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White wedding: the feast of purity and innocence

value white

White is associated with purity, innocence and perfection.The abundance of this color in the design to create a feeling of triumph of peace and comfort.

If you select white as the main, it means that you are striving to make the perfect start of family life.Brides who love snow shade, independent and fair.They seek to everything was perfect.They are prone to streamline all around, as it brings peace, peace, faith in the future.Married women are still mainly rely on themselves.They seek to simplify to the maximum of life and avoid the chaos and stress.

White wedding is usually thought to detail, and all participants must abide by strict rules.Tip: The family birthday - a holiday on which the bride and groom - the protagonists.Release yourself, give the opportunity to have fun, have some fun and even make mistakes.Feel the fullness of life.

What goes white

White is ideal also because it can be combined with almost any other colors, regardless of their intensity.The classic choice for a

wedding - white and blue decor.The subjects remind the sea, if you avoid the corresponding attributes.An additional voice for emphasis can become red.

white-red design - another win-win choice.Passionate and bright red little muted calm and cool white - the perfect balance of ice and fire.

White and green even in the winter event could give the spring and joyful mood.

White and Yellow - positive, energetic and cheerful combination.White little "erases" the intensity of the yellow, whereby a "neighborhood" becomes comfortable for the eyes.

possible and less traditional selection of colors: white, orange, fuchsia, turquoise, mint.In general, everything your heart desires.

When you register with the white is almost impossible to make a mistake.Even if you decide to arrange a monochrome wedding, it will be not just appropriate, but luxurious and creatively.

Making white wedding

Despite the fact that white is widely used for wedding decor, few risks to create a pure white design.And it is, believe me, can produce absolutely stunning impression.

for winter wedding fit the widespread use of white: tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, curtains and so on. N. A metered using silver (ornament on invitations, silverware).For flower arrangements to choose offer high crystal or glass vases decorated with Swarovski crystal pendants that will refract light well.In the summer visiting wedding white is the perfect backdrop for the natural environment: green foliage, sunlight, blue sky.Decorate chairs with silk bows and ribbons.Arch can be made of white roses.The compositions of the same colors will decorate the passage to the altar.Ask guests to wear white dresses and suits, it's exactly seem interesting.But the bride to stand out from the crowd, it is better to give preference to colored wedding gown.Since the events of the summer and takes place in nature it can be yellow, pistachio, mint, turquoise or lavender outfit.The apotheosis of luxury will be multi-tiered wedding cake, decorated with lush flowers.


most often bought from florists is a white bridal bouquet.It is suitable to any type of appearance and in addition, the choice of colors is huge and allows you to create any composition.In addition, the white flowers in the hands of the girl going to the altar - a symbol of purity.

There are some rules which should be remembered when choosing a bouquet:

  • If you do not want the colors merge with the dress, choose their 1-2 shades darker or shaded by greenery
  • Blondes do not make yourimage completely white.Add vivid detail in the floral arrangement, it is better if it is color, emphasizing the eye color.
  • Do not be afraid to add a few bright accents.They will draw attention to you.

Selection of white flowers is really huge.You can make the composition of roses, calla lilies, orchids, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, peonies, roses, daisies, tulips, anemones, lilies, daisies and freesias.

small round bouquets of roses emphasize your elegance and gentility.They can be supplemented with freesia and roses or decorate with pearls and crystals.

Callas prefer refined girl.Decorate stalk tape to match, or vice versa, make a bright element.

lush peonies create a sense of celebration.This is a wonderful choice for spring and early summer.

Tulips look very gentle and suitable for very young brides.

Recently becoming more popular bouquets of wildflowers.In the first place - a daisy.It is possible to add middle-sized chrysanthemums or carnations.

Wedding Dress

According to statistics, 95% of men believe that the bride to be is in a white wedding dress, and every girl dreams of a child to try a luxurious princess outfit.

Another plus white that it is suitable to any type of appearance underlines the elegance and fragility.The main thing is to choose the right silhouette.Girls with chiseled forms fit right along or style "mermaid".Here, for example, curvy hips will help hide the volume skirt "Princess."Visually help to increase breast draperies at the top of the dress.Extend silhouette and will become slightly higher trail (most importantly, do not take too long, or the end of the evening he was at risk of becoming dirty).

Designers offer restrooms for every taste.So in the collections of Vera Wang can be found as straight dresses, trimmed with lace, and classic finery with a corset.For several seasons are fashionable skirts with lots of draperies.

Bring a touch of bright help embroidery and rhinestones, contrasting laces and a belt or ribbon.Do not forget the accessories: it can be a veil, a small hat with a veil or a large flower.Note the long lace wedding veil.It looks very elegant.

Suit groom

Support snow-white image of the bride will help groom's suit.It can be supplemented with shirt and tie to match or contrast, contrasting color: black, blue and so on. N.

To boutonniere not merged with white lapel, decorate flower greenery or select a different color, do not forget to make a roll with a bouquet.

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