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Cheerful Union: beautiful dresses for bridesmaids

bridesmaids dresses: tips on choosing

  1. Every girl wants a holiday look especially beautiful, and it is quite natural desire.But friends of the bride is very important to remember that the focus of the wedding should be the bride.Therefore, according to the rules of decency, though young girlfriends can have a stunning view, yet should not overshadow him the beauty of the bride.
  2. Evening dresses for the bridesmaids should be made with taste and have an elegant style.Too bright, colorful, outrageous fashions would look ridiculous and create the impression of vulgarity.
  3. On a good marriage all the details are in harmony with each other.The same goes for the bridesmaids' dresses.If robed girls will attend the elements which interface with the image of young - it will look stylish.
  4. Under the general need to find a suitable outfit shoes.In this regard it should be based on considerations of beauty, convenience and compatibility of individual parts with whole way.
  5. bridesmaid dress gloves to complement - no
    t a good idea.If the bride chooses to behave like an accessory, can give the impression that the girls copied her image.If the bride does not wear gloves, you run the risk of her friends look on the background of a young elegant and festive.
  6. hairstyle bridesmaid should also be made with taste.It is an elegant approach, but simple styling.The appropriate hairstyle various accessories to match together, for example, ribbon or trim clips.
  7. makeup also need to adhere to a sense of proportion and taste.It is best practice in the creation of a suitable wear make-up in advance.Going to a wedding, you should take with a small handbag or clutch bag that will contain powder, mascara, lipstick, small comb, mirror and other items that will help you quickly correct the individual parts of the image.
Wedding Traditions world
Every nation celebrates wedding in different ways.Despite the different traditions followed during this celebration, a wedding in any case an important and memorable holiday, which are connected to two loving hearts.

What color should be friends of the bride dresses

dress white-holds-barred option for bridesmaids, even if the outfit of the bride - not the white shade.Black - the color is also bad for women's attire for the wedding.For a traditional celebration is better to choose soft, not too bright colors.If the wedding has a certain theme bias, and the bridesmaids' dresses should fit the circumstances.

optimal color for bridesmaids dresses are considered beige, light pink, purple, blue, pastel green.

now fashionable to make registration of marriage in some specific shades.And in connection with this bridesmaid dress in the same dress, corresponding to the general style of the festival.Pretty looks nice option when certain parts in common with the girls dresses wedding attire of the bride.It may be, for example, a belt or ribbons of a certain color, like parts in the decoration and other elements.

wedding bridal shoes, as opposed to everyday, must comply not only convenience, but also elegance and beauty.Read our tips on how to choose the right shoes for the wedding.

Style Dresses Bridesmaid

First of all, we note that the evening dress should be sewn from a beautiful, noble and rich fabrics.Even the most successful style and color can ruin cheap low quality material.In this decoration will look great fabrics such as silk, satin, delicate chiffon, taffeta.To finish some parts fit organza, lace, beads, rhinestones, ribbons.

shapes and tailoring bridesmaids dresses should match the height and type of figure of the girl.As evening dress look great short cocktail dresses.

Lately very popular retro style.Gorgeous and feminine dresses in the style of the 60s and 70s in conjunction with the appropriate hairstyle and makeup will give any girl extraordinary charm and charm.

A-shaped silhouette looks great on almost any figure and perfectly suited for a festive atmosphere.If the bride's wedding decorations made in the Greek style, it is also worth girlfriends to wear dresses in the Empire style, only a shade them, of course, should be markedly different from the main wedding dress.In the heat of summer and loose silhouettes flying the Greek dresses not only look light and airy but also allow the body to feel comfortable.

According to the rules of etiquette, dress bridesmaids must not have sleeves.As for the neck, it should be of moderate depth, the girl did not look vulgar.In addition, it is desirable to choose a short dress with straps and style with completely open arms should have a long skirt.

combination of open top and a short skirt looks tasteless.

Closed Closed
dress wedding dress, which symbolizes purity and chastity - perfect for a wedding in the church.We'll tell you about the style and features of the wedding dress selection closed.

As you see, choose a bridesmaid dress is very easy, and this should be followed only a few very simple guidelines.

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