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Let your pen, ladies: do wedding manicure

Features manicure bride

To handle the bride looked beautiful and elegant, it is necessary to take into account some of the subtleties of creating a manicure for a wedding:

  1. If your nails are by nature not long enough, and you decide to build them on the occasion of the celebration, theit is not necessary to do it right before the wedding.Towards a new length, you must first get used to, but this will take time.Visit the master at least 1-2 weeks before an important event, and two days before the festival the correction.
  2. Nail design is desirable to think in advance.You can try several options to visit different showrooms.Well, if you already have a bridal gown - so you can fully imagine the whole image.
  3. Manicure bride should not only go well with the color of festive decorations, but also with his general style.The design of the nail is sometimes repeated some details of dress, for example, crystals, pearls, beads, lace and others.
  4. Wedding Nail art is most often light-colored, but it is not a
    requirement.Some brides prefer to do in his way of bright accents.For example, a white dress and a bouquet of red underline nail varnish-like hue.
  5. choosing colors for manicure, it is important to take into account the skin type of girl.White paint does not look too well on dark-skinned beauties, and overly bright colors do not look harmonious on the white fingers.
  6. Form nail bride has the right to choose any.The main thing that the hands look beautiful and well maintained.

Ideas for wedding manicure

Acrylic nails

The most common material for acrylic nails is considered.It allows you to not only create a suitable length and shape, but also to strengthen the nail plate.Artificial nails can be painted any color, paint them beautiful pattern, add a bright elements in the form of crystals or sequins.Acrylic is also a suitable material for making decorative elements - the bulk of butterflies, flower buds and so on

Wedding Dress Ivory
Neat acrylic nails, covered with bright polish and exquisite wedding dress in ivory color will create a gentle and sweet image of the bride.About shapes and features ivory dresses, you will learn from this article.

French manicure

This design wedding manicure, perhaps, never goes out of fashion.These nails always look elegant.Classic jacket creates the impression of naturalness and natural, with the girl's hands look well-groomed.However, the bride can not limit yourself to the classics - in recent years, became fashionable style varieties such as colored or inverted jacket.Fortunately, current trends allow regrown part of the nail to paint a bright color, and the very plate lacquered natural color.

Nail art with stones and sequins

If your wedding dress is decorated with shiny sequins and bright beads or stones, this motif can be repeated in the design of nails, thus creating a harmonious whole image.Such elements are especially well looked on long enough nails.

lace wedding manicure

neat nails, decorated with delicate lace - perfect for a romantic and dreamy nature.It is this design is perfect for weddings, especially if the wedding dress is also decorated with lace.Fragments of tissue applied to the nails, can be of different colors - white, beige, pink, red and even black.The main thing is to match the color tone lace wedding decoration.

Lace dresses Lace wedding manicure will be ideal for brides, donned festive day in lace dress.The description and photo of these varieties of dresses you will find in this article.

unusual manicure

Creative girls always want to be different from the others, so choose an unusual design outfits and original nail art.Fortunately, professional wizard in the salons may depict the nails almost anything you want - your favorite cartoon characters, company logos, funny faces and more.

Gel nails

alternative acrylic capacity may be artificial gel nails.They look more natural and refined, but still strong enough.Gel wedding manicure decorated with lacquer, the coating keeps the nails long enough.


manicure Wedding manicure short nails is desirable to make natural.To look well-groomed fingers, on the eve of the wedding should visit wizard that tweak the shape of the nails, removes cuticles and cover plate with transparent varnish.It is advisable to start the regular care of your hands for at least 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

Natural manicure looks great on brides who create minimalistic way.Such nails are perfectly in tune with the dress simple style with no fussy details and decorations.

Closed Closed dresses dress and natural manicure - an excellent idea for the image of the bride at a wedding.Styles, features, photos enclosed dresses presented in this article.

Art painting

If you can afford it, you can make your manicure a real work of art.With a fine brush master will draw on the nails something special.In the art of painting, you can use a variety of colors and shades of nail polish, add design elements with bright, plastic, metal foil, stones, crystals, sequins, paper and other materials.Enough long nails can even decorate a kind of earring, drilled in the grown part of the plate hole and vdev it ring or chain.

What will your wedding manicure?The choice is!Only your imagination is capable of supporting the best ideas for a wedding manicure.

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