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Lovely hair: hairstyle for medium hair

Before bride with medium-length hair offers an unlimited choice of wedding pilings, the creation of which you can use a variety of decorative elements: hoops, flower buds, pearl strands, veil, hat and veil.The main requirement for wedding hairstyles for medium hair is that they should be in harmony with the shape of the face and shaped wedding dress.

-length hair can be laid in a simple and intricate styling so that it would be fine to stay up very late at night.And with skilful handling and moderate strands suitable fixing means they will look most natural.

Hairstyles for a wedding for medium hair

Even if the bride has decided to prepare for the wedding of their own, consulting an experienced stylist had to be superfluous.Wizard will help you choose styling that profitable emphasize the expressive features of your appearance and, if necessary, smooth away imperfection of the oval face.

Wedding Hairstyles
What bride would not want to look perfect on her wedding day?The value has ever
ything: dress, makeup, accessories, hairstyle.By the way, that the bride will do with her hair, she had to think long before the celebration.The options of wedding hairstyles so much that it is easy to get confused and.With our help, the bride will make the only right choice!

Splayed hair

One of the most simple, but they are not less charming wedding hairstyles for medium length hair are considered loose strands.Carelessly scattered on the shoulders give the hair a natural hostess, yet stylish look.Simple styling makes it possible to focus solely on the surrounding wedding dress that the bride chose with great love.This versatile option to suit everyone without exception hair types - straight, curly, thick and thin.Often, the individual strands for effect weave live or artificial flowers, add overhead strands of contrast (silver or pink) color.

hairstyles for brides with a bang bang

makes it interesting is not too expressive face and creates additional volume, if the hair is not thick.When you create a wedding styling with this element as the hairstyles you can experiment.

individual and unique shape gives the image of the bride bangs.Depending on what kind of oval face of the girl, bangs can be perfectly straight, asymmetrical, jagged, thick or shortened.

Unfortunately, from wedding hair accessories the bride will likely have to give up - bang them virtually "get along."To hairstyle out successful, the focus shifts to the very fringe.

Competent stylists allow the use of tiny shiny pins, tiaras and elegant hoops, small flowers that can spice up a wedding hairstyle for medium hair with bangs.

wedding hairstyle with flowers
Fresh flowers that adorned the bride's hair, give a girl a special charm and appeal.This original decoration is suitable for any type of curls.Which hairstyle is best to use a gentle buds you will learn in this article.

Hair flowers

Nothing will emphasize the natural beauty and freshness of the bride's best flowers.Various buds now increasingly adorn hair bride.This option is suitable for girls with medium length hair.

petals can be not only the traditional white and all shades of pale purple, pink, red palette.What kind of flowers to choose, tell the general idea of ​​the image of the bride as a whole and in particular her hairstyle.For example, the classic bob, you can decorate a large lily attached on the side and wavy tresses relating shoulders give elegance fluffy scattering of daisies or delicate tea roses.The only downside of this wonderful ideas is that the floral decoration may wilt immediately after the official part of the wedding, and the bride will be at the banquet without him.

Hairstyles with braids

Kosa was and still is a universal element for both everyday and for a festive styling.A special role unpretentious interweaving several pryadok withdrawn in the creation of wedding image, because the spit - it is always nice and original.The craftsmen use different kinds of weaving, among which are a special demand for French braid, braids in the style of boho and "basket" of the braid.It looks so expressive styling, if the string of pearls to decorate the hair, single crystals and small pins.With braids often beat vintage style dress and image, which at the same time to create and use a veil deliberately elongated her dress - loop.

Wedding Hairstyles with braids
Using braids in her hair bride has a sacred meaning - has long been a way to weave the strands was considered a symbol of purity and chastity.With different types of weaving braids girl can transform beyond recognition, for example, to turn it into a fabulous nymph.Let's look at the most popular choices of wedding hairstyles with braids.

Hairstyles with bow

lush bow of curls perfectly complement the image of the frivolous young bride.This playful piece may be formed as part of the hair and of the entire hair.By the way, collect a flirty bow of medium length curls easiest.Place it can be high on the top or side.Will be presented with a drop of glamor bride elaborate barrettes and artificial flowers that adorn the bow.This hairstyle is perfect when chosen for the wedding ceremony dress shortened air.

hairstyles as a bundle

most spectacularly long flowing veil appears in tandem with the bulk node.To save a bundle of excessive rigor and formality, can be released to the general harness a couple of careless pryadok.This trick will make the bride even more sweet and touching.Laying fit even those girls who can not boast of a thick head of hair - the special position of the corrected volume rollers and pads.Most often, the veil is attached under the node, but with the same success can be hidden under the veil beam, pinned it on top.In the middle hair with the help of various means of fixation do fairly steady and accurate assembly.

Hairstyles Retro Fashion

certainly return - it is a proven fact time.Modern girl with great pleasure that exploit the image of the bride from distant '70s, the main feature of which is characteristic of the period hairstyles - shell, socket, Babette.At last stylists recommend to pay special attention to girls low - this is just what they need.Babette and the shell allows the bride look great no matter, she has bangs or not.Retro styling can be complicated, adding to their wide satin ribbon or barrette.The special coating of sophistication and elitism attached to the image of the bride and a small veil of different styles of trim vintage hats.

wedding hairstyle with loose curls
her hair for her wedding are choosing independent and confident women.His compelling they will demonstrate to others, and so, without cumbersome and complicated wedding pilings.We discuss the most beautiful wedding hairstyle with loose curls for brides.

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair with tiara and veil

Diadem is perhaps the most impressive accessory for wedding styling - what girl has not dreamed at least once to spend a princess?The dream becomes real when the bride in her hair appears shining in the sun miniature (or rather large) crown.

Diadem will not tolerate the presence of other ornaments.This is a categorical rule does not apply veils - a mandatory attribute of the wedding dress for a girl, especially if she marries for the first time.Length veil varies significantly, however, all its variants are fine, if you combine them vintage comb or barrette unusual.

future bride will try on more than one hair until understand - that it is the one that makes the most delightful girl bride in the world.

Perhaps our collection of photos of wedding hairstyles for medium hair will help you make the right choice.Enjoy watching!

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