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Modest charm: closed choose a wedding dress

Closed bride: who is suitable?

  1. Most often closed styles of dresses choose for themselves the girls with persistent religious beliefs.Brides who want to look at the wedding modestly and undefiled, will give preference to the closed model of the traditional white.This option is also best for the wedding ceremony in the church.
  2. Girls who have restrained and modest character and refined taste, can choose for your wedding attire similar model.It should be noted that many brides famous monarchs put on their wedding ceremony dress is closed.
  3. The fair sex by closing certain styles can hide figure flaws.If the girl with gorgeous breasts allowed to don the outfit with a plunging neckline, the lady of modest size is best to wear a dress completely covers the chest.
  4. In case the wedding is celebrated in the cold season, the bride, anyway, we have to choose between the beautiful indoor wedding dress or fur, cloak or other garment.
  5. Ladies who love to look unusual and different from the others, can also be put on
    the wedding dress closed.The model, made of gleaming satin, silk, lace and fitting shape, looks stylish, refined and elegant.
Wedding Dress
you decide to assure not only their marriage in the registry office, but also the face of God?Then you should choose the right furniture for the wedding ceremony in the church.Read our tips on how to be a dress for the wedding.

Styles private wedding dresses

Closed shoulders

Such an option - the perfect solution for women with boyish figures, or narrow shoulders.Volume puffed sleeves perfectly isolated neckline, make the image feminine, gentle, sexy.

wedding dress with covered shoulders and shallow neck can safely put on the wedding ceremony, and not only on the official list.

Closed neckline

in dress with an open neck and hands it is appropriate to use a closed neckline.This option looks stylish and noble, while not hiding the body completely.It should be noted that the closed neck can be used to girls with small breasts, but the bride with a magnificent bust this option does not suit you.Chest can be hidden under the opaque as the cloth and under laces, delicate chiffon veil.

Tucked top

models completely covered riding look sophisticated and elegant.This style implies that the bride will be closed not only the shoulders but also the chest, arms and neck.In this version look great silhouette of "mermaid" and "A-Line".By the way, the length of the dress does not have to be on the floor - over a short skirt and looks pretty good.Particularly good on slender brides will look dress with translucent top and closed skirt to the knee.

dresses with sleeves

sleeves - this is the part that can decorate almost any complexion.Depending on the wishes or the type of figure, she has the right to choose a wedding dress with any shaped sleeves - torch, sleeves to the elbow or forearm to the middle, narrow or flared, and so on.

in wedding attire sleeve can be combined with gloves.His short sleeves look great with long fitting gloves and long sleeves, on the contrary, it is better to accessorize a low altitude.

very favorably on slender bride looks outfit, in which the chest, shoulders and arms are completely closed, and on the back there is a deep cut.This model looks extremely sexy and attracts the eyes of the stronger sex.

dresses with sleeves
models of wedding dresses with sleeves look elegant and sophisticated, thanks to the variety of styles and sleeves, this outfit can be matched to any shape.We have gathered for you advice on choosing a suitable wedding dress with sleeves.

closed back

closed back on the wedding dress can be beaten in various ways.To outfit did not look too modest and unassuming, you can back drape translucent fabric or lace.Great looks and embroidery, made on the faint subtle matter.

models with closed backs - an option for those who want to look feminine and sophisticated while maintaining the mystery.

Lace dresses

closed decoration style, made of lace - a godsend for brides who want to combine chastity and modesty with the charm and appeal.Lace dress in any way give the romance, tenderness, fragility and lightness.Such a fabric texture perfectly hides figure flaws, at the same time focusing on favorable terms - emphasizing the smooth curves and rounded shapes.

Closed wedding dress with lace looks perfect in straight silhouette.The furniture does not have to be made entirely of lace - like material can be finished with some details of dress, such as the back, neck, shoulders and sleeves.

undercover neck

Snazzy, sophisticated, mysterious image can be created with the dress, which closed the neck combined with open hands or back.This dress attracts attention and at the same time looks quite soberly.

Lace Lace dresses in her wedding dress symbolizes tenderness, lightness and femininity bride.Read what are lace wedding dress and how to choose the appropriate style.

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