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Creating a wedding arch: original ideas

In addition, wedding arch can perform an important role in the interior of the banquet hall.In this design the arch should be combined with the overall style of the wedding hall decorations.As a rule, curved arch marks the spot for honeymooners, beautifully decorating his balloons, colors, fabrics and tree branches.

Today, many bridal salons offer services rental wedding arches of different design.However, to make an arch with their hands will be much more interesting than the "borrow" money for someone else's work of creative imagination.Today we look especially to the wedding arch design using different materials and decorative elements.

Wedding arch of flowers - production and decor

So first we denote the size and shape of our fabulous designs.There are wedding arches, which are attached:

  • on four grounds - are used in the Jewish wedding ceremonies
  • on two grounds - in the shape of a horseshoe, heart, letter "P", the quadrilateral

The second option is the traditional, and to make such an ar

chmuch easier.Better to this action "connect" the groom and his friends - let the ready wedding arch will be a pleasant surprise for the bride and guests.

To make a flower arch, need two plastic pipes (the length of each 3.5 m in diameter from 2 to 5 cm), rope plumb, cement, sand, two flower pots or buckets (height 40 - 50 cm in diameter25 cm).

start with "building" works - you need to mix a solution of cement and fill their pots.After that "sticks" each tube with one end into the pot, while the other remains free.

Attention!Location structure must remain strictly vertical.So while the cement is cured, the pipe must be carefully aligned using a spirit level.

This is the foundation of our future wedding arch.Now we have to wait for full hardening of cement, which will not happen earlier than a week later.It is clear that the ceiling height of contemporary apartments often does not allow to place a three-meter design.So, the tubes should be bent at a distance of about two meters from the ground and in this form the arch perfectly fit in any room.The upper part of each tube to bend and connect with each other, forming an arc.

How to decorate the arch of flowers?For the decor is better to use artificial flowers as living is hardly a long time retain their original freshness.Making arches begin after the final curing of the cement.First, the design organza or tulle draping, "masking" in the folds of the fabric of the arch.Then entwine arched vault with garlands of flowers that need to be fixed with adhesive tape.That's it - the arch of artificial flowers ready.For large natural composition can be supplemented with fresh flowers and plants that need to be fixed immediately before the celebration.

Wedding arch of flowers (see photo - different design options)

This floral arch on four grounds, decorated with fresh flowers in different shades of pink, perfect for visiting the wedding ceremony.

traditional arch in the shape of a horseshoe will be elegant and romantic, if it easy to drape a white cloth and decorate with flowers - pale pink, cream, yellow.

When decorating the banquet hall pay special attention to the place of the newlyweds that emphasize using arches, overgrown with greenery and flowers.

wedding arch in the form of heart - a modern fashionable "trend."Flowers and other decorations should be in harmony with the overall style of celebration.

arch of balloons

Today colorful garlands of balloons - common variant of decoration of the banquet hall.The simplicity of this design is successfully combined with a relatively low-cost financial costs for the purchase of materials.So, how to make a wedding arch of balloons with their hands?First, learn how to make a garland of balloons.

Stored materials: latex beads, fishing line, rope and tape.In addition, you will need a pump or compressor - how else could "inflate" a set of balls?

stop on the best option, based on the creation of a "level" of four connected balls.After a certain number of typed ligaments fasten them to one garland.

Inflate balloons

Before embarking on the creation of ligaments, it is necessary to inflate the balls.If you chose the "Four-ball" bundle, the required number of balls are timed - 15 - 40 units (depending on size) 1 meter garlands.

Forming links

It's simple - you need to link the 4 ball.Take the 2 ball and fastening them to each other "tails" with the help of the fishing line.Then, we produce the same effect with another pair of balls.

now crisscross the ligaments and associate their tails in the center.For the strength of the balls twist.We get one ready "link".

Create a garland

foundations for a wedding arch of balloons using a thin tube of metal, which form a garland of separate "units".We put the first bunch, push up her back to the beginning of the pipe and twist together those balls, between which passed the pipe.Next, attach the same way the next bunch.

Important!During fastening cords need to follow their correct position and the combination between them.Otherwise it is necessary to disassemble and re-adapt the composition.

How to create an arch of helium balloons?The video shows a gradual process.

But the photo wedding arches of balloons:

Wedding arch tissue: features decor

This type of arch design for wedding requires some skills and financial costs - havepurchase light and airy fabrics for draperies.As a basis for the arch using a metal frame.

Typically, when choosing fabrics prefer light colors - white, cream, ivory, beige, blue, pink, light purple.Besides fabric draperies for decoration wedding arch fit flowers, beads, ribbons, lace.The colors and shades of decor elements must comply with the overall style of the wedding.

Give flight of fancy - and your wedding arch will be a real work of art.

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