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This sweet wedding: holiday makeup bride brunette

Wedding Makeup for brunettes: basic aspects

Experts say that brunettes are much easier to pick-up as natural data allow to put a few strokes and highlight the natural beauty of the face.Therefore, dark-haired bride is not suitable variant intensive makeup that makes it easier when choosing colors and tools.

Consider the basic rules relating to the application techniques of makeup for brunettes all tsvetotip:

  1. before applying cosmetics skin should be cleaned.The procedures it is desirable to 3-4 days before the official date.
  2. Hue tonal framework should correspond to the natural color of the skin, not allowed to use funds for the tone darker or lighter than the natural color.
  3. Remember that the overall image of the bride should be easy - avoid evening makeup options.
  4. Wedding makeup bride with dark hair suggests emphasizing color lips, but do not allocate their bright lipstick - it brings the image of vulgarity.To lips look beautiful and natural, it is recommended to put on their tonal basis, th
    en colorless powder, and is already on top of it lay a thin layer of matte lipstick shade.For a make-up brunettes make better use of pale pink, peach color, and natural beige.
Makeup for blondes
The correct wedding makeup will hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the appearance of the bride.Find out what rules should be followed when creating blondes Makeup for a wedding.

Ideas for make-apa green eyes

Bride with dark curls and green eyes are usually more difficult to pick up all the makeup.However, the task is quite feasible, though laborious.Toning the skin is recommended peach and pale pink shades.It is desirable to use the colorless tonal foundation and powder to take one shade darker than the natural color.

So girls should focus on pale pink, dark brown, or malachite green.Choosing a palette should adhere to no more than two or three colors.To underscore eyelashes fit classic black or brown mascara.Spectacular wedding makeup green-eyed brunette necessarily involves an emphasis on the color of the lips.Make them juicy and expressive help matte lipstick ruby, coral shades or colors of sweet cherries.

make-apa ideas for brown eyes

future bride with a rich deep black shade of hair should follow these recommendations when applying wedding make-up:

  1. to enhance the beauty brown eyes, should be applied to the shadow of gold, brown and shades of tobacco.So eyes will look deeper and more expressive.The combination is not recommended to use more than two colors.
  2. Dark Shadows should be applied to the outer corner of the century, and light shades - on podbrovnogo space and the inner corner of the eye.
  3. brides brunettes should avoid using pale yellow, peach shades shadows as they pridyut sickly appearance.It is also not recommended to use lipstick saturated pink, violet, carrot, red shades.
  4. desirable to take the upper eyelid by a thin line, which uses a dark brown pencil or eyeliner.Do not go overboard with makeup, because wedding makeup should be natural, not decorative.

complete image lovely bride will not be able to obtain without the perfect makeup.We will tell you about the intricacies of the main use of cosmetics for the blond beauties, the lucky and the other dark-haired tsvetotip brides.

Ideas for make-APA

blue eyes brunette with blue or blue eyes can be varied between a low-key way of the creation of the Snow Queen and touching helpless princess.For the first variant makeup artists recommend the use of azure, gray or silver shades.A second type of suitable pale pink, peach, beige or pearl color palette.

When creating makeup for a wedding for brunettes also important to pay attention to the natural shade of lip - they should not be allocated.The best option - use light pink or beige lipstick.Also, do not overdo it with the rouge - a fairly large brush stroke along the cheekbones.

Wedding makeup style nude look

There is a common misconception that the dark-haired bride must apply intense makeup to emphasize the depth of color of eyes and curls.However, this is a misconception, because it is the use of pastel tones will make a brunette attractive and charming.

undisputed trend in 2015 - in the style of make-up nude.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the natural make-up suitable for all brunettes, while outwardly bride looks gentle, romantic, touching a person.

Thus, we consider the main safety regulations applying wedding make-up in the style of nude:

  1. most important thing in this make-up play - even skin tone.It is necessary to make perfect, as if she did not use makeup and wears a natural pink blush.To do this, it is important to moisturize the skin, because the skin is softer, the smoother tonal foundation lies.Make-up artists are advised to apply makeup to mask or cream, preferably with Shimmer.In this case, the lines of the oval will be thinner and sculptural.
  2. tonal framework must be identical to the natural skin tone.After applying the cream will also need to fix the effect through the loose powder.Honeymoon bride's makeup should prefer warm colors.
  3. Shadows must be selected with a matte foundation.Optimum colors expressed in beige, brown, light pink shades.Apply a thin shadow of the applicator, so as not to make the color is too intense.
  4. Makeup nude matte lipstick involves the use of natural colors - pink, beige, mocha.
  5. The final step is to create beautiful brows.Focus on natural hair color, but you can use a pencil to one tone darker.
These are the simple rules of creating wedding makeup will allow brunettes look at your own luxury holiday and charming.

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