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Winter fun for the whole family


Ice skating - it is one of the most popular and fashionable winter activities.When in the second half of the XIX century, London has its first artificial ice, no one imagined that the ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian era was seriously carried away skates.Moreover, the British, going on the ice a walk, first of all think about how they will look.Therefore, we are picking up clothes carefully.In the end, it's fun turned into a real secular way.Russian aristocracy did not lag behind Europe.However, unlike the inhabitants of Albion, they had to ride in the open air.But neither frost nor snow could keep them at home.At the rink acquainted, they fall in love and just walked around.The fashion for such a pastime come and go.But no matter how many years or centuries passed, both men and women go out on the ice is not so much to do all there "eights" triple "flips" and double "coats."How to just get pleasure from slipping on the ice and make new acquaintances.

We are sure you will not want to s

it at home with your family at the TV and miss another season fashionable now rest.Attached!Before going to the rink all the attention to detail.For a start will have to work on their image.You want to look like a real athlete?Clothed in trousers and profitable emphasizes the harmony of the figure.And if you like to ride in the open air, be sure to wear a wool hat and gloves.

not have to be in great shape to skate.Moreover, even if you have never stood on the ice, that's no reason to refuse such a pleasure.After about a quarter of the people who come to the rink with difficulty plucked feet on the mirror-like surface, rather than slide smoothly.In fact, the main condition - you just need a very strong desire to ride.

But before you take the first step, learn to fall.The main mistake made by almost all the newcomers, head back this fall.Practice at home with your family properly grouped and fall to the floor.To avoid serious injury, you should try to fall on the outer part of the thigh;his hands pressed to his chest, so as not to damage the weak carpal joints;head tilted forward as possible - so that the chin touches your chest.Bruises and contusions skating is not a hindrance.Unfortunately, not do without them, but do not rush to abandon his plan.Try to relate to the falls as needed and at the same time a great opportunity to raise willpower.

Do not forget about the emotional sentiment.At every opportunity, see skaters on TV or go to the competition.Can you buy a video cassette with an ice show - wonderful!Enjoying the performances of professionals, while mentally transferred to the ice arena.Imagine what it is you own a masterly technique of skiing, and this audience is applauding you.A little patience, perseverance, and there will come a day when you learn to skate!And so that everything will look at you with admiration.And then you are sure to experience the indescribable feeling of freedom and joy.You will feel that you do not slip on the surface of the mirror, and soar into the sky like a bird - so obedient and your body becomes easy.This is not surprising.Because skating is not only trains the muscles and helps to develop beautiful posture - it is also an excellent remedy for bad mood.

snow sculptures

range of winter activities, however, is not limited to ice skating.If you do not get up skates never and do not want to do that, and skiing for the last time worn in gym class, do not despair.In your power to make a winter holiday memorable for all family members.One of the most exciting ways - is molded from snow.We recommend that you organize a family snow sculpture contest.Unleash your imagination, and to light a strange snow creatures: animals, cars, and various compositions.A special theme - culinary competition, where participants made cakes of different shapes and sizes.They can be painted with paints, but if gently to pour water sculpture, they zaledeneyut and idle longer.Surely, someone seems interesting option building a snow cave or labyrinth.If you create on your own summer cottage, you can be sure that no one will break and ruin your work.

Do not forget to capture on camera or film you liked the sculpture, along with their authors.By the way, modeling of snow - not just an interesting pastime.It's a great way to shake off the burden of problems.This is a family winter fun is not traumatic.It is interesting to stay in the fresh air is very beneficial for the health of all family members.By modeling can attract not only the younger members of the family, and grandparents.

Other winter activities

Winter walk best suited for joint leisure activities for children and parents, with certain to be fun and both.Who does not sometimes tempted to dazzle snowball and throw it after the baby wrapped or trendy teenage son?Snowballs - one of the most popular winter games, and it's easy to change to your liking.Besides the usual "skirmishes" and the storming of the fortress of snow, you can do almost Olympic sports - shooting at a target, or throws in the ring.For the last game not necessarily look cart: you can get the desired diameter range.This role is suitable, for example, plastic wrap, old bucket without a bottom.Attaching "improvised means" a tree or a pole, you can safely start the competition.

Another exciting activity that is best suited for winter time - a game in the Rangers.After all visible traces of the snow is particularly clear.If your child is not familiar with traces of birds or animals, then this event will be of informative character.You can also pay attention to the child and to other tracks.For example, on the trail of his own boots or shoes, toboggans, the bucket or other toys, cars and other traces.In the case where the "pathfinder" experienced enough, you can enjoy guessing the owner of the track.

with kids in winter you can play in the quest for the treasure, if the snow is quite loose.As a treasure you need all the rubber toy.The one who first found it, it becomes a driving - hides a treasure from the rest.

However, winter holidays - is not only a sports game.Walking through the snow-covered park, city streets can bring a lot of fun.If your child can not sedate winter enjoy the views of nature, offer a competition: who is more to remember the songs or poems about winter.Another option - take your camera and charge "told" to do a photo report of your walks together.It will be interesting to look at winter pictures of those places that you shot at other times of the year, and then you can make a kind of collage on the theme of changing seasons.If you walk with the kids in the woods or the park, be sure to stock up on nuts: you can not only feed the squirrels, but also to add food into bird feeders.You do good work, and the usual walk will bring another shade: Urban children often do manage to personally interact with nature?

«bad weather»

In that case, when the weather is not suitable for walking, think about another native winter highlight - the patterns on the windows.Who in childhood did not admiring amazement "pictures of Santa Claus?"Forget about the fact that the frost on the window closes you outside thermometer or the view of the stand down car.Come closer and peer into the weave of snow quirky lines.Is not it, in memory at once get up some fabulous images?Perhaps you are with the children themselves compose some fairy tale based on the patterns seen.

winter daylight is short.Besides, the weather is not always conducive to long walks.Therefore, in the winter most of the time we have to spend in the room.However, this can be found pleasure inaccessible at other times of the year.Who would not want to sit with your family for the "delicious" table in warmth and comfort, while outside a blizzard sweeps?At such moments particularly pleasant distraction from the constant bustle and urgent matters, focusing on the most important - your loved ones.

If you spend away the winter evenings at home, think about what a long time did not reach his hands.Grasp the favorite knitting, embroidery, analysis or collection of photos, reading a book delayed.Every family member can find something to do for sure.It has long been noted that all of our interests - a great tool not only to pass the time.But to restore emotional balance, and at the same time and relax.Children can also be brought to such a pastime: TV and computer - is not the best for a regular evening entertainment.

Prepare sleighs in summer

This proverb could not be better suited for the winter period.When, if not in the winter frosts, we are particularly drawn to the heat and sun?Probably, many will agree that the winter is very nice to dream of summer, watching the last year's photos.Probably, for someone the best winter fun will travel to warm countries.However, the traditional holiday times still remains summer.But now you have the opportunity to plan ahead and think about your vacation.In this case, you will have plenty of time to consider several options, and take into account all the necessary details.Dreams and memories - another traditional winter activity.

And finally want to say, "Long live the snow!" Probably only for motorists and Kommunalnik snowdrifts and snow - a source of problems.And the rest of it provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy winter fun for the whole family to relax in the open air or in the cozy warmth dream.

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