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Flawless makeup for the bride blonde

Makeup for blondes: perfect skin and other features

matter how much pre-wedding hassle falls on the fragile shoulders of the bride, she simply has to look great at the ceremony.Preparing for a wedding makeup application includes proper diet, which you should consider a few weeks the scheduled date, as well as holding moisturizing facial treatment, contrasting compresses and other manipulations.Also, do not be amiss to drink herbal teas - they are perfectly toned skin.

is also important to note that all treatments should be as forgiving.Scrubs and peels it is better not applied unnecessarily or do it a week before the ceremony.

Experts recommend not to experiment with new means for skin care and cosmetics.Who knows what might be the reaction of the skin and how many days you will need to eliminate allergic reactions.

So wedding makeup for blondes should be applied after the preparation of the skin by means of such formulations:

  • Corrector with heavy foundation - the possible disguises redness,
    irritation, or pigmented birthmarks on the face, décolleté and neck.
  • Concealer - is applied to problem areas, in particular the area under the eyes, helps masking dark circles.
  • tonal framework - evens your skin tone.
enhance the beauty of blonde beauties and convey luxury dark-haired bride can only correctly applying makeup.We will tell you about all the intricacies and secrets of matching the color palette, emphasizing strokes and selection of cosmetics for the bride any tsvetotipa.

make-up for the bride with dark eyes

bride with this type of appearance is very important to focus on the expressiveness and brightness of the eyes.Then, in conjunction with white robe she looks unbeatable.

main recommendations makeup artists are reduced to the following aspects:

  1. tone bases must conform to the natural skin tone.
  2. Shadows should choose matte type.Optimal palette colors - lilac, peach, beige and pink.It is advisable to refrain from the use of yellow and orange shades - they make your eyes puffy.Permissible variation combinations: silver-green olive, brown, beige, pink, blue-gray, dark gray.
  3. most light tone should be applied to the inner corner of the century, allowed the use of pearlescent colors.Under the eyebrows also applied to white.On the outer corners of the century make contrast accent.
  4. Use eyeliner to frame monochrome century.Recommended color - dark gray or black.The line should be as thin as possible.On the outer corners of the century, it can be lifted slightly to add bridal makeup bride particular expression.
  5. eyelashes should paint only ink shades of chocolate.In the case of a black shade will create a marked contrast with the pale skin of the bride that will add the image of vulgarity.
  6. eyebrow pencil and used brown shades, one tone darker than the natural color.
  7. Lipstick must be matte, and combined with the tone blush.Optimum range - light pearl, mocha, peach.

Makeup for brunettes
competently made wedding makeup will hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the appearance of the bride.Find out what rules should be followed when creating brunettes wear make-up.

make-up for the bride with light eyes

blond seductress with gray, blue, blue or green eyes light different natural beauty that you do not have to allocate.It is enough to make a couple of brush strokes - and the natural charm sparkles, riveting views of others.That is why the make-up for a wedding in the gray eyes based on the trends of style.

hiding minor flaws, make-up reveals the dignity, so they do not have to stress with the help of makeup.This makeup will make the natural appearance of the charming bride even more beautiful.Porcelain skin tone perfectly smooth, soft blush, luscious lips and deep eyes - the main features of makeup nude look.

Makeup artists are the following aspects of the selection of cosmetics for makeup girls with light eyes:

  1. As a basis, use translucent powder and matting cream in skin tone.
  2. jaw line is shown with a light natural blush.For brides with a very light complexion is recommended to apply the composition pink and girls with moderate light cover - initial shades of peach and beige.
  3. As for the shadows, experts advise to use blue, pearl, malachite palette and delicate beige, violet and gray color - the choice depends on the style and image of the bride celebration in general.The main rule - a combination of no more than two colors, as well as a moderate amount of makeup, which reduces to a minimum.

makeup idea: Girl Spring

Many brides would agree with the opinion that every ceremony as the hero of the occasion, especially.And despite the fact that they are all united by the canons and requirements attributes festivities, each wedding is unique in its own way.

For those brides who want to bring a touch of triumph in his brilliance, ideal for a fresh and bold image of the girl-spring.

This style is characterized by a combination of not just the classic white and beige tones, and rich, bright, spring colors, giving the youthful appearance.This range can be traced throughout the design of the ceremony, but most of all - in the makeup of the bride.For blondes fit charming variety of colors in the make-up play: lilac, pink, blue, green.Extra touches - intriguing arrows any chosen length and shape.Add to this the natural pink blush and long cilia - your delightful image is ready.

little fresh flowers woven into the white curls - and you will become a real decoration of the wedding!

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