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Baby-dudes: how to dress baby for a wedding

How to dress a child for a wedding

Probably every mother wants her child to be beautiful all, especially on such an important holiday.Fortunately, modern studios and salons evening gowns offer a wide selection of outfits not only for adults but also for children.

dresses for girls

choosing furniture for his daughter, it is important to consider not only its beauty, but also how it will be in harmony with the overall style of the wedding.For example, if a celebration is marked in a particular category, then the child should decorate accordingly.

In the case where the wedding is decorated in a certain color scheme, it is better to choose the dress of the corresponding color.It looks great and the options that are common with the bridesmaids' dresses or decoration of the bride.With the consent of the young child, you can dress up in a miniature copy of the wedding dress.This will be especially true if the girl assigned a small role in the ceremony, for example, if a child has to carry the bride's


on wedding dresses for girls should be comfortable.Tight skirts and corsets are inappropriate strapping baby clothing, as these models will make the crumbs do not feel very comfortable - keep in mind that children are in constant motion.The awkward girl clothes will be hard to dance, have fun and participate in various competitions.Such discomfort immediately affect the mood of the child.

finery for girls at the wedding - a very popular option, which is preferred by many moms.These styles always look appropriate for such celebrations and look particularly charming at small children.Dresses for girls to decorate the wedding flowers, bows, ribbons.It should also be along to pick up a beautiful and comfortable shoes, which will be combined in style and color with a total manner.Also, do not forget to make a beautiful little girl hairstyle.

What's a woman to go to a wedding in
you go to the wedding the woman to look stylish and beautiful?We have gathered useful tips on choosing a suitable evening dress.

suits for boys

best option clothing for young gentleman considered a suit.As a costume for a boy to a wedding can be a tuxedo, suit, three-piece suit, and other options that you can sew in the order in good company.Instead of a long tie was appropriate to use the elegant or beautiful butterfly cravat.In this case, it is also important to observe the principles of convenience.The suit should not constrain movements when walking and during active play.

very interesting to look options when a child dressed in a miniature version of his father's suit.If a wedding present a family with children of different sexes, it is possible to dress the girl in the same dress with her mother, and the boy to dress up just like dad.It looks stylish, beautiful and attracts the attention of other guests.

As you go to the wedding Wedding
man - it is an occasion for each person to look irresistible.Read our tips on how to dress for the wedding to the man.

Useful tips

  1. conscious age children relate to their appearance very seriously.They are afraid to look ridiculous, or very different from the rest.Given this, it is not necessary to decorate your child's bizarre clothes.Costumes Spider-Man, Carlson Dunno and other reserved for matinee in kindergarten.On the occasion of the wedding, try to create your crumbs classy and elegant image.
  2. Comfort and convenience for children's clothes are defining characteristics.Beauty should not require the victims in this case.
  3. not purchase holiday clothes for growth.Evening dress or a formal suit your crumbs are unlikely to have to wear often, after the wedding, a case can be presented soon.But if on a holiday outfit will sit and look bad too big - stylish image will be ruined.
  4. If pipsqueak involved in the wedding ceremony, it makes sense to pick up his clothes with great care, but if you and your children are invited as guests simple, that observe a strict dress code is not required.
  5. Parents know that children, especially small, often dirty.In the event of unforeseen damage suit or dress she had the opportunity to change out the crumbs into something neater, bring extra clothes.She may need in the event that a child in holiday dress will be uncomfortable.
  6. When choosing attire, consider the time of year and weather conditions.On a summer ceremony is better to choose light thin fabric and light shades.Avoid synthetic materials - of which can be performed only finishing.All that is adjacent to the body to be natural.The best fabric for children's clothing - cotton, linen, wool.In winter clothing should be selected in which the child does not freeze in the street and do not overheat the room.If the boy is dressed in a suit, he will have the opportunity to take off his jacket.Over the dress a girl can wear a sweater, which she will be able to withdraw at the restaurant.
  7. Shoes baby should also be very comfortable.Girls can choose shoes with wedge heels or low heels.Note that the crumb would be forced to spend the whole day in the shoes, most of which have to move.Therefore, nothing should be nowhere to rub or squeeze.Of course, the shoes should fit the style and color of festive clothing.

Shoes wedding shoes for wedding - a stylish piece wardrobe, emphasizing especially created image.We will tell you how to choose the right shoes for the wedding.

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