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Direct Wedding Dress: restrained splendor

Wedding Dresses direct silhouette: features along

classic straight dress - it's a sign of good taste.It created a dress for the bride to make a unique, sophisticated, feminine and graceful.Nothing extra - and therein lies the beauty of the decoration.That is why such models is getting more and more popular and famous wedding designers Vera Wang and Vivienne Westwood constantly encouraging women around the world with new wedding dress.Similar models can be both traditional straight cut, and consist of a long skirt and a corset.

By choosing direct payments should be approached with great care, as the wrong style can focus on the shortcomings of the silhouette.These outfits are usually advantageous to look at the slender girl of any height.

It is also important to consider that garment with vertical pleats visually lengthen the figure and make the bride higher.And if you are not too pronounced waistline, it can be corrected or a contrasting satin ribbon belt.

Short dresses
Create an image of a touching and naive temptress with a short wedding dress.We will present the opinions and expert advice regarding the choice of features such attire.

wedding dresses impeccably looked at the floor, sewn from silk and satin material - flowing skirt shimmers in the daylight and in the evening the air creates an easy way.In addition to a long gown did not create discomfort when wearing, do designers drape skirt or high slits.

Recently, straight cut dress was a real wedding trend.Most often, designers use a V-neck or a "boat", as well as an open and fully closed back of the neck.Such subtleties cut can create elegant image, to give the possessor of sophistication, rigor and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

dress with translucent sleeves or sleeves-wings attached along a light touch of playfulness, feminine sexuality, but at the same time, mystery and tenderness.Moreover, such details will help to hide the large shoulders and arms of the bride.And right wedding dress straps will be the best option for conservative brides and owners of magnificent bust.Most advantageous to look straps with strings in the neck or shoulder strap and stand-up collar.

Direct lace dress

Many brides prefer wedding dress with lace.These models emphasize the natural beauty of women and the feminine lines of the figure, creating an image of a touching innocence.

Consider the basic versions straight lace:

  1. short or long. Designers offer styles with different length, so try to trim one that is more suitable for your height and figure.Remember that long robe holds down movements, and too short exposes flaws silhouette.
  2. Lace dress with shoulder straps or without. direct style is equally advantageous to look like with bare shoulders, and with shoulder straps.Suffice it looks original dress with cutout "boat" that hides too magnificent bust.
  3. with sleeves or without them. direct payments can be done both with form-fitting sleeves, and a fully open hands.Pretty sophisticated looks outfit with transparent chiffon sleeves.
dresses with sleeves
elegant way, emphasizing the harmony and elegance of lines, will help create a wedding dress with sleeves.Besides, it is an excellent choice for a winter wedding decoration.We will tell you about all the intricacies of choosing a dress in our feature articles.

Direct dress with a train

straight cut dress with a train - a refined model that will make any bride from real queen of the celebration.This element of apparel has a long history and was present in the decoration of the royal nobility.

Among the main advantages of the choice of dress with a train should be allocated such features:

  1. This outfit is irresistible and practical at the same time.Modern designers sew dresses with detachable train, which can be removed at the end of the official ceremony, and no longer hamper the movements, dancing with her lover under fast music.
  2. Apparel emphasize the aristocracy and the greatness of the female silhouette.Grace and elegance - the main features of the dress to the floor straight cut with a train.
Wedding Dress
Holy wedding ceremony is performed only once in life, and it should be carefully prepared.The perfect outfit - the key to a successful celebration.We'll show you how to choose a wedding dress and to create a compelling image.

dress with a train has a lot of variations of execution - style, length, cut and details depend on the wishes of the bride.

Restrained classic straight dress or extravagant models - you can pick up that outfit, which will emphasize the dignity of the maximum figure.