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Beautiful Guest: what a woman to go to a wedding

As you go to the wedding, you first of all tell me the weather forecast.Choose a dress, depending on what time of year for the window.Let us discuss the features of the summer and winter wedding dress code for guests.

How to dress for a wedding in the summer

During warmer months, the most successful variant for the wedding will be bright airy dress with a floral pattern, reminiscent of summer riot of colors of nature.This outfit will give you a refined and fresh appearance.However

calm plain colors, which is also great to fit into the context of the summer event has not been canceled.Experiment, trying on outfits and yellow peach, orange and turquoise, lemon and lilac shades.

From dark clothes, and especially black should be abandoned - the whole image should reflect your positive attitude to the connection of two loving hearts.Let your holiday spirit will tell you what to wear to a wedding in the summer.

What's a woman to go to a wedding in the winter
For the wedding is no bad weather!
Depending on the time of year we should be invited to ensure that their outfits were beautiful and stylish for the season.What to wear to a wedding invitation woman in the winter, this article will tell.

What can and can not wear to a wedding in the summer: the unwritten taboos

There are nuances that will make you invented the image to visit the wedding ceremony incorrect and, in some cases, ridiculous.

about these intricacies of every woman knows, but just in case, list them again:

  1. Wondering how to dress for the wedding, immediately discard the idea to put on a white dress - this right belongs only to the bride.Come on someone else's wedding ceremony in a white robe - indecent and recklessness.
  2. If you do not want to be like Thieving Magpie, give up the massive abundance of jewelry and jewelry - because your dress them, and you do find yourself unnoticed.
  3. strongly exposed parts of the body, such as a deep cut on the chest or the abdomen open, make your way is extremely vulgar and provocative.Traditional wedding - a celebration of spiritual purity and chastity, even today, during the free and the brave morals.Therefore, choosing what to wear to a wedding, be sure to consider the limits of decency.
  4. Clothing from knitwear - not the best option dresses for wedding guests.A tightly woven bring you discomfort, if it's too hot.Also, do not forget that you'll dance and have fun from the heart - it is better if the outfit will be easy, do not hold down movement.

How to dress for a wedding in the spring, autumn or winter

question "that you can wear to a wedding in the cold time of year?"represented by some intractable.Indeed, how to look stylish, feel comfortable, and it does not freeze?

Just note that from the dark clothes of "serious" colors should be abandoned - the image of an office worker at the festival is still no one painted.Prefer bright shades and bright colors reassuring.The elegant pantsuit with a catchy accent (for example, with a large brooch original) will help you stand out from the bulk of the invited women dressed up in a dress.

note that in the winter or autumn time of year for a wedding celebration has not been canceled evening and cocktail dresses.On the feast appointed day, you should not wear luxury evening dress to the floor - even if it is very beautiful, look at it, you'll be a little inappropriate.It is better to dress up in pretty cocktail dress.But for an evening wedding event will be the right choice for a long dress bright colors.

knitted sweater, cardigan - not a good addition to a fancy dress or suit.If you are afraid of cold drafts and better choose a beautiful dress with long sleeves or a dress made of thick fabric.

top of the throw with a light dress coat, fur coat or vest.If your wardrobe has only demi-season coat or sheepskin coat, suit and they are - the question of outer clothing in this case neprintsipialen.

What is the man to go to the wedding are going on holiday
union of two hearts, do not forget about his companion.Your Cavalier will also want to be transformed for the solemn event.Help him in this!What to wear to the man at the wedding, help in this article.

As you go to the wedding mother of the bride or groom

question of how to dress for the wedding guests, concerns only themselves invited.But there is a special guest who will certainly discuss with the young what outfit to wear them to the wedding.This mother of the bride and groom.

Typically, the bride should discuss the matter with her mother and future mother-in the past month and a half before an important date.Perhaps the girls have their own views on this matter, and, of course, is to announce and discuss.

Today, wedding salons not only offer luxurious wedding dress - experienced consultants help parents and bridal dress.Mother of the bride / groom, first of all, need to focus on the format of the festival, after the wedding can be a traditional reception for 50-100 guests, and transformed into incendiary party in retro style.And many couples tend to variant modest and cozy family holiday for 10-15 people.

