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Live view: wedding makeup for green eyes

Green-eyed bride - a special story.In the world there are only 1-2% of people with the eyes of a pure green color!More often, there are different shades of green eyes - gray-green, greenish-brown.Whatever it was, the green-eyed man is hard to miss - so clean and fresh look in his eyes astonishing.

How green-eyed bride with makeup to become even more beautiful?On the distinctive features of the wedding makeup for green eyes and technique of its execution will tell our article.

Makeup bride with green eyes

all the subtleties and nuances of your wedding image girl should think in advance, because the bride - this is the diamond that gets precious facet inwedding day.

Cosmetics emphasize all the dignity of a person only if we put it on the ideal basis - healthy clean skin.That is why the appointment to the beautician future bride need to sign at least a month before the solemn event, because it is the minimum period for which you can treat and significantly refresh the skin.

necessary procedures specialist assigns, taking into account individual needs of the client's skin.Facial cleansing, several treatments of acid peels, mesotherapy and micro-course work wonders - well-groomed skin shine again, and come back to her cheeks a nice soft glow.

Art Makeup Makeup originated, perhaps, with the beginning of the era of Homo sapiens.Women ages learning the science of improvement and beauty with the help of available funds.We have a lot to learn today.Secrets and tricks of make-up will learn in our feature articles.

Also, girl needs to decide in advance who will be cast over her makeup on the wedding day - if she could do better on their own or seek the assistance of an experienced make-up artist?To make a solemn entered the "cheers", you should definitely spend a dress rehearsal wedding image for a few days before the wedding - "try on" the planned make-up to the wedding dress, hairstyle and accessories.

If you decide to transform yourself, you need to advance to protect yourself from annoying little things that can spoil the celebratory mood at once, namely, to buy quality-tested cosmetics.Then the ink does not flow osypetsya not, lipstick on your lips meet in lumps, and base all day hold firmly on his face.

When the execution of the wedding makeup decided to professionals, all the details with the master also discuss in advance: makeup artist needs to show a photo of the wedding dresses to choose the most suitable option a make-up, you can not forget about the hairstyle with a manicure without which make a full image of the bride is not possible.Well, if a girl managed to find craftsmen who will be engaged in her face and hair in the morning of the wedding, in one cabin - they can do in a pair, and the bride will be a miracle as well.

If the wedding day the bride is going to make your eyes more expressive nuance, wearing contact lenses, it must notify it of their make-up, because this little secret can dramatically change the whole image and thus make-up.

Makeup for blue eyes
A good find make-up that makes eyes sparkle even brighter.With cosmetic blue-eyed woman can transform beyond recognition!That is why the owner of this beautiful eye color must master the art of make-up to the smallest detail.

Bridal make-up for women with dark hair

gala makeup for green-eyed brunette, and think through the "spread out on the shelves," to the last detail - decorative cosmetics should make dazzling beautybride even more spectacular and perfect.

haired zelenoglazka, backed up artist can afford to bold experiments in transforming his face.

Here are the main recommendations for the implementation of the wedding makeup for green-eyed girl with dark hair color:

  • permissible to makeup base was a little darker than the natural color of the skin (no more than 1 tone!).The basis for a make-up "tone on tone" and is a perfect canvas for creating this masterpiece.
  • most natural blush cheeks will give zelenoglazki peach and apricot blush.
  • choosing a palette of shades for green eyes, dark-haired bride need to drop modesty and uncertainty - on her wedding day, she should be the brightest flower celebration!Therefore, make-up artists recommend to look at the shadows of the silver-saturated violet, emerald green or chocolate color - they are perfectly set off the corners of the eyes.
  • Unconditional "mast keV" makeup for the wedding - green eyes, skilfully underlined eyeliner - so will look deep and expressive.Fail both the upper and lower eye contour.
  • When choosing mascara remain faithful to the classics - it should be black.It is better to stay on waterproof version, increases the volume.
  • With a touch of lipstick difficulties should arise, because the green-eyed bride has to choose from - cherry, coral or pink lips will be a bright final chord of the wedding makeup.If you wish, you can even use lipstick saturated fuchsia, making sure that painted her lips did not detract from the expressiveness of the green eyes of the bride.

