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Shoes for a wedding: how to choose the comfortable and stylish shoes bride

shoes for the bride: convenience - especially

no secret that wedding - quite a long process.This festival is usually delayed for a day, and sometimes lasts longer.A certain portion of the time the newlyweds and their guests have to carry out "on their feet."The ceremony at the palace Wedding walk around the city with the aim to capture the young in the photo and video, dance, competitions Toastmasters - all require constant movement.If the bride's shoes will be uncomfortable, she quickly tired, and it is, above all, its impact on mood and well-being.

Naturally, no one will prevent a bride to put on your outfit elegant slim pin, but in such a case, if finances allow, it is better to provide an alternative version of the shoe.For example, while walking through the city girl can change shoes into something more comfortable.A suitable model may be wedding shoes on a platform sole.If they are matched to the style and color of the dress, decorated properly, groom them will look no worse than in high heel s


Wedding Dress
Choosing dress for the wedding requires special care and compliance with the set conditions.We will tell you how to pick up not only beautiful, but also a chaste outfit for the wedding ceremony.

How to choose a suitable wedding dress shoes to

Color solution

purchasing shoes triumph, it is important to follow not only the colors of furniture, but the overall style of the image.Wedding shoes should be combined with a touch of dress, his style, cloth tailoring.To better imagine how it will look one or the other shoes on legs of the bride, you can take with you to the store a sample of the material of the dress is sewn.

Under the dress, made of matte fabric, good fit shoes, trimmed with crape.If a wedding present lace decoration, then the same item should be on the bride's shoes.Satin dress, respectively, will blend in perfectly with the shoes, decorated with the same material.The same applies to the fine details of decor - rhinestones, beads, bows, embroidery.

Material performing wedding shoes should be chosen, taking into account weather conditions.For example, in the hot summer, when the risk of rainy and slushy weather is quite small, you can buy textile shoes.But in the autumn wedding, this option is unlikely to fit, as in the case of bad weather, you can stain the fabric without the ability to clean it.

versatile option can be considered a shoe wedding shoes made of leather or imitation leather.These materials are easily cleaned of any contaminants, and look appropriate in any outfit.If the wedding is celebrated in the winter or late fall, the urban trips You can purchase the elegant white boots.

As for the color of shoes, there is need to focus on the colors of the image.White wedding shoes are in harmony with the white dress, a dress ivory better to pick the appropriate shade.The same goes for the decoration of purple, red, blue, pink and any other colors.However, the bride's attire can be monotonous.In this case, you can choose a contrasting shoes, but it is required to supplement and other accessories of exactly the same shade - a bunch, clutch, hat.

Lush Wedding Dress
- a great reason to try on a dress that does not wear in everyday life.Many brides give preference lush shaped wedding dresses.Learn how to choose finery to look stunning in it.

combination with shoe shaped dress

bride will look particularly elegant, if pick up the shoes according to the fashion of her dress.For example, a simple cut dress that does not have eye-catching details and ornaments, can be supplemented with exquisite shoes with rich decor.It is worth noting that the flowers in the bridal shoes are considered to be the element that is suitable for almost any style.

If wedding decorations has many decorative details, it is best to supplement it with a simple elegant footwear without unnecessary adornments.

Wedding high heels - a universal solution.This item is great as a complement to the floor long dress and dress with a short skirt.Note also that short styles in harmony with the wonderful outdoor footwear, while long dresses look better with the classic closed the shuttles.

dresses in the style of "Empire" involve the use of appropriate style shoe.Ideal - is the Greek sandals made of thin ribbons.

Useful tips

Take note recommendations stylists:

  1. buying wedding shoes, do it at night - so you will not go wrong with the size.The fact that the legs with the arrival of the evening a little swollen, even if you did not notice that.But if you buy shoes in the morning, by the end of the wedding may feel they are not very comfortable.
  2. Bride is desirable to have a spare pair of shoes, for example, wedding shoes with low heels.If the girl's legs strongly tired from walking and dancing, she can change the shoes.
  3. Wear shoes with bare feet - a sign of bad taste.The bride must be stockings, tights, socks or transparent thin nylon socks.
  4. rounded toe makes the foot more visually small and neat.
  5. Pointy toes visually narrow foot.
  6. Superstitious never obuyut bride on wedding sandals, although open fingers with a neat pedicure - a convenient and beautiful option for a summer celebration.Open heel on the shoe looks rustic, therefore it is better to abandon this style.
  7. heel height should be such that the hem of her dress rose above the ground no more than 2-3 cm.
  8. If the groom short, the bride must be chosen heel so as not to be higher than its half.
dress with a train
dress with a train - the choice of brides who want to look at the wedding of a real queen.Read our tips on how to pick up a beautiful wedding dress with a train.