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Wedding in shades of red: the dance of passion

What does the red

A few words must be said about the color psychology.Brides who choose red - bright and confident personality.They tend to be in the spotlight, and in preparation for the celebration - control everything down to the smallest detail.This passionate person, ready to share their energy with other people.

Shades of red and combinations thereof

first step in preparing for the wedding of a red - to choose the right tone.There are about 26 shades of red, which can be divided into bright, dark and muted.The wedding palettes often used red, pomegranate, reddish-brown, amaranth, brown, fuchsia and dark salmon.

Scarlet - the most classic and bright tone.It is traditionally combined with white or softer milk.In addition, advantageous looks monochrome picture in which coexist different color variations: red, burgundy, crimson.Less traditionally looks combination of scarlet, red and blue, but it is ideal for nautical weddings.

Pomegranate - a more subdued and rich tone.The wedding mosaic i

t can coexist with burgundy, muted green, blue and blue.

color of red wine is best revealed in the vicinity of the orange.This combination of passionate, unbridled and hot.It is ideal for weddings, retreats to tropical theme.

chestnut and reddish-brown - the favorite autumn shades.Combine them with chocolate, orange and mustard and you will be warm even in chilly November.

If you want to add to the design notes of red, but are afraid of color, you can create a soft pastel background and accents arrange via fuchsia or dark salmon.

what combinations should be avoided

Do not combine a cool red with a rich pink and bright blue.In addition, the wedding is not suitable for monochrome design with a blood-red or scarlet.The abundance of colors quickly tired eyes, headaches and a bad mood.

Design red wedding

We offer you some interesting ideas how to arrange a celebration, using different combinations of red.

  • Red and white tale."Red drop of blood on the white snow ..." - remember that phrase from a fairy tale about Snow White?We also offer you to create a magical story.The background should serve white: snow textiles, white walls.Further accents.Using the floral arrangements of red roses, add red chandeliers and serving items.The main character we have, of course, the bride, her dress should be unique and magical.So on top of the white dress will look great red cape.In the hands - floral composition, which may be present apples (to fantastic association was more pronounced).

  • «All aboard."Marine theme is widely used in the wedding design, that we have decided to propose the creation of a blue, white, red triumph for those who loves the sea.Remember that we take a clean and bright shades: royal or navy blue (depending on the mood), scarlet, shining white.Anchor - the basic element of the decor, and the strip - the leading print.Banquet hall to remind the wardroom luxury yacht: white chairs with blue upholstery, echoing the color with a tablecloth;red bouquets.Funny element - instead of napkin rings, use scarlet ribbon, and she put the compass.The most daring couples can experiment with your way, for example, to wear to the groom's short pants with sneakers and vest, and bride complement captain's cap.

  • «Some Like It Hot."Red and orange decor perfect for tropical weddings.The main principle - the deeper the color, the better.Crimson tablecloths and orange draperies, the composition of fragrant orchids and lush garlands on the walls, magical feathers of birds near the napkins.Here it is - a paradise on earth.

Bridal bouquet

red bridal bouquet - most popular flower arrangements.Scarlet flowers against white dress immediately attract attention.

most traditional version - red roses.If you choose a white dress, the bouquet can be monochrome.It can support the decorations to match, although the flowers are good in and of themselves.For scarlet dress more suitable white-red composition.By the way, the bride should take note that if they go to stand unified stylistic line, the color of the bouquet should meet in the decor tables.If you want to see all eyes fixed on the hero of the occasion, all other flowers at the wedding of selected neutral shades.

For young and romantic persons suitable red tulips.They can be combined with white or yellow.

If you prefer exotic, choose calla lilies or amaryllis.

Wedding Dress

want all the friends discuss your wedding dress - buy a red dress.This may be a direct and strict dress wine saturated colors, "mermaid", emphasizing every curve shapes or a royal suite with an abundance of lush draperies.Jewellery is better to use identical in tone and not too large.If you decide to put on a massive earrings or a necklace, the more jewels should not be.

No less impressive look white dress with red details.This can be a belt, a large flower on the bodice or hairstyle, veil, trail or even a raincoat.Pay special attention to shoes and clutches.

Suit groom

Men rarely wear a red suit, although it is a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd.More classic colors - maroon or burgundy tone.A bold choice - red suit.

Red is good and in detail.Complete jacket or a scarf black, dark gray or white suit, and you - in the spotlight.

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