This is important! girls, loves to be photographed, it is better to abandon the brilliant pearl shadow, or use them very sparingly.Otherwise, the joy of the wedding photos will be overshadowed by the glare on the face of the bride.

Makeup for brunettes
to constantly catch myself interested glances, dark-haired woman should master the techniques of make-up that meets the individual characteristics of its appearance.On the specifics of makeup for brunettes cover in this article.

Bridal make-up for women with blond hair

image of green-eyed bride-Goldilocks air, touching, and perhaps a bit unrealistic.Indeed, in a cloud of openwork lace, satin or organza with a shiny tiara in her hair, the girl, whose green eyes refract light beautifully, suddenly it reminds others princess descended from the pages of your favorite fairy tale.It is necessary to work carefully so as not to weight and not debase the image of a beautiful wedding makeup inappropriate.

Here are the secrets of a successful make-apa need to know the green-eyed blonde bride:

  • base may be the same as the "mother" tone of skin or a drop of lighter.
  • cheeks of the bride with the perfect facial features look peach blush.
  • eyebrows that girls with blond hair are rarely expressive fed light brown pencil in the direction of natural hair growth.By the way, give the desired shape brows 1-2 days before the celebration.
  • emphasis in makeup done, of course, on the beautiful color of the iris - try to make it more expressive.Win-Win are shadows companion - their harmonious blend not only make the eyes look more open, but also visually enlarge the eyes.An essential prerequisite is the ideal shading shadows.The movable lid covers rich emerald hue, then the outer corner of the eye gently applied to the shadows "wet asphalt" and carefully erase the boundary between the two colors.Amazing results can be achieved by experimenting with shades of pearl and smoky palette.The final touch - a black or dark brown mascara.
  • final chord of the transfiguration of holders of green eye becomes pale pink gloss on her lips.It will give the image of innocence and seductive notes simultaneously.

Makeup for blondes
's face blonde girl left the nature of soft light colors - often blondes gets almost colorless eyebrows and eyelashes.To become bright and expressive, using makeup is minimal, you need to know a few rules on the make-up.

Bridal make-up for brown-haired with green eyes

Makeup for a wedding for green eyes brown-haired women can make playful and enticing, giving the look of the bride cat notes.For this active set off the eye using a rich palette of cosmetics.

correct form of eyebrows - an integral part of the ideal image.To "draw" his eyebrows, brown hair need a solid medium brown or gray pencil.With that, you need to carefully fill in all the places where the hair is too short, it is very important not to overdo it.

inner corner of the eye painted in delicate pearl color, slowly darkening it toward the outer corner of the movable century, where shade shadows change on a deep smoky.Thanks to this combination of contrasting eyes settle "cunning" and acquire the so-called look romantic languishing.Lower eyelid lightens strip feathered golden or bronze shades.

To heighten the effect of black paint over eyelashes lengthening mascara.If on their appearance alone conjures woman, false eyelashes is set aside.With them, the bride may feel not very comfortable, and come off the artificial beauty can at the most inopportune moment.

haired women on the lips looks great lipstick or gloss shades of terra cotta.

make-up for a wedding for a girl with red hair Redheads

people are always attracted increased interest of others - so bright and they look trivial.Red hair and green sparkle dancing in the iris - a magnificent gift of nature.Women with such appearance more than a century have been shrouded in speculation regarding witchcraft.Today, the red-haired beauty enveloped in an aura of mystery and mysticism - that there, in the sun-kissed soul?

Makeup for brown eyes
Despite the fact that the brown eye color is most of the world's population, brown-eyed women do not lose heart!Cleverly tinted brown eyes are able to make its possessor attractive and very sexy.On the secrets of transformation should know each lady.

with a spectacular combination of colors in tsvetotip these women love to work stylists: a minimum of effort - and the beautiful look even more beautiful!In the arsenal of cosmetics red zelenoglazok traditionally used bright colors shades - gold, emerald, chocolate or wet asphalt.This makeup base - certainly light and easy.On the pale skin of red-haired bride artfully penciled bright eyes look really great!

Mascara choose black or brown.The most suitable color lipstick, which favorably emphasize the expressive beauty of the eyes will be coral or caramel.

suggest you look at the photo shown above wedding makeup for green eyes: perhaps some of the options you fill his piggy bank beauty!

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