wedding customs of the New World - very romantic.In the event spent a lot of money.And even the most humble families seek to take the credit, to celebrate a wedding, as it should be.

The bride's dress is obligatory veil, which will close her face the entire ceremony, the groom is not allowed to kiss his betrothed.Each spouse has his own entourage.Bridesmaids are usually the ceremony in identical dresses delicate shades.Its variety, they should not overshadow the culprit celebration, so their clothes are carried out in the same style.

When leaving the church the newlyweds sprinkle grain.Usually it wheat or rice.And the guests loud clap and congratulate the newly spouses.

After the wedding, the young and festive dinner will never return home.They spend the night in a hotel or on a journey.According to the American wedding tradition to the exhaust pipe of the car tied tin cans to publish as much noise when moving.

wedding bouquet before leaving the bride throws her friends in the crowd.Does she turned her back on them, so that the case ordered someone to marry next.

Wedding traditions of the world are astonishingly varied.And if you live in Russia, and you liked, for example, the English custom pave the path of the bride to the church with rose petals, it is possible to use it in our conditions.And throw the bouquet to unmarried guests and inspire confidence in the emergency following the wedding is necessary.