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Green Wedding: secret clearance

perfect green color for wedding - what is it?

So you - happy bride and you will certainly want to arrange a celebration in a green scheme.Psychologists say that people choose a shade foliage has a caring and compassionate character, he certainly knows how to love themselves and others.The organization of the festival is to pay special attention to detail, because the "green" bride think more about the global, rather than the private.

We select the palette for a green wedding

All shades of green are good, most importantly, to choose his own and skillfully combined.The most popular for decoration of the wedding are mint, olive, emerald, green, herbal.

Mint tone refers to a warm and bright, it creates a feeling of freshness and lightness.Creating a wedding palette, combine it with pastel colors: beige, milky, pale pink, peach.If you want a brighter holiday todopolnite mint coral, brown or yellow.

oily olive - deep and rich.An interesting option - monochrome celebration, in the decoration of whi

ch adjoin olive, dark green, light green.For autumn weddings suit colors from olive, bottle, brown with splashes of ocher and mustard.

Lime - the most bright and cheerful representative of the green range.It can be combined with yellow and orange.The avant-garde version - add to the green color fuchsia or purple.

Design green wedding

The main secret of a successful design green wedding - an abundance of bright details.If you decide to stay in the traditional format of the celebration, choose a green and white color scheme.Start with invitations.On a white background, you can start up a pattern of leaves or restrict graphically outline.A more sophisticated option - handmade invitation in scrapbooking style.

Flower arrangements of white roses and a bottle shade will give elegance set table.

Pastel shades of green are good for a wedding in the style of "Shabby chic" and "Provence".The abundance of small details: vases, frames, colors welcome.

Do not forget that the central design element in green style may be some unusual thing.For example, bright retro car.It will set the tone for the celebration, besides bring a lot of ideas for the photo shoot.

For many green wedding - it's not just the color of the event, but his mood.In America, it is gaining popularity of eco-weddings, where all items and products should be environmentally friendly.Ideal location - city park, in textile design used unbleached linen, against which look very organic green bouquets or even a small potted plants.

Wedding Dress Bridal wear is quite conservative, but more and more brides are at risk to wear a wedding dress unusual colors, such as green.

suitable for small celebrations simple straight dresses or tunics of satin or silk.They harmonize with the laconic silver ornaments.

If you decide to opt for a sumptuous toilet, you should not buy it too intense color.Let this be a pale pistachio, celadon or mint.The abundance of jewelry and accessories too complex and should be abandoned in order not to overload the image.

Good cocktail dresses rich emerald tones.The perfect complement to yellow necklace and matching bouquet.

Green goes well with white, so advantageous to look traditional wedding dress with a bright belt or trim.Do not forget about fancy handbags and shoes.


green is always present in floral compositions, but mostly as a background.Our task - to make it a key component of the bouquet.Green in nature are rare, but nevertheless they are.For example, tulips, orchids, chrysanthemum, calla lilies, roses, hydrangeas, buplerumy, viburnum and Dendrobium.

traditional version - ball-shaped arrangement of roses mint.It can be monochrome or combined with white hibiscus.A more unusual and elegant look pistachio orchids with raspberry-rich core.

Green calla lilies - rare and exquisite.Monochrome bouquet suited to direct and strict green wedding dress.

If you plan to exit an event, do not dispense with wildflowers.In Russia, a symbol of family love and loyalty became a daisy.To it you can add green balls chrysanthemums or viburnum.

tender and touching bunches obtained from the lilies of the valley.They emphasize the softness and timidity of a young bride.

Suit groom

Calm and multiform green suitors gives great scope for self-expression.Conservatives will choose a strict dress bottle hue.Young boys like pistachio jackets in combination with white or beige trousers or shirt blue-green hue.

If the suit is a dark gray or brown, it is easy to complement the green accessories: a scarf, tie or vest.Ideally, if the color matches the bride's dress or some of its elements.

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