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Oh married unbearable: Dress for the second marriage

Wedding dresses for second marriage: the rules for choosing

before the second marriage was accompanied by a mass of prejudices and superstitions.So the people thought that the remarriage bride has no right to wear snow-white wedding dress and veil, since these elements wedding clothes symbolize purity, innocence and purity.Today, however, these signs are losing relevance, and modern women are unlikely to wish to demonstrate innocence through white dress.So why a second wedding dress can not be so, what kind of dream?

General Rules and guidance on the selection of wedding dresses for second marriage:

  • Prefer restrained and understated tailoring.Let your furniture is elegant and simple.To figure not get too boring, you can add a measure of colorful decorations, a scattering of stones, crystals, pearls or expensive lace.
  • As for color dresses - you can choose any color, including white.However, most often the bride's wary of possible gossip from the guests, and give preference to pastel tones - vi
    olet, blue, beige and so on.
  • Do not enclose itself in the traditional boundaries - safely choose the outfit that you like, even if it is a suit or cocktail dress.
    second marriage - is a conscious step for each girl doing that, it has to be assured in their abilities by 100%.Therefore, the organization of a ceremony to be perfect: the place, time, and most importantly - the wedding dress.We will tell you about all the intricacies of selecting attire to create a compelling image of the bride.
  • Indulge in the selection of wedding dresses with deep necklines, bare backs or long train - many brides can not afford such garments in the first marriage, so why not make the dream a reality today.
  • expediency of the presence of a second wedding veil should be carefully considered.Many designers believe that this attribute is suited to young girls and for older people a harmonious complement to the well will be the elegant veil, tiara or even woven into the hair fresh flowers.

Ideas wedding attire for re-marriage ceremony

Many brides, going to marry a second time, asking about alternative options along the celebration.After all, imagination should not be limited to traditional white or red dress.

Instead of a traditional wedding dress, you can select one of the following:

  1. elegant suits made of several kinds of textures and materials.The main thing - certainly expensive fabric and ideal cut line.At the same time, you can choose how to dress pants option and the average length skirt - despite what you will be comfortable.
  2. If instead of a wedding dress for the second you decide to sew a suit it, pay attention to the jacket.It is best to choose it duplicated in the tone of guipure expensive class.This trick will give your decoration elegance and solemnity at the same time.
  3. In re the marriage ceremony no less harmoniously will look the evening or cocktail dress made of expensive material.Prefer strict shaped with a straight skirt, and do not overdo it with sequins, embellishments and accessories.Laconic and aristocratic charm - the main notes of the style to which you want to strive for.

dresses with sleeves
snow-white dress with sleeves - is the best option for creating a touching Princess on winter marriage ceremony.We will tell you about all the nuances of the selection of the dress.

Wedding dresses for brides adults

second marriage - a great chance to bring to the family unit of society innermost desires, ee previous marriage.Therefore, the ceremony should be approached with anticipation and joyful euphoria.Choosing dress for the second marriage necessarily entails a lot of questions and doubts, but these efforts are pleasant and important for each girl.

If you still have not chosen a wedding dress, deliberating between several options, perhaps the ideas listed below to help resolve the dilemma.

So, the first option - an elegant evening gown strict, straight cut. Usually, the bride of 30 years has an attractive silhouette outlines that this outfit is very beneficial to emphasize.Prefer lace materials, satin or silk - most importantly, to dress flowed gently along the mill.

second option - an extravagant outfit. This may be a short dress or an unusual suit.The main idea - a combination of incongruous.This outfit will suit bold and open people, who wish to make a second marriage a memorable and fun.

As you can see, even at his second wedding is very easy to be irresistible!

Dresses with open back
wedding dress with bare back - a great option for the brave and slender brides who dream of a fairytale ceremony.Learn some secrets on choosing a great outfit from our article.

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