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Temptress Bride: wedding makeup for brown eyes

Bridal makeup: how to prepare the face

Undoubtedly, brown eyes have a certain magical charm.However, even they need the right design, the bride looked great .. One of the main tricks select makeup for brown eyes is a sample of the various options makeup.So, a few days before the ceremony is recommended to apply makeup in a variety of colors and techniques, and then photographed.Thus, the bride will be able to assess from the outside, as it is comparable with the selected image makeup, hair and clothes.It is imperative to make harmony with the other attributes of the wedding.But when you stop at the optimum variant, you can safely trust his professional application.

no less important to the preparation of the person before the wedding make-up for brown eyes.This set of measures is recommended for 3-4 days before the official date, but the main attention is paid to the process of preparation of the skin.It is necessary to clean and tone.For this purpose matting tonic, milky lotion or tonic.Also, if nec

essary, should be made in advance peeling to remove rough and uneven skin tone.

thorough hydration of the skin will speed up the process of recovery after treatment and improve the condition of the dermis.It is advisable to use professional cosmetics, which you used earlier - an allergy to a new makeup to be the happiest day of your life will be a nightmare.Masks, creams and lotions should be applied carefully and in moderation, paying special attention to the area under the eyes.

Makeup for brunettes
enhance the beauty of dark-haired beauties can only skillfully applied makeup.We will open the secrets of choosing the appropriate color palette and show you how to focus on those or other details in the makeup of the bride, brunette.

Toning the skin

Any cosmetics should lie on a perfectly flat and toned skin surface.Applying makeup for all eye colors, including brown, begins with correcting the problem areas of the neck, face and neck - these are the areas that will be focused on the attention of others.

procedure for skin care is reduced to the following actions:

  1. If tinting is necessary to eliminate the "capillary Stars" if they are available, as well as to remove the bags and puffiness, redness and dark circles under the eyes.
  2. After such a "disguise" should apply concealer with a dense texture.Movement should be light and rotational to keep makeup intact for the duration of the ceremony.
  3. tonal foundation makeup for the bride with brown eyes would allow equalize skin tone, so the structure must be carefully shaded over the entire surface, so that there was no visible boundary between the face and decollete.Come to the aid sponge.
  4. To consolidate the foundations necessary to apply a layer of transparent powder, then apply tonal powder.This is a large round brush.

Makeup for a bride with brown eyes accents

Accent wedding makeup is done mainly on the eyes, so you should carefully choose the cosmetics and to pay attention to the method of its application.

main rules when visage brown eyes are as follows:

  • Makeup in any case should not be flashy, intrusive or brightly highlighted.
  • Highlighting brown eyes, avoid sharp lines, dark shades of shadows or black eyeliner pencil.Your goal - to emphasize the natural beauty and not to draw on the face mask.
  • Prefer muted natural shades of cosmetics, unobtrusive and gentle.
  • Using liner is encouraged, however, choose brown or dark gray shades.
Gentle and romantic image of the bride in her wedding dress can complement just lovely makeup.Read the opinions of experts and key recommendations for the proper application of makeup for the wedding.

Game colors

Here are some guidelines from the make-up artists:

  1. for brides, eye color, which has a golden notes, fits with the contents of the color palette of lilac shades.
  2. Get dramatic contrast a make-up eyes with a predominance of orange sparks help blue shade or blue pencil.
  3. Wedding makeup brown eyes with a touch of nutty emphasize the natural shade of pink flowers.But in this case it is important that the lashes and eyeliner were pronounced.Use brown pencil and black ink.
  4. versatile palette of shades for brown eyes - natural pearly shades, light brown, gold and white.They make the image of a gentle, natural and air.
  5. custom makeup for brown eyes may be the use of such combinations of Shadows: salad with gray, purple with white, blue and gray.The average tone is desirable to perform in the peach or brownish-green.
Makeup for green eyes
Stunning green eyes need to be gentle and unobtrusive makeup, which only accentuate the natural charm of the bride.Learn how to do make-up and create a literate lovely romantic image.

When choosing makeup palette necessarily consider shade wedding dress and hair color.All elements of the image should be in harmony and complement each other, revealing the elegance and femininity of the bride.

expressive eyebrow line

The wedding make dark-eyed beauties important role eyebrow shaping.Therefore it is necessary to think in advance if you want to change their form before the official ceremony, or left in a natural state.If you decide to experiment - be sure to consult a professional makeup artist, as fix flaws would be extremely difficult.

Bride with brown eyes should ensure that the eyebrows are neat, symmetrical curved in an arc.You can give the desired shape using a special brush or comb carefully after putting unruly hairs and tweezers will help remove hair every extra.

As for eyeliner eyebrows, prefer understated pencils matte colors - walnut, chestnut, gray-brown pencil would be an excellent solution.The color should be chosen on 1 tone darker natural tone.

Makeup brown eyes in the style of smoky-eyes

Today this trend in bridal makeup for brown eyes can be considered a make-up smoky-eyes.This style involves emphasizing the eyes with smoky effect dragged, causing the eyes turns languid and slightly daring.

give step by step technique of applying makeup smoky-eyes:

  1. Initially, you need to prepare the upper and lower eyelid to the application of makeup.For this purpose, a colorless or tinted concealer pencil.
  2. then framed upper eyelid outline with a pencil and gently shaded line.
  3. Thereafter, the upper surface of the eye is applied to matte tone usually gray or bronze color.Shadows gently shaded by century.
  4. on the border between shadows and clean eyelid apply a lighter shade - pearl, beige or white.It must be spread over the surface of a natural brush.
  5. Under eyebrow imposed the lightest tone.
  6. eyelashes black ink is necessary to make up in several layers.
  7. upper eyelid should be emphasized outline with a pencil.
  8. lower eyelid is supplied by a thin line of dark shadows which shaded brush.
Makeup for blondes
Touching white curls combined with elegant dresses can be supplemented by a discreet and natural makeup.This image of the bride get extremely romantic, feminine and light.Discover all the secrets of applying makeup for blondes.

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