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What should be the wedding lingerie for the bride

to the girl, going under the crown, it was easier to determine the choice of underwear, we give some useful advice:

  1. underwear, sewed of cheap synthetic material, unfortunately,now not uncommon.These items of clothing worn even desirable in everyday life, to say nothing about the wedding, where the beauty and comfort - above all else.So, in order to feel comfortable during the celebration, the bride need to give preference only natural fabrics - cotton, Batista, flax, silk.In this regard it is also important to focus on the season and weather.For example, silk panties and a bra is better to put on a hot summer, but cotton is more appropriate for a winter celebration.The underwear may be present a small percentage of synthetic fibers such as polyamide or lycra.On the skin's ability to breathe are not affected, but will make the clothes more flexible and will allow it to maintain the desired shape.
  2. wedding underwear bride should be convenient and
    comfortable, with good oblegaya seductive forms.Try to pick those models that do not pinch or rub.Bra straps should not fall off the shoulders, clasp to be sufficiently reliable, and the cup - match the size of the breast.
Direct Direct
dress wedding dress - the choice of those who appreciate simplicity and elegance.We'll tell you how to choose direct dress to look like it is open.

Choosing the right bra

Some models of wedding dresses have a fairly rigid corset supports the breast.In this case, wear a bra under the dress is not required.But in certain looks that the presence of such items will still be required.

Let's see how to select the top of the underwear under the wedding dress:

  1. In the event that a girl outfit is pretty deep cut on the chest or back, it is better to prefer a bra with straps floating.Changing the location of the shoulder straps, you can make them invisible under clothes.
  2. for styles with an open back, you can also use a special silicone cups that are worn separately on each breast.But this option is suitable only for brides with the small size of the bust.
  3. In the case where the dress is fully open the shoulders, can be hard to choose the model strapless bra, where the chest will be supported by sufficiently dense cups.If a girl is the owner of the luxurious chest, the cup in a bra should additionally have special silicone inserts.
  4. choosing lingerie for the bride fitting dress of fine cloth, better pay attention to the seamless elastic model.
  5. outfit in the Greek style perfectly with slinky body.Dense cup pripodnimut chest, and the style of the Empire further highlight this seductive part of the body.

buying lingerie for a wedding dress, you need to focus not only on style and silhouette of the dress, but also on the physical features of the girl:

  1. visually enlarge small breasts can help with foam bra cups, as well as the model of "push-up".At the same time it is not necessary to use such styles of underwear for those who by nature has a luxurious forms.
  2. busty brides who want to visually reduce your bust, you can suggest Waist model with diagonal joints, located in the center of the cups.
  3. Suitable for the bride lingerie with wide-set breasts - a bra with a horizontal seam.In this design the chest looks upbeat and sexy.
  4. On the ladies 'body' is an ideal sit-bra corset.
Shoes wedding
to the image of the bride was a solid and harmonious, selection of proper footwear should be given due attention.Choose a beautiful, elegant and comfortable shoes for a wedding, listening to our practical advice.

Panties bride and other attributes of the lower part of the wedding linen

By choosing the lower part of wedding underwear should be taken as seriously.The first step is to pick up her panties.They may be quite different models - the main thing that completely suits your figure, were in size and comfortable sitting.It is also important that the panties were made of natural materials and at the same time, looking sexy and seductive.Their color is, of course, must match the color of the bra.

graceful leg of the bride can be decorated with tights or stockings.The second option is preferable, since the girl in stockings will feel freer.There is another advantage of this juicy detail: socks do not have to shoot in case the bride will want to use the toilet.But often remove and put on tights, being in a magnificent dress, quite uncomfortable.If the girl would prefer stockings, it is important to choose a model that will go well in style and color with panties.Moreover, in addition to similar items you can buy a special belt - it looks incredibly sexy and make the groom burn with desire on their wedding night.

Many brides do not think of their wedding without such traditional elements as a garter.It is desirable to match the shade of the garter dress, although this requirement is not categorical.It should also be noted that this item is suitable to the tights, but in combination with stockings she does not look very appropriate.

New fashion trends are considered slim capris or leggings worn under the wedding dress.They are made mostly of guipure translucent, they can be decorated with sequins or rhinestones.Some brides are using such detail in conjunction with a short wedding dresses and they look at this rather unusual and attractive.

Wedding garter Wedding garter
- a traditional part of festive decorations bride.We will tell you about all the intricacies of choosing a wedding garter.

Let your wedding will be bright, and the wedding night long and passionate!