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Magic weaving, or how to choose a lace wedding dress

As infancy fashion short dress with lace

Shorter wedding dresses in vogue for a long time, and every year their popularity is growing relentlessly.On the streets of European capitals are increasingly found happy brides who pose for photographers in beautiful lace wedding dress, not hiding under a long skirt slender legs.Owners of such garments look sophisticated, romantic, feminine and stylish.Lace dresses unceasingly attract the ladies to create a unique image for the solemn day.

However, the history of fashion in the formation of such an unusual outfit was formed by centuries.

first short wedding dress as a wedding decoration was used in the early twentieth century.Owners attire were brave and not afraid of universal condemnation.By the 30 th year in the windows sewing workshops adorned many models with a short skirt - wedding dress with lace sleeves, sewn entirely from lace, made of satin, silk and other materials.These outfits have turned the solemn representation of the image, and gave vent to

the fantasy of fashion.

Wedding Dress
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In the 50s of the last century lace dresses with built bodice, full skirt and short become incredibly popular.In addition to secular parties, these outfits have been widely used as wedding attire.Today, the fashion trend has not lost its focus, and wide variation of styles, fabrics, accessories and other components allow you to create the most beautiful dresses for brides and images.

How to choose a dress with a lace top

Today especially popular wedding dresses, where the top is made of lace and the bottom of a light and flowing fabric.This top looks great, riveting attention to detail, and giving the image of luxury and elegance.Decorate top with lace dresses can be as seductive corset where thin curls of matter deposited on a transparent fabric.It will emphasize the form owner, will give even more elegant look.

Among the main advantages of a lace decoration can be identified such features:

  • corset emphasizes the benefit neckline and hides the flaws in the waist area.
  • Top of lace material equally looks great on any style of dress.
  • lace top wedding dress is versatile - in winter give preference topu dense printed pattern and is suitable for the summer version with the thin guipure.

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What choose lace wedding dress

fashion industry has a huge number of species of lace, which differ from each other by the type of yarn, a process for their weaving, drawing and so on.Typically, these features are due to geographical reasons, because each area has its own school of excellence originated.

consider in more detail what tissues are used for lace wedding dress in the season 2015:

  1. Alencon - exquisite lace French type, which are made in the form of a tiny flower pattern on the grid, with scalloped edges are made of curls.
  2. Battenberg - is fine linen laces English style.They are pretty tight, but with well-readable pattern.This material is suitable for indoor wedding dresses and winter celebrations.
  3. Chantilly - a kind of French lace, which is characterized by delicate floral patterns made on the fine mesh silk threads.The main advantage of this type - an excellent drape, thereby lace are perfect for decoration loop wedding dress, the hem of the skirt and top.
  4. Shiffli - no less lovely lace, which look as if weightless flowers floating in the air.This material is suitable for jewelry and veils falling skirts dresses.
  5. Bruges - a kind of lace.Characterized in that the sewn parts.Then all the pieces together in a single fabric, forming randomly arranged large flowers on a white background.
    Lush dresses
    white clouds aerial fabric - a great choice for a wedding dress.Fluffy dress is made of each owner's fragile real princess.We'll show you how to choose the magnificent attire.
  6. eye lace - a rare and beautiful material, which is suitable for a dress with a lace top or to decorate its hem.Figure formed by cutting small holes, which are sewn and then get a complete look.
  7. Lyons lace - lightweight material in the form of scrolls on silk threads.It gives a picturesque view of the fabric, elegance, rigor, and is perfect for long straight dress for the wedding.
As you have seen, lace dress - is a delightful dress for the bride, and a variety of types of lace will create a unique outfit for the most important events in your life.