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Bottomless blue: do wedding makeup for blue eyes

entrusted to an experienced makeup artist or do on their own?This question bothers girl is not less than the choice of dress for the wedding.On the one hand, make-up, performed by a professional, is beyond praise, the other - who but the future bride is better to know how to emphasize its advantages and hide what no one should guess?

Our article tells about the most popular versions of the wedding makeup for blue eyes, and photos show you how gorgeous blue-eyed girl could look like in the happiest day of his life.

Makeup for a bride with blue eyes

If you love to take pictures, it would be to wait for the wedding photos.And so for many years to enjoy its beauty and youth, consider particularly solemn wear make-up in advance.So, if the marriage ceremony will be held before dinner, stop for an easy option matte makeup application.But for the celebrations planned for the second half of the day, you can choose a darker and more saturated shades of makeup.

Makeup for brunettes
spectacular brunette with a mop of dark hair is hard to miss - sometimes it is so bright that her cosmetics and do not need!At the same time the stylists say: dark-haired women can afford even the most daring combinations makeup.What they have in mind, you will learn in this article.

not chase fashion trends - wedding make-up in blue palette will not tolerate templates!Unleash your imagination, experiment, do not forget that expressive make-up certainly should be in harmony with your face shape, hair and solemn wedding dress.Start

more carefully care for the skin of a person for a few months before an important event.Make an appointment with the beautician and listen carefully to all the recommendations of the expert - he will tell you how best to prepare for the wedding.On your bedside table must receive vitamins that will give the skin the missing tone and fresh look.

How to do makeup for blue eyes: accents correctly

Experts say that make-up can be considered successful, he draws attention to the natural eye color.Nor can we ignore the shade of hair and skin tone.Make-up blue-eyed bride with dark hair can not go blonde with the same shade of eye.Let's see how to make festive makeup for blue eyes, taking into account the individual characteristics of the appearance of the bride.

Make-up for blondes Makeup
blonde woman depends on many factors: the color shades are selected, depending on the color of the iris, but takes into account skin tone and complexion.About all the tricks and secrets of makeup for blondes tell our article.

Makeup blonde bride

Color Range Natural blond hair is unusually wide dark-brown, honey, light brown, gray - each of colors is beautiful in its own way.Exquisite make-up with a predominance of light colors will look perfectly against the backdrop of curls warm colors - golden, honey or light brown.The overall tone becomes darker makeup, if it is a girl with blond hair cold colors - platinum, ash.

In choosing a wedding bride makeup blonde with blue eyes should be guided by the following rules:

  1. spectacularly cut for blue eye-shadow of diamonds will be a rich palette of orange: the bride can afford to make eye-glass, copper, brick and ochercolors.Shadows applied carefully with a thin layer - already expressive blue iris do not need bright accents.
  2. the shadows lay evenly and kept its original appearance more than one hour, for ever applied concealer matting natural shade.
  3. first on the inner corner of the century carefully shaded light shade, sandy colors denote the middle of the century, and terracotta color decorate the outer corner of the century.Shades should be in harmony, smoothly flowing into each other - for this they carefully shaded.For expressive look on the edge of the upper movable century, was streaked with saturated brown pencil and lower eyelids emphasize light beige eyeliner.
  4. Ink (mostly brown) cover only the upper eyelashes.
  5. Lips choose not too bright lipstick pink or coral shades.

Makeup for green eyes
Secret green female eye at all times tried to unravel the poets.Indeed, to look away from the green-eyed woman is very difficult - so it is unusual.Perhaps zelenoglazki themselves and come up with how to paint, to become even more attractive.We invite you to learn the secrets of makeup for green eyes.

Makeup dark-haired bride

pure blue color of the iris eyes and dark hair - quite unusual and rare combination.

with makeup shade you need only a few natural appeal of the bride:

  1. most suitable color shades - pale pink, turquoise, purple, silver and pearl.On the mobile and fixed centuries necessarily use a combination of the so-called shadow companion, for example, carefully feathered white and pearl colors.
  2. Through the growth of the upper eyelash pencil makes clear bar of dark gray or deep blue.For lower eyelid approach creamy white eyeliner.
  3. eyelashes on the upper eyelid give expressive blue, violet or black mascara.

Here's how makeup bride with blue eyes looks in the photo

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