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The Prince and the macho-in-one, or how to choose a suit for the groom

wedding suit for the groom: make the right choice the first


As is the case with the bride's wedding dress, the groom's image should focus on the profitable parts of appearance, hiding flaws.

Consider some examples:

  1. men of small stature fit the classic two-button model.It will be good to look at such a stature and shorter coat, but broad-shouldered jackets, cuffs on the trousers, double-breasted suits - a bad solution for low suitors.
  2. Guys medium build, height reaches 180 cm, fit almost any style.It is important to focus on the features of the figures and evaluate how well a particular model is sitting on the man.
  3. suit for the groom a solid physique does not have to flaunt imperfect form.In this case, a good option would be a model free cut, as well as materials in vertical stripes.
Wedding Dress Ivory
Noble ivory color always looks attractive and stylish, and you can choose a shade under any tsvetotip bride.Ivory dress - the beauty, elegance, sophistication.

Council second

young people it is important to choose clothes that will be suitable to the type of physical appearance, as well as match the season of celebration.Black suits, though considered classics, hot summer can cause a lot of inconvenience.As for the exterior, the light-skinned and fair-haired man to face it suits in dark colors, while dark face perfectly set off light-colored cloth.

Tip Three

If the bride to the wedding not clothed in the traditional white dresses, the costume Believing it must match the shade of the wedding attire of the bride.For example, the dress of soft and warm colors to emphasize the best ivory suit similar scale - coffee, brown, beige, sand.In turn, these shades do not suit the dress cool colors, such as blue.

Council fourth

One of the main requirements for the groom's suit is the perfect fit.Please note that the dress should look good in all situations, not only when a man is in a static position.Costumes that somewhere compress slightly too wide, ugly ride up in certain movements, it is not necessary to choose.

dress for the wedding in the church
bride, decided to strengthen marriage in the face of God, it is important to think through every detail outfit in which she will appear before the altar.We will tell you how to choose the right dress for the wedding in the church.

Tip Five

Despite the fact that the bride and groom outfits must show a united harmonious ensemble, wedding dress, after all, is the main part in the wedding ceremony.Therefore, the young costume, even if incredibly beautiful and compelling, should not overshadow his appearance attire of the bride.

Fashionable men's wedding suits 2015

Consider the most popular models today wedding men's suits:

  1. tailcoat is a model of elegant English collar.Jacket is quite recognizable - he has a pointed bottom of the front and rear long coattails.Note that this style looks perfect on high and slender men, making them the image of a sophisticated, elegant and romantic.Under the suit often worn bright, preferably white shirt and bow tie.Pretty harmoniously will look beautiful scarf.
  2. Another popular option men's suit for the wedding is considered a tuxedo.This style can be called a classic choice for a wedding celebration.Most often, the tuxedo worn with open before, sometimes buttoning single button.This outfit can be single- or double-breasted, it has different types of collars - English collar or lapel.A popular accessory to a tuxedo white handkerchief in his breast pocket and bow tie.However, the groom can replace classic long butterfly tie.
  3. two-piece - the most common male attire formal style.If such a suit sewed of beautiful expensive fabric, has a good fit and has a color appearance emphasizes the benefit of the groom, the wedding is such an option will look irresistible.It should be noted that the two-piece can choose any shape, regardless of the height and build of men.
  4. Three-piece suit, except for pants and jackets, also includes a vest.Some young people try to pick up the vest to match the rest of the details, but the contrasting versions often look fresh and interesting.Three-piece suit is more suitable for cool weather.
  5. brave person may abandon the classical furniture and prefer the original outfits.Bright wedding suit groom shows mindedness and confidence of its owner.However, even deciding to choose a garment, the man should evaluate yourself with a critical eye and make sure that outfit would not look ridiculous.In the case of a bright suit better to prefer a monochromatic fabric, but you can combine the two combined together shade.In addition, a similar image should blend in perfectly with the dress of the bride.
  6. Male suit for a wedding can be a theme in the event that a celebration is held in any particular style.It is difficult to list all the possible options, since the image of the young will depend on the theme of the holiday.

Short dresses short wedding dress - an unusual and original outfit for the brave bride.How to choose a short dress to look like it is young, flirty and open - we will give helpful advice and recommendations.

attire for the groom - Requirements shirt

  1. Shirt should be in harmony with the color of the suit and tie.
  2. Do not wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics.
  3. best color images are considered classical white and champagne.For themed wedding suit and other shades.
  4. at a wedding party are irrelevant shirt with short sleeves.By choosing such a piece of clothing, note that the cuff shirt protrude from under the sleeves of his jacket 1.5 cm.