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Dissolve the hair to please the guests: so different wedding hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles: ideas veil

Fatah - the traditional accessory.Without it you can not do, because then the image will be incomplete.Fata goes well with any outfit.
There are several types of wedding decorations, each of which has its own requirements in relation to the hair.
Here are some ideas for the wedding hairstyles with veil:
  1. Splayed strands - a great opportunity to do a cute, innocent image of the bride.To do this, the curls frizz on large rollers and fixed styling products.To complete the image, you can make a decoration of flowers or decorative elements.For such an important installation minimalism and elegance.Hairstyle with flowing hair can be done under the veil throws and fix virtually weightless fabric invisible help.
  2. collected hair - a classic wedding fashion.Options can be very much.Even if the master does all the same, the composition can tune the other notes.It depends on the type, length and color of hair, the amount of jewelry, veil, makeup and dresses.The collected str
    ands suitable for a modest veil of a single layer of fabric and for lush multi-layered enhancement.In the first case, the strands better go upstairs, make a knot or volume fleece.For multi-layer version, it is important not to overdo it and do not overload the image of massive decorative elements.Minimum decorations - your main task.
  3. veil and jewelry.You can attach the veil using a tiara.To do this, stylists recommend to do the bulk fleece from the roots to collect high beam.Long strands can be curled and put large curls.This hairstyle will be open, so it can vary in its sole discretion.If the choice
  4. girl - long veil, then choose the best hair.The installation should be elegant and neat.For such a case suitable option of one or more of the braid.Weaving can be conventional or volume, as well as in the style of "French braid".Another option - to leave the hair loose and flowing nicely under a transparent fabric.
    wedding hairstyle with loose curls
    owners of long hair is something to think about.Options for creating wedding styling can be very much.Look beautiful arranged on one side of the hair and curled in a luxurious curls.The options hairstyles for the bride with long hair big set, the main thing - to be able to select the appropriate option.
  5. short veil and not long strands.The basic rule when creating a song - to comply with the ratio: if the hair is short, then the veil should be the same length (the exception - the hair from 3 to 10 cm.).
  6. For girls with bangs length veil does not matter.Bride with straight bangs suitable variant collected hair with lush veil.Slanting locks placed on its side, and her hair in curls frizz.

Hairstyles for a wedding with a bang

girl with bangs need to take responsibility to create the image, given the shape of the face, hair color and length, type, and style of dress veil.

Wedding hairstyle with straight bangs

The following guidelines will help you make a perfect styling straight bangs:

  1. hair should be straight and smooth as silk.This task can be entrusted to the stylist.It is important that bangs remained in its original form and not lose their shape all day.
  2. Smooth bangs perfectly with the flowing locks or collected.We'll have to give up the braids to look harmonious styling.
  3. Strands should cover the forehead and go up to the eyebrows.You should not try to do their very thick because it will not look natural.
  4. for flowing hair the best option - the soft natural curls.This styling approach romantic special.
  5. Another popular choice of wedding hairstyles with bangs - a classic "shell."In this case, you should think in advance decorations - "invisible" or tiny pebbles on thin heels.
Wedding hairstyles for long hair
bride with long hair you can think of a lot of different options.Beautifully will look loose, slightly curled hair.Among a variety of wedding songs to long hair, you are sure to find a suitable option for themselves.

Wedding hairstyle with bangs oblique

If you are the owner of a stylish oblique bangs, then you are very lucky, because this is the best option to create an original image.Trimmed by the bias strands can give the bride romance or, conversely, to look playfully.It will depend on the installation option.Most often make high hair and decorate it with flowers, pins with miniature roses or stones.

Wedding hairstyles without bangs

interesting solution will weave braids.Here you can express their imagination and experiment, especially if the length permits.

Volume Spit give the composition the desired texture and shape.By the way, you can do without massive accessories.Welcomes the use of a variety of jewelry - ribbons, headbands, veils and flowers.

Hairstyles for a wedding with a diadem

If she always wanted at your wedding to be like a princess, you might consider a wedding hairstyle with tiara.This accessory will emphasize the natural beauty and perfectly complement the outfit.

If the bride has a fringe, the tiara is placed on the site of the parting.Size ornaments can be different, but it is best to look elegant small ornaments.The shape and size does not matter bangs.The hair can be left loose or voluminous bouffant do.

When creating hairstyles gathered stylists recommend leaving a few strands of a person.By laying a suitable corset dress is on an open top.Bride is like a beautiful princess of a good story.

Wedding hairstyle with his hands

work on the image of the bride - a kind of birth of the little masterpiece.Even if stacking is performed on the model, depending on the type of face, length, texture and color are always obtained different results.

Kos and surround beam - nothing fancy and pretentious.Such a composition can be done independently.A few weeks before the upcoming ceremony, the girl must learn to braid on braid itself.The principle of weaving - "French braid".

Classic wedding hairstyles

Latest trend - gathered at the back locks.This version of the classic fashion wedding hairstyles 2015 added one more direction - weave braid.It is known to many brides from childhood "spike" (style of weaving "French braid").Creating a composition begins with the right or left side of the temporal part.If you have bangs, then you can request to leave or gently weave.Kos trudges around, and the free tip of the hair is easily hidden by a thin pin.Then the strands are stretched slightly to hair seemed complete and volume.

Wedding Hairstyles: Spit
excellent decision to make the wedding a neat and sophisticated hairstyle for the bride - to braid a braid.The composition may comprise one or more braids.Features of creation of wedding braid and options for their design bride may choose at its discretion.

One of the most interesting options is a complex weave that depending on the desired pattern of the hair, the master works with thin strands.To create such a beautiful wedding hairstyles takes about 2-3 hours.

No less interesting looks "beam" - depending on the variant of installation and distribution of individual thin strands can achieve the desired effect.On the advice of a stylist you need to leave a few free strands and curl them into a thin strand playful.Then the image will be complete.Owners

short shag without bangs can be advised to make packing "wave", and in the neck to form a voluminous bouffant.This will give the image of a cute negligence bride lightness and ease.Hair must be secured with varnish strong fixation and sprinkle with glitter.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair
When working with short hair, it is important to competently accents.Depending on the length of the hair thin strands laid or curl into small curls.To draw attention you can with the help of medium-sized jewelry - brooches with stones, elegant veil or tiara.

What should pay attention:

  1. to create complex compositions without the help of a professional is necessary.As good masters are always in demand, it is necessary to agree with the stylist in advance.
  2. is advisable to meet with the master to the immediate preparation for the ceremony, in order to arrange all the details, select a few favorite options and decide what accessories and auxiliary materials should be purchased.
  3. before the date she could do some test pilings.This rehearsal will help you choose the best option, but also the future bride will appreciate if she could feel comfortable all day long.
  4. On the day of the ceremony is recommended to allocate available 3-4 hours before the solemn moment that the master was able to slowly create your masterpiece.This is especially important if things go according to plan.It happens that the hair stubbornly do not want to curl and stowed.
  5. girl the night before you need to wash your hair with shampoo with a mask or air conditioning.If the ceremony is scheduled for the evening, then bring the hair in the morning, you can order.
  6. necessary to prepare in advance styling and decoration.
  7. Fata has attached after the haircut is completed.
  8. important point: packing to do after applying makeup.
  9. dress worn at the last moment, when the make-up artist and hair stylist finish their work.Wedding dress worn by the feet, so as not to damage the packing.

Wedding - the magic word and the most long-awaited day in the life of every girl.Prepare for the responsible time in advance, and then the holiday will be unforgettable!

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