As you go to the wedding mother of the bride / groom: bans

Take note the following rules:

  1. Clothing white or black, as well as otherGuests celebration, is taboo.
  2. Frank neckline or open back strong - very inappropriate items on the dress for a wedding celebration.
  3. Frivolous length dresses above the knee does not correspond to the status of the most important among the invited guest.
  4. According to signs, young mothers can not wear suits or blouses with skirts - dress should be intact.
  5. shouting or mottled coloring clothes will attract many perplexed, and even mocking views.

choosing what to wear for the wedding of their children, a woman should try to choose an outfit that eloquently reported to others that it accompanies family life son or daughter, and very proud of it.And it does not mean that mothers should be put on strict old-fashioned styles!Elegant, graceful and attractive can look any woman, and mother of the bride / groom look like simply obliged.

following guidelines tell you how to achieve this:

  1. Notice plain dresses.It is also permissible to consider a combination of two colors, one of which is the main, and the other - a minor.The choice of colors - wide!It can be delicate pastel shades, among which often prefer peach, sky blue, olive, pale yellow outfits.In addition, plain dress look great and deep saturated colors - coral, terracotta, purple, emerald green, and blue.
  2. optimal length dress - a little below the knee.The dress can be longer - this is at the sole discretion of women.
  3. modest string of pearls around her neck and wrist adorn the mother of the bride / groom's best diamonds.Diamonds, of course, are also good, but on this day everyone should enjoy the young, but not my mother's jewels.
  4. woman must beware of excessive amounts of glitter, sequins, rhinestones and ruff clothing - an abundance of old-fashioned elements will be a complete collapse to her in an effort to appear dignified and elegant.
  5. Father of the bride / groom can choose a tie or a shirt to match my mother's dress - a harmonious blend of unobtrusive parents will only benefit.
How to dress a child for a wedding
well as to congratulate the bride and groom come to visit with children.What could be better than a heap of kids birthday a young family?The elegant suits and dresses naughty boys and young beauties look particularly touching.What put the child on such a holiday, tell our article.

What can be put on the wedding girlfriend

If you are fortunate enough to be an honorary witness or, as it is called, a bridesmaid, you face the overarching problem - not outshine the bride for her beauty, but also do not get lost in the glow of its appeal.Still, a witness at the ceremony - the second important person after the bride, and she, too, put the share of attention and admiration.

So, you go to the wedding of a friend to the bride and her spectacular views not to embarrass, and, as they say, show yourself?

If the bride was already defined in their own preferences and decided that the witness and the others invited girlfriends will look perfectly in exactly the same or similar in style and colors of dresses, this should be treated with understanding and not to spoil the mood of his friend refused.Then all the worries come down to witness to dress chosen bride, was qualitatively sewn and well seated in the figure.

If no specific requests from the bride was not made public, ceremonial dress, you can choose to your taste.

Just remember some of the nuances:

  1. Whatever extravagant and colorful beauty not fancied himself a witness, clothes screaming and even more acid colors in a traditional wedding ceremony is extremely inappropriate.If a girl does not want her dress was the subject of a general headache and disapproval, it is better to choose the outfit a more democratic tone.
  2. ban on white clothes for guests, we have already spoken.By the way, the bride can wear the wedding dress ivory or even shock the audience a blood-red dress, but it is still no reason for the witness to wear white.
  3. black clothes - universal and for the figure "useful."But before you purchase an elegant little black dress, the witness should definitely discuss this issue with the bride - she suddenly react to this selection bias?Still, black - it is also a symbol of mourning.
  4. not the most appropriate dress for the bridesmaids will be too long or too short dress.The witness, usually plays the role of the right hand of the bride.This means that when choosing clothes she needs to remember that the dress should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable.Therefore, the clothes that you need and then straighten or correct not to become entangled in its folds, clearly does not fit.The best option would be the dress of medium length.
  5. Some people mistakenly believe that a girl or woman in the celebrations will certainly need to walk in dresses.Indeed, this dress emphasizes the best features to her mistress - femininity, tenderness, elegance.However, a stylish pantsuit is also absolutely acceptable option for visiting the festivities.Of course, a dark trouser suit for bridesmaid will look more than strange, but some of its elements is appropriate to use in creating a festive image.For example, you can wear narrow black skirt and fitted jacket with floral print.The combination of gray or brown trousers and blouses monochromatic light pastel shades - the festive, yet very comfortable outfit.
  6. ugly and impolite to flash at a wedding as a fur-tree toy - clothes with lots of glitter for a bridesmaid is not suitable.
  7. accessories and jewelry picked up in a very moderate amounts.
  8. Spectacular shoes with high heels and a thin girl, able to deliver a lot of problems.As already noted, a witness at the wedding will be a lot and actively moving, so your legs have to regret and to choose together a more comfortable pair of shoes.
  9. cute little clutch - the best bag for the bridesmaids.To put there as much as you need - a mirror, lipstick, comb, money, paper and wet wipes.

By the choice of attire for the wedding invited guests fit very seriously, spending a lot of time and effort to search for the most attractive and successful dress.

Meanwhile, going to the gala event, it is important not to forget that the shining eyes, smile and good humor will make you irresistible to the festival!

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