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Wedding in pink: the most romantic and gentle celebration

pink wedding: choose your own color

Before ordering flowers, invitations, cake, let's see, what does our favorite shade of pink.In psychology, it is associated with unconditional love and understand the desire to create something new.If the red - a bright animal passion, the pink - gentle and calm platonic feeling.If you decide to choose this as the main tone for the wedding, it means that you - calm and organized, always ready to support his chosen, and strive to give all guests a pleasant and comfortable evening.

What are the colors?

There are so many shades of pink.The most tender - beige and pink and ash-pink.They look very delicate and perfectly combined with other tones of pastel palette.

«Ash Pink" looks quite unconventional.It is in harmony with the purple and beige.This color scheme will make the wedding very elegant.

Classic hot pink for the young and bold girls who are not afraid to experiment.Great neighbors with beige-pink, peach, pale green, mint, and turquoise.

fuchsia is perfect for placement bright accents: floral arrangements, candelabra, seedling cards and so on. N. Winning it looks on a neutral background: ivory, champagne, pearl-white, beige.

Errors in the choice of colors

When making wedding Neighborhood avoid multiple shades of pink - it looks too gaudy.Completely pink wedding also not the best solution.

If you choose a rich color, it must be one.Is not complemented it with other bright colors: orange, red, crimson, purple.

Do not combine gentle pink with intense cold tones: blue, green and black.

Design pink wedding

The style of your wedding pink depends only on your imagination and courage.Here are some creative ideas.

  • «cherry blossoms."Basic combination - pale pink with brown.Leading motif - cherry blossom.Order invitation pastel shades in small flower, paper must be thin and translucent.On the table in the vases are sprigs of cherry.If you want to enhance the flavor of Japanese, add a pink Chinese lanterns and fans.

  • «Chebbi-chic."Style Chebbi trudged recent popularity.It is associated with pretty favors, pseudo-antique, pastel tones.Flowers for decoration - pale pink roses and lush peonies.Use transparent pinkish dish and add color using vintage painted plates.As decor also suitable candle frames, flashlights and even jars of homemade jam.
  • «Butterfly».Butterfly with its luxury delicate wings is a great leitmotif for a pink wedding.Decorate her invitation, use instead of napkin rings, cut confetti.Let the butterflies are everywhere.

  • «Honeydukes."Pink is always associated with sweets, let's play in this.Treat offers colorful candy-bar.If you spend a celebration on the nature, set the machine for the production of cotton candy.The most daring brides can instead pick up a bouquet of candy!

Wedding Dress

If you want a vivid and memorable way, the Pick a pink wedding dress.A classic silhouette - "Princess" with lush multi-layered skirt.Best of all are the toilets look in pastel shades.

more daring girls will approach the board A-line effect Ombre, that is overflowing from one color to another.

unusually voluminous dresses became fashionable with lush ruffles resembling flower petals.Try a dress dusty pink shade.

Creative designers offer a voluminous tulle skirts, tulle and organza with plenty of flounces.On a white or beige background stand out clearly fuchsia or magenta.

If you are not willing to change the snow-white, then add pink accessories: a belt, a flower in her hair, bright make-up shoes or monochrome.

Bridal bouquet

Pink - the perfect color for the bride's bouquet.Traditionally selected roses.The composition may be monochrome or dilute a neutral shade.The classic combination - white and pink.

If you are looking for originality, then chose the peony.They can be of different colors, and together constitute a harmonious composition.

for marriage registration and festivities in the style of "country" or "Provence" pink peonies will also work, but to complement them better and white accents with small blue and yellow colors.

The direct elegant wedding dresses is the best fit gerbera.Do not forget to decorate the stems of lace or ribbon.

Suit groom

Not many men would risk to wear a pink wedding dress.However, if your partner is confident and not afraid to experiment, you offer him a tuxedo delicate powdery color.For weddings on the beach fit a simple shirt fuchsia.

If you do not have the courage to completely pink suit jacket, combining classic muted (dusty) tones with white or beige trousers.

Conservatives are accessories.Pearl gray business suit perfectly complemented by a pink butterfly, tie, vest, or cravat.Do not forget about the boutonnieres.

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