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Mint Wedding: the fashion trend of the season

Color Psychology

It should be noted that the mint leaves are completely different tone - rich dark emerald.But a mixture of blue and green colors was so named because of its freshness and purity, it can give a sense of calm and comfort.Brides who choose a mint for wedding decoration sociable, communicative and friendly.On the one hand, they want to get away from the classic patterns to implement interesting and creative ideas (for example, to arrange a beach party or a wedding in retro style), on the other - these girls are actively follow fashion and scrutinize advice stylist.The Council, by selecting colors for the celebration, abstain from battered shades and combinations, carefully review what color shades of mint there and try to create your own unique decor.It will be really fresh and bright.

What goes mint color?

Depending on the intensity and severity in their blue or green undertone distinguish the following shades of mint: menthol, light turquoise, pistachio.All of them are perfectly com
bined with delicate pastel colors: beige, camel, milk, peach, gray.Mint with a predominance of green especially good with powdery pink.The classic combination that is ideal for weddings - menthol or light turquoise with white.Add warm notes, you can use flower arrangements fuchsia, intensely pink, coral or red.

combination of mint and gold, as well as greenish-turquoise and silver make it possible to present the triumph of luxury and glamor.The main thing, correctly dosed intense color.As a background suitable golden beige.

errors in the design

Avoid Black.The abundance of the same color may indicate a bad taste, and the inability to combine shades.

In addition, do not overdo it with bright colors.If you chose the leitmotif of the mint, do not add to it an emerald, red and fuchsia simultaneously.In this case, the lost unity of the stylistic line.

Making mint wedding

Mint color you can select a theme wedding: from the beach party to the retro.We offer some interesting and original ideas.

Retro option.In the middle of the last century mint color experienced its heyday.Especially popular was a greenish-blue utensils.We propose to focus on the design of the table.Pick vintage dishes, combine mint green with a milky-white bone china.Do I need the sweet table.Put him on high shelves with delicious colorful cupcakes.As a floral arrangement using pink and white peonies in glass vase turquoise.Special attention should be paid to the invitation.It should be yellowed cards with faded ink, in an envelope with a wax seal.

¬ęTriumph of the garden."We offer to arrange an exit ceremony middle of a flowered garden or the park, while avoiding a rustic style.All the details - the most simple and elegant;primary colors - mint with a predominance of blue and gold.The floral compositions dominated by white.Invitations should be a true work of art with a sumptuous decor and gold ornaments.Central table decoration young - golden bottles of champagne, and the main bright turquoise accent - the bridesmaids' dresses.

wedding bouquet

Flowers menthol color in nature are quite rare.To create a mint bouquet of orchids fit.

Cymbidium, hydrangeas and roses, painted right tone.Do not forget about the greens: succulents, eucalyptus, ranunkulyusy, cineraria.

desired color can be achieved with decorative elements: artificial flowers made of fabric or polymer clay, cameos, ribbons and bows, and so on.. These bright accessories complement the white or pink composition.

Wedding Dress

Mint wedding dresses are present in almost all the collections of famous designers.The most popular this season are considered to be muted shades of menthol and mint.Basic materials - lace, organza, silk.Straight and A-shaped silhouette dresses are complemented by frills, ruffles, bows.Extra shine gives beadwork and applique.

Mint wedding dress does not have to be monotonous.It is appropriate to look silver finish, the details of the gray, sandy or pink tones.

If you prefer white dresses, as well as traditional wedding dresses shades of ivory or champagne do not deny yourself the pleasure of a nice complement menthol or pistachio belt or bow.Remember that bright item must be supported by shoes in an appropriate tone and bouquet.

At the peak of popularity and mint colored manicure.It can be monochrome or in the style of "French".

If you want to pass the most fashionable bride, replace the traditional veil or large flower rim.Especially appropriate to these parts in the ensemble look straight dresses in the Greek style.

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