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How to ask your hands beloved ideas better offer

  • careful preparation;
  • the embodiment of desire and accounting interesovvozlyublennoy.

Yes, of course, you can make an offer hands and serdtsadoma, yielding to the feelings, say, after a great night out or even otlichnogouzhina.But to fix the result is still the official procedure.Beautiful iromantichnoy.

However, keep in mind that almost every devushkaleleyala in dreams, how her prince will speak about the wedding.Therefore luchsheakkuratno and tactfully to find out in advance, what do you want your beloved.Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation iisportit one of the most beautiful moments in life.

Preparation kpredlozheniyu marriage

Marriage proposal without a ring - this is not serious.Dazheesli you're low on money, a modest version still have podyskat.Estestvenno, you can not select a gold ring lover of silver or naoborot.Kstati, some girls are not very good are precious metallam.Da, yes, there are.And it is necessary to find out in advance.

also need to prepare it in advan

ce.Write eesamostoyatelno or pick somehow proizvedeniyaili literary excerpt from the poem.Improvise on the site is not advised.Even the most confident vsebe man in such a moment may panic and silenced.

If you nepoluchaetsya come up with an original script, it makes sense vospolzovatsyaproverennymi ways the organization offers.

Romantichnoepredlozhenie - original ideas

Even in this case has a popularity rating stsenariev.Kakoy one to choose depends on you and your ability.

vrestorane romantic dinner, coffee or home

Before desertommuzhchina gets down on one knee, showing favorite ring and asks to become egozhenoy.Some potential suitors hide the ring in a cake or worse -opuskayut wine.It is fraught with the fact that she does not notice the jewel isluchayno swallow ring.Either choke.And the celebration will beznadezhnoisporchen.

Do not forget to provide and music.Priyatnayamuzyka, unobtrusive melodies.In restoraneeto be musicians who will come to your table in otvetstvennyymoment.

If your girl loves noisy companies, invite friends nauzhin.She can be pleased that the proposal is a beautiful vprisutstvii loved ones.

Fans of Chinese cuisine can be negotiated with personalomrestorana, and put a note with the proposal in hand with cookies predskazaniyami.Etot version can be found in many svadebnyhtraditsiyah in Europe and America.

Flower Surprise

Among the ideas marriage proposals often vstrechaetsyavariant, which provides a huge number of colors.They ukrashaetsyakomnata, they are delivered to work or waiting for a future bride at the door vpodezde.Flowers should be plenty.So that option is very zatratnyy.Estestvenno in bouquets must present your favorite flower lady.Posletakogo spectacle not stand even the stony heart, so feel free to dostavaytekoltso and make a bid.


Ideally, the words "marry me" beneath her window sleduetvylozhit small burning candles.But the weather can ruin vessyurpriz.So pay attention to flowers, ribbons and balloons.In winter, the sacred word can be written in the snow.

prince on a white horse

Will this horse, limousine or even a bicycle - nevazhno.Glavnoe you to look for the occasion, a special word dlyalyubimoy prepared and were able to really surprise her.

the way, be sure to take care of the movies.After many years of revising how you appeared on a white horse and dressed as the threshold eepodezda and future bride nearly fainted with surprise ischastya get a lot of pleasure.Extreme ideas dlyapredlozheniya

If you would like to make an original marriage proposal iserdtsa, consider an unusual obstanovke.Podnimites together in a balloon, parachute jump from, go to rafting on a mountain river.Of course, provided that your devushkaobozhaet extreme entertainment.

excellent budget option will offer in samoyvysokoy point Ferris wheel.Eslidogovoritsya with the operator, the wheel stops and will not work again pokaona not say "yes."

popular idea of ​​marriage proposals - up to eeoknu through the machinery of industrial climbers.However, zaraneedogovorites with her friend to a favorite was dressed and ready.Few people enjoy voznikayuscheelitso suddenly outside the window of the 11th floor.In addition, you can languish in waiting, eslivdrug she went into another room, say, or in a bathroom.


has become fashionable to organize flash mobs, which time suddenly appears groom and makes an offer.Uchastievo flashmob can take your friends, friends of the World Wide Web and dazhenaemnye dancers.For example, your girlfriend is going to college or to work cherezpark.Suddenly there is her favorite music and start dancing around.Vrazgar fun music fades, you come to the beloved sink to odnokoleno and make a marriage proposal.

Even among the options, how to make a marriage proposal serdtsapublichno can mention the announcement on the radio or loudspeaker in torgovomtsentre.A great idea to negotiate with the artists and ask for her hand with stsenyposle performance for which you have come together.

