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Short dresses for brides: effectively and safely

Bride in short dresses

Short wedding attire has become fashionable with the filing of an extravagant and famous Coco Chanel.Trendsetter brought into the world is not only a symbol of the world of style - the little black dress, but also revealed new variations of dresses, among which were fashionable short dresses for a wedding.Such decoration makes the bride the air and light, gives its owner a delightful girlish charm, poignancy and charm.

Today bridal salons can meet a lot of different models, which differ in cut, length, style, and other parameters.

Depending on these criteria are the following styles of short dresses for brides:

  1. short dress with sleeves - an unusual and eye-catching style of dress, which can be represented in several different ways:
    • with the classic length;
    • with sleeves for ¾;
    • with puffed sleeves.

    Of all the most universal is considered the last option, since it exposes the delicate and fragile wrist, bringing the image of femininity and elegance.

  2. Lush dresses create an image of a fragile princess, floating in a cloud of white matter air.Bulk skirt usually cut out of the more dense tissue (for example, satin or silk) and top dress decorated with shiny decorative stones or lace inserts, making the style more elegant and refined.
    Lace dresses
    For every bride the choice of dresses - the dream of childhood, so you can not miss a single nuance: shoes, veil, dress, cape - everything has to be perfect.We will talk about how to choose lace dress for the wedding.
  3. dress straight cut. Such models provide a discreet, aristocratic and sleek appearance.Typically, designers decorated dress asymmetrical skirt, decorative straps and embroidered in the same tone.Lucky girl will look stylish and feminine.
  4. lace dress with a high waist and without. first option is suitable for girls "interesting situation", and the second kind of dress will create a discreet and stylish image.
  5. Models with extended rear skirt - this is a great option for a stylish, delicate and daring bride.Such attire looks solemn, especially if the skirt is gradually transformed into a flowing train.

for all styles of wedding dresses have a universal acceptance - decorating the bodice.These outfits can be in the form of a bustier, corset made, have bared shoulders or small sleeve, but certainly a top decorated with elegant lace, shiny stones, satin inserts - all that will focus on the upper part of the dress.This will create a feminine and easy way.

Shorter lace dress to the wedding

Stopping the choice on this extraordinary dress, the bride receives a number of advantages that are very relevant in the solemn day.

consider them in more detail:

  • Apparel air looks, expensive and romantic.
  • It is not hot, which is especially important for a summer celebration.
  • dress perfectly underlines the slim silhouette of the girl.
  • outfit does not hinder movement and hides her beautiful wedding shoes.
  • And lace dress has a lot of variations in performance.
dresses with sleeves
Wedding ceremony in winter is like a fairy tale.However, the bride should always feel comfortable and warm.Choosing a dress with sleeves, you can create a stylish image in the solemn day.About the main features of this style will tell the qualified experts.

guipure dress would be appropriate at the ceremony, where most of the guests are young people.Young and modern, guests will appreciate the taste of the bride.Also, this style is suitable for girls who marry more than once.

addition, this dress can be used as the dress on the second day of celebration for pre-wedding photo shoot or in the event when it is time to change the decoration.It is no secret that many brides are choosing the festive events of the luxurious and voluminous dresses and dress up for an evening of celebration in a more user-friendly shortened version.

The supplement short dress

shortened Wedding dress, usually decorated with sparkling stones in the zone stamp, ribbons or transparent ruffles.Selection of decorative elements as a whole depends on the style.For a more low-key outfit brides can be trimmed with embroidery in soft wedding colors - ivory, white, pearl, beige.

also a popular trend today is a model with an open back and a closed throat, where the tissue is used, any transparent material - lace, lace, satin and others.

dress simple, elegant, charming grace, mysteriously alluring - all about wedding dresses closed.We will talk about the rules of selection and the main features of this outfit.

Regardless of the style, short dress at a wedding the bride slender legs open, so you should carefully approach the issue of choice of footwear.It should go well not only with the very dress, but also with chosen accessories, ornaments of the bride.Under the shortened model dresses do not fit the traditional white sandals or shoes.Such a choice visually shorten legs and subtract slender silhouette.Try to find the right style mini-boots.If the shoe is too weights image, you can find tights with boots or simulate the effect of a fancy stockings with a pattern suitable to the style of decoration.Remember that your image - for the stylish and bold.

dresses wedding day everything has to be perfect.Long dresses straight cut - a true symbol of femininity, charm and classic elegance.We will talk about the rules of selection attire, and will help to create a compelling image.

also worth considering important nuance: If you prefer a short dress a model, then it is better to abandon the veil.Replace it with a veil, hat or refined elegant tiara.But if you still do not see the image of a wedding without a veil, opted for the same truncated models accessory.

this difficult choice: caution

There are several important recommendations that will help to avoid common mistakes in selecting a wedding dress shortened:

  1. For the wedding ceremony, consider the options for lengthening the dress.Perhaps it will be a snap-gown skirt.However, it is best to put on a church sacrament more traditional decor.A short dress, leave the official ceremony.
  2. Also, do not buy a dress size smaller in hopes to lose weight before the scheduled date.If your plans are not implemented and, in a short dress, you will feel uncomfortable with.
  3. Consider general details for a suit the groom.The traditional male attire can cause an imbalance with bold short dress of the bride.Remarkably, if the image of the newlyweds will attend the general details of clothing or similar accessories, as well as the sustained tone.

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