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Pink wedding dress: the embodiment of fragile tenderness

The symbolism of color for wedding

In ancient Rus girls marry sundresses in red and white.It was believed that if the bride wore a wedding day outfit with red embroidery, this color gave her confidence and protected from the evil eye.A little later came to Russia a popular wedding traditions from Europe - the bride began to dress in white attire.This color is a symbol of innocence and purity.

If the girl had re-marriage, she could not afford to put a snow-white outfit.Young person had to choose another color decoration.An excellent option is getting a pink dress.

Red Wedding Dress
choosing the color of dress for a formal wedding, the bride can pay attention to the color red.It will give confidence and strength.From our feature article, you will learn about the power of the color red wedding dress.

Wedding Dress pink: the subtleties of choice

combination of two colors - red and white creates a delicate pink color.He can have a different color - from pale to bright shocking.The bri

de in a pink dress of any color will appear more feminine and romantic.

Here are some tips for choosing the color attire:

  1. Wedding dresses are pink haired girl with pale skin.Bright pink dress will look great on the brunette with dark skin.
  2. If you have thin skin prone to redness, it is better to give up the choice of pink shade because it will strengthen the defect.
  3. Owners of oily skin (rashes, bumps, blemishes and pigmentation) should be selected more carefully shade of pink.Also, consider the colors of makeup and accessories to purchase.
  4. If the female figure is far from ideal - it is better to give preference to another color of the dress.For example, to hide the fullness and give help petite wedding dress in black.

Black wedding dress to attract attention, give the image of mystery and originality, you can wear the wedding dress in black.Learn more about the features of the selection, the advantages and disadvantages of black color for a wedding dress.

Pink - the color of pastels.And as you know, all the pastel colors give the girls tenderness and femininity.Dressed in a costume, young lady will feel vulnerable and sensitive nature.The only thing that advised stylists - choose pink fluffy wedding dress made of light fabric.Austerity, straight lines and smooth fabric will look inharmonious in pink.

Lush dresses
multilayer boards pink decorate the bride in the most solemn day of her life.It looks nice on a wedding dress corset decorated with pink flowers, gradually turning into a multi-layer skirt made of light fabric.Take care in advance about the dress and choose a favorite style of dress.


If the bride has chosen the cold shade of pink wedding decorations, you need to pick-up in the same range - put lipstick pink color cold, gray or light brown shade.

for warm shades of pink dress beauty should do the same warm-up - use a transparent gloss or lipstick color peach.Shadows should choose shades of sand or light brown tones, depending on the color of the eyes.

With colors of makeup is important not to overdo it - you can not apply the shadows and rouge of the same tone as the color of the dress.It is advisable to have a neutral color shade and tone of lipstick matches the hue of the dress.Brunettes and brown-haired allowed to use dark shades of lipstick.

When creating makeup for a pink wedding dress, it is important not to rehearse on the day of the solemn ceremony, and a week before an important event, to be able to work on the color palette.

Shoes in pink dress

the wedding dress pink suit not elegant bright decorations.It goes well with pink transparent semi-precious stones.Shoes you can choose not to match the outfit.If the couple are planning a modest painting and dinner with the family, the bride can wear black shoes.Beautiful dress with pink and silver will look elegant shoes or sandals to match jewelry.

Ideal pink wedding dress is combined with a light-colored shoes.Among the numerous range of models you will find his excellent shoes for the wedding.

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