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Delicate shoulders of the bride, or how to choose a wedding robe

Wedding Bride cape for: dignity accessory

Cape - a subtle detail of a wedding dress, which combines two functions: it is a decorative element in summer attire, warm and comfortable fabric, which does not give the bride warm air in its winter plumage.In conjunction with the decoration element is even more luxurious, appears aristocratic glamor and elegance.

consider the main advantages of the wedding for the bride capes:

  1. Wedding cloak of coat is simply irreplaceable in cold weather, as will protect the delicate female body from the wind and frost.
  2. snow-white cape will give a special charm and femininity, thereby compelling bride to get photographs.
  3. Wraps are sewn in a wide variety: long and short little light and a fur coat, with lace, organza, tulle, fur and others.Choose the best accessory for your dress is not difficult.
  4. also create a similar product harmonious way in accordance with the weather conditions at the ceremony.
  5. If you are planning a wedding ceremony, while elegant cape with a
    hood will be an indispensable attribute of the sacraments.

Lace dresses
choosing a wedding dress - always a difficult task, which requires careful consideration of every detail of clothing.Read the views of leading fashion designers on how to create a beautiful image with a lace dress and impress those around her fabulous views.

long cape bride

image of a fairy princess with flowing along the hem of his cloak captured the hearts of many fashionistas.Long Wedding wraps today are impressive in its diversity.Such elements are quite simple wardrobe style: rectangular snow-white fabric with a thin thread that is tied to a graceful bow near the neck of the bride.

materials so gentle and romantic wedding accessories are usually just as laconic as he wraps the bride's style.Designers use a translucent material, silk, fine lace, and other variations of the tissues that literally carry the fabulous world of princesses, whose clothes have always been elegant cloak that hides a luxurious robe from the eyes of strangers.Although modern cape for a wedding dress do not carry such a role, at least they look enchantingly.

To make continuation accessory bridesmaid dresses, designers usually use to sew the fabric similar in texture.The most harmoniously with wardrobe item combines a simple cut of the wedding attire: a long straight skirt, laconic and top dress exposed shoulders.Upon request of the bride can be decorated robe with his hands, for example, to enrich the vivid detail - satin ribbons scarlet or black, lace and so on.

dresses with sleeves
dresses with delicate sleeves will create the image of a mysterious and romantic person, riveting enthusiastic eyes of others.We will tell you about all the intricacies of selection of the dress.

Cape bolero as a snow-white coat

elegant coat will become an indispensable element of the dress of the bride in the winter season.As a rule, the couple are planning a celebration in the summer or fall, the bride can put on the open dress.But winter does not preclude the ceremony put on a beautiful dress with an open back, a plunging neckline or bare shoulders.In such cases, allow the cape wedding bride feel comfortable.

are two types of wedding coats:

  1. product of artificial fur - beautiful element of the wardrobe, which is visually almost indistinguishable from traditional coat.The heat is kept thanks to the light sintepon and external aesthetics is formed by all kinds of jewelry with stones, beads, lace.
  2. Wedding cape fur - warmer option, but quite expensive.The most popular accessory of rabbit, mink, fox, nutria or fox.

lace cape

Lace material is always charming.Large or small weave, ornate patterns, textured surface - cape looks great in the ensemble with any outfit.One of the most popular varieties of accessory is a bolero with short sleeves.Such cloaks are perfectly combined with strapless dresses.

Shoes wedding
pick elegant shoes for the wedding dress - a task no less difficult than the purchase of the dress.Find out what secrets can help make the right choice of accessories, and create a romantic image of the bride.

Cape does not have to be made entirely from lace.A very original and gentle look model where a patterned material surrounds the edge of the product.For the wedding of the most popular cape tippet, entwined around the neck of the bride.You can also pick up a cloak covering his head - this method will replace the veil.And after the wedding sacrament transparent fabric can be removed and completely transform the outfit.

wish you easily create a unique image of the bride, and our recommendations will help in this!

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