Weekend house

wake favorite passionate kiss.Bring her breakfast vpostel.On the tray, in addition to coffee and delicious dishes must be present flowers izavetnaya box.Spend the day together, be gentle and predupreditelnym.Togda marriage proposal home you will remember no less than vysdelali him more original conditions.

By the way, if you can not dream up a scenario tovospolzuytes the services of professionals.Wedding agencies organize ivoploschayut enforce any scripts.The scope depends on your wallet.Examples of proposals vstihah

and prose texts

Take my hand onadlya you.

vnem Take my heart a lot of fire.

Take my tenderness, love of her ace.

Be near me, I yabudu you.


Uymi all the worries, forget about adversity.

Take my soul ikapelku happiness.

Let my feeling neobidit you.

be my friend, just say "yes."


you marry me, my baby?

After recently uzhetebya love.

napalchik Put the ring, my mouse,

ignorant because yanochey not sleep.

long overdue nampozhenitsya,

Because we're - kakpara doves.

Today finally yareshilsya,

You know that I teperna everything is ready!


Today's takoyhoroshy.

Today sbudetsyamechta.

I run to you wet,

I know you're waiting for me.


But the more you can unexpectedly

thou shalt not teperodna.

I just question hochuzadat:

Will you marry me?


Only I give you flowers,

only one you love.

daily call tebyarodnoy,

Be thou my wife.


the day of lovers budulakonichen:

I do not know that there udrugih,

only for me takneobychen

vmesteprovedenny Every moment,

What yapriznat decided it was time to really

These MiGs in vechnostobratit -

To me you vyshlazamuzh,

To live deteyrastit us! ..

If you agree, the proposal

You are my, please,

to becoming one druguprodolzhenem,

were ever nerazluchnymy!


Let us sometimes of News as smoothly

But you and I can separate nichtone,

Believe us vmestebudet very sweet,

Because without oneDruganov not live!

And I'm ready you segodnyasmelo,

announced a proposal century.

I hand the heart - ISEB fully

you give only tyskazhi me YES!


favorite, you samayaluchshaya in the world.You radiate kindness and tenderness.I love you so much that he was ready vsyuzhizn carry you in my arms.Sweetheart, good mine, will you marry me.In nasbudet most happy family.I have long dreamed about it.Let our serdtsastuchat in unison, and the swan vernostbudet accompany us throughout our lives.I'm sure - once you moyasudba.With all my heart I give you a ring, and I hope that you will answer - YES! I want so much, that there was - you and me, and that would be - we.


You came into my tihuyuzhizn priceless, wonderful gift.Wise, beautiful, gentle, affectionate, I takhochu save our happiness for many - many years.My fondest zhelanieidti side by side with you for life, be your support and hope.Sweetheart, come to replace marriage, give me the key of your heart, which I will carefully hranitvsyu our lives.I love you more than anyone in the world, and ready to fulfill any tvoёzhelanie, just be with me.You are my most beloved, most beautiful chelovechekvo world.


nasvete Let everyone know how much I love you.Many thanks to the fate of what you've got.Dorozhunashey I love, I cherish every minute of the meeting with you.And this, I kazhetsyamalo.I want to live with you all my life, I want you to do every den.Lyubimaya holidays, be my wife.Let our love swept through life.Pustnasha family will be strong and happy, let the stork arrives necessarily to us, and not once.You'll be the most beautiful wife in the world, my beloved wife.

Why wait for the girl otpredlozheniya marriage?

Best marriage proposal - a sincere impulse, love in the eyes and the desire to give his beloved lady the whole world.Poetomuobyazatelno:

  • Turn off your phone or switch it navibroton.A loud bell at the wrong time will ruin the whole atmosphere;
  • free up enough time to offer, do not just run to work or study, as soon as you hear "yes" .Vnimanie after no less valuable than before.
  • well studied tastes of your girl and takzhepozabottes about clothes if you are going to do originalnoepredlozhenie surprise.For example, climb the mountains high heels are not too comfortable;
  • If your lady is very conservative warehouse nevydumyvayte extreme scenarios.Arm ring, flowers (for lyubimoyi her mother), a good bottle of alcohol for his father and go to her parents domoyprosit hands;
  • Girls appreciate the efforts that ihmolodye people.Do not be afraid to look ridiculous in his sincerity.Romanticheskoestihotvorenie never cause her laughter, except the tears of happiness.Konechnozhe if selected lines of poetry in the style that she likes vliterature.
  • not start to get angry if future nevestaskazhet "yes" immediately.Let her enjoy the moment.
Kakoyby option you choose, take it seriously and do not laugh at vremyapredlozheniya.She should understand clearly what is happening.Vamudachi wish to make your marriage proposal received unequivocal polozhitelnyyotvet.

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