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Playful and easy Bride: do wedding hairstyles with braids

Wedding hairstyles of braids

owners of long hair of different thickness can make the original hair for the wedding.The presence or absence of fringe is largely irrelevant.More often than not, to make romantic image, stylists recommend to choose a short hair up.The preferred first braid braid, and then fix the fringe hair spray strong fixation.

To create a hairstyle for the wedding with oblique studs need to match hair clips and some beautiful elements for decoration of the spit.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair
on medium length hair, you can make a beautiful hairdo of several braids, and you can create a three-dimensional braid - it perfectly complement the bride's dress.There are many beautiful hairstyles of various complexity for the hair of medium length, and in this article we will offer you some interesting options.

How to prepare the girl to the creation of wedding hairstyles:

  1. First you need to select the room to collect the bride.
  2. Before the solemn day the girl is better to try o
    ut a few options and liked to wear her hair every day.So you can understand what hairstyle is able to stay for a long time and in what form the curls will not interfere with the celebration.
  3. Besides the hairstyle for the wedding with braids young person shall determine the hair ornaments.They depend on the color of the wedding dress and style.Selection of romantic ladies - fresh flowers delicate shades.By the way, try to replace them with artificial flowers made of fabric - they will look just as good.
  4. Sometimes preparation for the solemn and the most coveted day begins long before the date of marriage.She must decide on hair color, refresh the tips.If necessary, you can carry out a complex medical procedures.Great idea - do laminating hair.
  5. If the ceremony is scheduled for the first half of the day, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner the night before.For an after-dinner time you can enjoy the celebration toilet hair in the morning.
  6. necessary to prepare the workplace for craftsmen: to put a comfortable chair in front of mirror and think about lighting.
  7. girl must also prepare veil and hair ornaments.
  8. Fresh flowers need to pre-order and pick up an hour before the creation of hairstyles from florists.
    wedding hairstyle with flowers
    flowers in her hair look great regardless of the season.Fresh flowers will emphasize the individuality of the bride and decorate any outfit.Want to know more about wedding hairstyles with flowers?Take a look at this article !.
  9. bride needs to know that the dress is worn after the ready hair and makeup.And the outfit worn by the feet from the bottom, so as not to disturb the hair.

Ideas for hairstyles: Spit on the side

for brides of all ages will approach the braid to the side.It can be done only on long hair, or at least - on the hair to the shoulder blades.Although, if you have a desire to make such a hair - nothing is impossible, because you can build up the strands in just a few hours.

to create such beauty hair is divided into several large strands sprinkled with hair styling.If the hair is soft and unruly, their pre-wind on hot tongs.After preparatory actions hair combed to one side, weaving braids starts from bangs (if any, short hair, too intertwined).Braiding continues around the head, the style "French braid".The tip of the fixed transparent rubber and secured by the invisible locks.The finished hairstyle fixed varnish, decorated with flowers and hairpins with stones.

wedding hairstyle in the Greek style
Hairstyle for the bride, made in the Greek style, looks with ease.Fitted into a braid hair emphasizes a slim neck and a beautiful oval face.Learn more about the inception of the wedding hairstyles in the Greek style.

braids with a bang

short fringe - not a reason to give up a beautiful wedding hairstyles with braids.Long strands of braided plait in bulk, fix styling and decorated with decorative elements.In this case, it is important not to overdo it to the head of the bride did not seem flower bed or decorations warehouse.

short bangs are not woven into a braid, but leave the line.Long hair can be put to one side and secure with styling products.

How to wear braids with a veil

from several braids can build a special hair and remove it under the veil.This variant of the wedding decorations emphasize the beauty of the line of the shoulders and neck lengthen.Weaving is carried out in several variations - for all hair, combining with curls and interweaving accessories.When the hair length permits of small braids can create a real pattern, and the top to fix the transparent veil.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair Long hair
can braid a few braids or effectively put.The options of wedding hairstyles for long hair very much.Look at the pictures to select the desired option.
Wedding hairstyles based on braid always seem easy and give the image of the bride's lyrical tone.

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